About Me

I like playing games what more is there to say? A sad geeky solitaire wargamer and PROUD of it. My borderline OCD desire to incorporate spreadsheets and stats into any game I play has led to many hours well spent research and lots of expense adding chrome and historical data to games I play.


I also have a mad fixation with DALEKS (not the spoony blasphemous teletubby primary colour abominations of the new series) but the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s beauties/beasties (& the WHOniverse in general). But for me those Mk III travel machines have been there all my life from my first terrifying encounter aged just 2 at Trago Mills right up to the present.  I love them……..so much so I actually bought one.


Other interests……… Hayley Atwell, Emily Blunt, Helen Mirren……..Laibach, Dubstar, Client, Adam Ant, Excalibur, Crystal Palace FC, Bury FC, the Pre-raphaelites, Art nouveau and 30’s totalitarian architecture, 1960s-70s formula 1 the golden era’s 50’sto70’s Graham Hill, stats and spreadsheets, Hornby and full scale steam trains, toys from my youth (I will never put away my childish things) and a few other dirty little secrets – ABBA, Claire from Steps……..

  1. Sion Pritchard says:

    Great title! Good luck with the blog! Up there with your totalitarian architecture & hornby! Have you looked at Italian futurist architecture of the 20s particularly Sant Elia

    • simonsmrt says:

      Hi Sion, is Sant Elia in the EUR district of Rome? I loved that although we only saw it in the dark when we went to a gig out there. It looked impressive as the backdrop to the Hopkins version of Titus Andronicus.

      Cant believe whats happened to London Welsh this week, definately not cricket

  2. simonsmrt says:

    Hello Lisa, please would you be more specific and give me an email address? cheers

  3. Jane Bigger says:

    Hi please could you let me know where you found the photo of Rubensdorffer ? For a TV doc – thanks jane.bigger@loveproductions.co.uk

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