28mm Harlequin miniatures clockwise from left Robomen (2), Slyther, Ogrons (2), Collaborator/Quisling

IMG_2483 Again just my favourites from the classic series. So if you are hoping to see Leslie Grantham/Den Watts with a penis Dalek Helmet on his head as a spasmo Dalek Trooper or new series pig slaves etc unlucky!

In these 2 images we have my favourite 4 allies/slaves. The Daleks have never been numerous enough to conquer every planet on their own so in most instances they enslave the indigenous population and then use them with utter disdain for the menial tasks.  The really unlucky ones find themselves actually working for the Daleks.

ROBOMEN – The guys with the silver cans on their heads.  These were humans taken prisoner who while in captivity showed a degree of intelligence and were rewarded by being “Robotised.”  Basically all free will is removed from their brains forcing them to obey their masters the Daleks without question via control in the Dalek Saucer or Command Base. The transfer operation however caused permanent brain damage and eventually they would go insane  and kill themselves or be exterminated.

1964 – Story K – The Dalek Invasion of Earth

SLYTHER – A native mutant of Skaro (probably from the Kaled/Thal wars) and occasionally taken by Dalek invading forces for policing duties.  At slave camps they would patrol areas at night in search of living food.  Anyone caught by a Slyther while trying to escape would serve this purpose and deter other would be escapees.

1964 – Story K – The Dalek Invasion of Earth

1975 – Story 4E – Genesis of the Daleks

OGRONS – An ape like form of anthropoid from a remote fringe of the Galaxy.  Powerfully strong and “as loyal as they are stupid” these great lumbering hulks bearing more than a passing resemblance to Peter Jackson’s WETA Uruk-Hai serve the Daleks willingly who regard them as no threat owing to their low intelligence and uniquely give them weapons as oppose Humans who they regard as untrustworthy and unreliable.

1972 – Story KKK – Day of the Daleks

1973 – Story QQQ – Frontier in Space

COLLABORATOR/QUISLING/BLACK MARKETEER – Depending on whether you watched the TV series or the movie version of Dalek Invasion of Earth this character is the loathsome Ashton or Brockley, one of a minority number of collaborators who serve the Daleks to further their own greedy needs at the expense of their own kind.  Treated with contempt by the Daleks they tend to have a very short shelf life and are disposed of as soon as their usefulness runs out.

1964 – Story K – The Dalek Invasion of Earth


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