Crusader Rex

pic159354_md[1]pic354374_md[1]God Wills it!

A relatively recent aquisition. This offering from Columbia Games (Hammer of the Scots, Richard III etc) covering the 3rd crusade  (Richard I etc) using blocks inspired me to add some chrome after seeing the excellent variant rules for the Byzantines and the Teutons. Not the easiest set of rules to translate although I now understand the 2nd edition is a lot clearer. Here are the links to my efforts to add historical chrome with Cilicians, Sudanese, Harrafish(ah), Slingers, Leper Knights of St Lazarus and many more (based on the first edition rules).
More to follow as orig links didnt work doh!

and here are links to the splendid Byzantine/Cypriot & Teuton mini expansions from this talented gentleman that so inspired me

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