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15 Jan 1967

Playboy Playmate of the Month – Surrey Marshe
Box Office – Born Loser – “Kitten on wheels, with her bike, her boots and bikini”
Billboard #1 – I’m a believer – The Monkees
UK #1 – Green Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones
Doctor Who – The Underwater Menace part 1. The Tardis Lands on an extinct volcanic rock surrounded by the sea and discover Atlantis


Cleveland Browns 28, Kansas City Chiefs 13.

At Memorial Colosseum Los Angeles – Dry

Favourites Kansas began the championship decider the stronger opening the scoring with a Mike Mercer field goal in the first quarter. Shortly after both sides had to rapidly adjust their offensive strategies when first Kansas’s star RB Mike Garrett was side lined with an injury, then after a second Kansas FG, Cleveland’s Leroy Kelly replied with a short range td to put the Browns 7-6 up but suffered a horrendous injury when tackled in the end zone. Kansas were forced to punt after a clipping foul compromised the start of their next drive that allowed Cleveland good field position to exploit and ultimately extend their lead from Ernie Green taking up the RB baton. Chiefs QB, Len Dawson had a day to forget. His was picked for the first time as the Chiefs attempted to respond leading to a quick fire rushing td shortly afterwards that gave Cleveland a 21-6 advantage at the half time interval.

Kansas received the ball at the beginning of the second half but quickly turned it over following Dawson’s 2nd pass interception. Both defences then had a spell of domination until Kansas managed to drive into the Browns red zone for the first time. It was clear that Dawson’s confidence had been knocked as Kansas resorted to the rushing game attempting to bludgeon their way to the end zone. But the injury to Garrett was being keenly felt and the Browns defense held Kansas on their 3. Expecting a pass, Cleveland were caught out when Dawson succeeded with a trick play end around to flanker Otis Taylor. Kansas began to exert more pressure as momentum looked to be switching in their favour but following a Cleveland punt Dawson threw another interception. The Chiefs then attempted a pass rush but Browns QB Frank Ryan managed to elude his would be sacker and spotting an opening, scrambled into daylight for a td restoring the advantage to 15 points at the end of q3. 

Nerves got the better of both sides offenses in the final quarter. First Cleveland’s Green fumbled the ball on the Chiefs 12 yard line when looking odds on to score. Dawson then led the Chiefs with an impressive display of passing before trying one too many and getting picked for the fourth time. After this, Cleveland managed to run down the clock and in doing so become the first world champions. Considering their injury woes throughout the campaign some would say a well deserved title at that     

Cleveland Browns              0             21           7             0             – 28

Kansas City Chiefs              3             3            7             0             – 13

q1 05:20 – KC – Mike Mercer PK – 37 Kick

q2 13:15 – KC – Mike Mercer PK – 45 Kick

q2 09:05 – CB – Leroy Kelly RB1 – 3 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q2 05:25 – CB – Ernie Green RB2 – 4 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q2 02:15 – CB – Charlie Harraway RB4 – 9 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q3 07:30 – KC – Otis Taylor WR1 – 3 Rush (Tommy Brooker Kick)  

q3 02:10 – CB – Frank Ryan QBA4 – 15 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)  


Concluding thoughts

I may give up making predictions in future about games as this yet again did not go to form or expectations. To be fair I had made my decision based on the strength of the Kansas DB‘s yet Cleveland’s were almost as good and in this game did by far the more effective job reducing Len Dawson to nervous wreck. The 2 early injuries to both starting RB’s on both sides made the choice of plays more predictable although the end around score is the first time I have ever succeeded with a td trying this out in some 35 or so years. A good game, not the best but enjoyable and even going into the 4th quarter Kansas could have turned it round. They were on the worse side of the FAC gods with regard to penalties on a few big gain plays that had they gone their way may have changed the result.

No doubt about it though, this campaign has definitely brought to the fore something I have been stubbornly resisting to acknowledge for a while, the original games injury rules. In the past I have been able to live with it as the campaigns I played were no more than 3 or occasionally 4 games for 1 or 2 teams at most. Playing a knockout has increased the number of games and injuries and with much smaller rosters wrought havoc. That said somehow the team with the most injuries managed to win the whole thing. Because of this I am still loathe to make too sweeping rule changes for the future. As noted before I’ll most likely begin with the playing while injured rule as well as adjusting endurance ratings of players who covering for an injured starter.

Next I plan to re- run this campaign as a parallel one that will seed teams not as before based on their real life regular season record but by a rolling record of Statis Pro wins. Once that’s complete it’ll be onto the 1967 season and Cleveland’s defense of the title. I won’t have finished with the ‘66 season then as in the hopefully not too distant future I have an idea to try to play every regular season of the Oilers commencing in their inaugural 1960 season if the cards ever become available. Undecided as to whether I’ll post future as it’s a lot of effort for not much return. Never say never.

Record setters after Semi Finals  

Top scorers

Leroy Kelly           RB1        Cleveland Browns         36 pts – 6TD

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders           30 pts – 5TD

Bruce Gossett      PK           Los Angeles Rams         29 pts – 8FG, 5EP

Tommy Brooker  DE/PK     Kansas City Chiefs           27 pts – 6FG, 9EP

Clem Daniels        RB1        Oakland Raiders            24 pts – 4TD

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders            24 pts – 3FG, 15EP


Clem Daniels        RB1        Oakland Raiders               56 yds

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders               20 yds

Ode Burrell           RB2        Houston Oilers                18 yds

Dick Bass              RB1        Los Angeles Rams           18 yds

Frank Ryan QBA4       Cleveland Browns             15 yds


Charley Taylor     RB3       Washington Redskins      68 yds

Otis Taylor          WR1      Kansas City Chiefs          51 yds   

Al Denson           TE2       Denver Broncos              35 yds

Fred Arbanas       TE3       Kansas City Chiefs          29 yds

Gary Collins         WR1      Cleveland Browns           26 yds

Field Goals   

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders              49 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs           49 yds

Sam Baker          PK          Philadelphia Eagles           48 yds

Lou Groza           PK          Cleveland Browns             45 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs           45 yds

Td Interception returns

Jimmie Johnson  DCB     San Francisco 49ers         88 yds

Hagood Clark      DSB     Buffalo Bills                     36 yds

Willie Mitchell     RCB      Kansas City Chiefs           25 yds

Joe Scarpati       DSB     Philadelphia Eagles          18 yds

Mike Howell       RCB      Cleveland Browns            15 yds

Record setters after Semi Finals  

Top scorers

Leroy Kelly           RB1        Cleveland Browns         30 pts – 5TD

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders           30 pts – 5TD

Bruce Gossett      PK           Los Angeles Rams         29 pts – 8FG, 5EP

Tommy Brooker  DE/PK    Kansas City Chiefs           26 pts – 6FG, 8EP

Clem Daniels        RB1        Oakland Raiders            24 pts – 4TD

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders            24 pts – 3FG, 15EP


Clem Daniels        RB1        Oakland Raiders               56 yds

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders               20 yds

Ode Burrell           RB2        Houston Oilers                18 yds

Dick Bass              RB1        Los Angeles Rams           18 yds

Randy Schultz      RB4        Cleveland Browns             14 yds


Charley Taylor     RB3        Washington Redskins        68 yds

Otis Taylor           WR1       Kansas City Chiefs            51 yds   

Al Denson              TE2       Denver Broncos              35 yds

Fred Arbanas       TE3         Kansas City Chiefs            29 yds

Gary Collins         WR1       Cleveland Browns             26 yds

Field Goals   

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders                 49 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs              49 yds

Sam Baker            PK           Philadelphia Eagles            48 yds

Lou Groza             PK           Cleveland Browns              45 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs              43 yds

Td Interception returns

Jimmie Johnson   DCB        San Francisco 49ers          88 yds

Hagood Clark       DSB        Buffalo Bills                      36 yds

Willie Mitchell     RCB        Kansas City Chiefs              25 yds

Joe Scarpati          DSB        Philadelphia Eagles          18 yds

Mike Howell        RCB        Cleveland Browns              15 yds

01 Jan 67

1967 Sport – Wimbledon –  John Newcome (Aus) defeated Wilhelm Bungert (W.Ger), Billie-Jean King (USA) defeated Ann Jones (GB)
Box Office – One Million Years B.C. – Raquel Welch – Travel back through time and space to the edge of man’s beginnings… Discover a savage world whose only law was lust!” – Press release 
Billboard #1 – I’m a believer – The Monkees
UK #1 – Green Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones
Doctor Who – The Highlanders part 3. Jamie and Ben are taken out by rowboat to the Annabelle and warned that the only way off the ship is to the bottom of the sea as a prisoner is pushed overboard….

Semi-Final Injury List

OR – P.Pyle OG, B. Davidson DT, D.Connors LB, A,Powell WR1

CB – V.Costello LB, M.Clark OT, W.Johnson DT, D.Schrafrath OT, J.Kanicki DT, E.Green RB2

LA – J.Scibelli OG

KC – W.Corey LB

Los Angeles Rams 16, Kansas City Chiefs 26. At KC Municipal Stadium – Dry

Kansas came through a stern test that was only decisively decided in the final minute with an interception td return. The Rams have been one of the surprise packages of this tournament progressing from the first round but thanks in the main to their effective defense they had beaten higher ranked opponents in the previous 2 rounds. Relying heavily once more on the kicking boot of Bruce Gossett, they kept themselves in the game throughout and were only trailing by 7 points at the start of q4. The 3rd quarter had been a shambolic affair of turnovers and errors but with the final quarter both sides put in a strong display. After Kansas extended their lead to 10 early on, Los Angeles drove back with a carefully planned offensive series and finally broke through with Dick Bass registering his first score of the campaign. With the game once again a single score affair (at 19-16), Los Angeles regained possession with a minute on the clock. But this time their luck ran out when a telegraphed short pass was picked by Willie Mitchell who returned it for a td. Kansas City are the first finalists and have a fully fit roster to choose from.

Los Angeles Rams              0             6             3             7             – 16

Kansas City Chiefs              7             6             3             10           – 26

q1 09:00 – KC – Mike Garrett RB2 – 7 Rush (Tommy Brooker Kick)  

q2 09:25 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 41 Kick

q2 07:30 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 38 Kick

q2 02:25 – KC – Mike Mercer PK – 43 Kick

q2 00:25 – KC – Tommy Brooker DE/PK – 9 Kick

q3 08:55 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 40 Kick

q3 00:25 – KC – Tommy Brooker DE/PK – 14 Kick

q4 14:05 – KC – Tommy Brooker DE/PK – 19 Kick

q4 07:10 – LA – Dick Bass RB1 – 18 Rush (Bruce Gossett Kick)

q4 00:50 – KC – Willie Mitchell RCB – 25 Interception (Tommy Brooker Kick)


Oakland Raiders 28, Cleveland Browns 41. At Cleveland Municipal Stadium – Dry

Cleveland held their nerve against a spirited late Oakland fightback to claim the NFL slot for the final. Leroy Kelly was a constant thorn in Oakland’s side carving through the defense to score when it mattered. Going into the 4th quarter Cleveland had racked up what seemed to be an unassailable 31-0 lead. But with Kelly injured at the end of q3 Cleveland switched their strategy with near disastrous results. Opting for a passing game, after Oakland had just registered their first score they failed to make any headway and were obliged to punt. Oakland then scored the td of the game when Clem Daniels who up until that point had been somewhat subdued scored a breakaway 56 yard td. Worse was to come for Cleveland who fumbled the subsequent kick off and a minute later Oakland were on 21 points. The miracle seemed to be well and truly on when an interception occurred on the first play of Cleveland’s next drive. Billy Cannon then caught a pass in the end zone to put Oakland just 3 points adrift at 28-31. Cleveland had just enough left and despite an incredible injury list managed to eek out first a field goal and then a td to decide the game once and for all. No side had scored more than 17 points in a quarter before this game. Oakland’s points tally has only been bettered in 6/21 games. With the bye week next week Clevelands depleted roster has extra time to recover before the finale against Kansas City.

Oakland Raiders                 0             0             0             28           – 28

Cleveland Browns              17           14           0             10           – 41

q1 05:20 – CB – Clifton McNeil WR4 – 19 Pass (Jim Houston Kick)

q1 03:50 – CB – Leroy Kelly RB1 – 7 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q1 00:15 – CB – Lou Groza PK – 45 Kick

q2 05:50 – CB – Mike Howell RCB – 15 Interception (Jim Houston Kick)

q2 02:20 – CB – Leroy Kelly RB1 – 1 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q4 14:10 – OR – Roger Hagberg RB3 – 2 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 12:40 – OR – Clem Daniels RB1 – 56 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 11:30 – OR – Clem Daniels RB1 – 5 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 11:00 – OR – Billy Cannon TE3 – 19 Pass (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 05:35 – CB – Jim Houston LB/PK – 26 Kick

q4 03:05 – CB – Paul Warfield WR2 – 4 Pass (Jim Houston Kick)



Two contrasting games. The first a tight affair of nip and tuck with once again the Rams punching well above their weight but this time coming up short against superior opposition. Without Gossett I doubt they would have progressed as far but they have been an enjoyable side to play nonetheless.

If ever a game truly showed the unrealistic effects of the Avalon Hill injury system when playing more than a single game then the Oakland vs Cleveland game had to be it. Cleveland ended the game victorious but with no fewer than  9 players out for the game or longer. Luckily with a bye week between the semi’s and the final only 2 players will be out for the final but what happened in this game just felt wrong. Also with smaller rosters each injury was more keenly felt and at times I was playing with the minimum players available to fill the displays. I could live with this for short periods but when over the course of a full quarter or longer, what kept happening was quick turnovers. The FAC gods as usual didn’t help by also throwing in a heap of fumbles and interceptions but “them’s the breaks” I guess. Looking ahead to future campaigns I shall definitely employ the “playing while injured” rules as well as the rule that allows for “temporarily reducing the endurance level of replacements” if the starter is injured.

Record setters after Quarter Finals

Top scorers

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders                 24 pts – 4TD

Roger LeClerc      PK           Chicago Bears                    20 pts – 4FG, 4EP

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders                 20 pts – 3FG, 11EP

Bruce Gossett      PK           Los Angeles Rams              19 pts – 5FG, 4EP


Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders                20 yds

Ode Burrell           RB2        Houston Oilers                  18 yds

Randy Schultz      RB4        Cleveland Browns              14 yds

Gale Sayers          RB1        Chicago Bears                    12 yds


Charley Taylor     RB3        Washington Redskins        68 yds

Otis Taylor           WR1       Kansas City Chiefs            51 yds   

Al Denson            TE2       Denver Broncos                 35 yds

Fred Arbanas       TE3         Kansas City Chiefs            29 yds

Gary Collins         WR1       Cleveland Browns             26 yds

Field Goals   

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders               49 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs            49 yds

Sam Baker            PK         Philadelphia Eagles           38 yds

Danny Villanueva PK/P      Dallas Cowboys                 39 yd

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs            39 yds

Td Interception returns   

Jimmie Johnson   DCB        San Francisco 49ers          88 yds

Hagood Clark       DSB        Buffalo Bills                      36 yds

Joe Scarpati        DSB        Philadelphia Eagles  18yds

26 Dec 66

Philadelphia Eagles 6, Kansas City Chiefs 33. At KC Municipal Stadium – Dry

Kansas proved too strong for Philadelphia putting in a dominant display after their previous round lacklustre performance. Rookie RB Mike Garrett and WR Otis Taylor led their respective disciplines with impressive performances and the rest of the Kansas cast all played their part. Eagles QB Norm Snead, fearful of being picked by the deadly Kansas duo Safety’s Johnny Robinson and Bobby Hunt played too safe & conservative a game that over and over stalled too far out. A crazy end to half time occurred when in the dying seconds Kansas attempted a Hail Mary on their own 40. Philadelphia blitzed forcing QB Len Dawson to scramble but he fumbled allowing Sam Baker to attempt and succeed with an impressive 48 yard kick with 5 seconds to go. The resultant kick off was caught on the goal line BY Emmitt Thomas who decided to run and made a spectacular 63 yards. The play was flagged against the kicking team who then advanced the ball another 5 yards allowing Mike Mercer to score a 39 yard FG with 00:00 on the clock  

Philadelphia Eagles            0             6             0             0             – 6

Kansas City Chiefs             14           6             0             13           – 33

q1 11:40 – KC – Otis Taylor WR1 – 51 Pass (Tommy Brooker Kick)

q1 02:00 – KC – Mike Garrett RB2 – 4 Rush (Tommy Brooker Kick)

q2 07:10 – PE – Sam Baker PK – 34 Kick

q2 05:05 – KC – Mike Mercer PK – 49 Kick

q2 00:05 – PE – Sam Baker PK – 48 Kick

q2 00:00 – KC – Mike Mercer PK – 39 Kick

q4 10:20 – KC – Fred Arbanas TE3 – 29 Pass (Tommy Brooker Kick)

q4 06:05 – KC – Tommy Brooker PK – 16 Kick

q4 00:35 – KC – Tommy Brooker PK – 16 Kick


Chicago Bears 24, Oakland Raiders 31. At Oakland Alameda County Colosseum – Dry

Oakland won a classic game that see-sawed back and forth until finally decided in Oakland’s favour by a late td from rookie RB Peter Banaszak. By far the most entertaining game of the competition so far, Oakland took an early lead before the imperious Gale Sayers put the skids on their ambitions with a brace of td’s at the end of the first quarter. At that point the game looked ominously in favour of Chicago. An element of fortune followed for the Raiders who despite being under the cosh for large parts of the 2nd qtr managed to claw themselves back into a narrow lead before Chicago launched an impressive response at the end of q2. The Raiders defense just held them on the 1 yard line and Chicago elected to take 3 points from a field goal to tie the scores.

In the 3rd quarter no side could break the deadlock. Both teams ever increasing injury list cancelling out any advantage one side might have. So it came down to the final quarter where both sides threw the “kitchen sink” at their opponents. First, Hagberg scored his 2nd TD putting Oakland ahead for the third time before Sayers inevitably replied and with it his “hat-trick” TD blasting through the tiring Oakland defense.  Oakland then put on a near perfect drive using every WR, TE & RB on the roster until just 3 yards shy of the end zone with only the rookie Banaszak unused and fresh. He kept his nerve to seal an historic win for the AFL who now advance to the semi finals  

Chicago Bears                    14           3             0             7             – 24

Oakland Raiders                 3             14           0             14           – 31

q1 09:35 – OR – Mike Eischeid PK – 32 Kick

q1 03:35 – CB – Gale Sayers RB1 – 5 Rush (Roger LeClerc Kick)

q1 02:35 – CB – Gale Sayers RB1 – 1 Rush (Roger LeClerc Kick)

q2 11:20 – OR – Roger Hagberg RB3 – 6 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q2 04:10 – OR – Billy Cannon TE3 – 8 Pass (Mike Eischeid Kick)  

q2 00:05 – CB – Roger LeClerc PK – 8 Kick

q4 12:10 – OR – Roger Hagberg RB3 – 7 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 06:30 – CB – Gale Sayers RB1 – 12 Rush (Roger LeClerc Kick)

q4 01:50 – OR – Peter Banaszak RB4 – 3 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)



Kansas are now showing their true potential. Infact I am surprised how they struggled in their first game as they definitely look to be the real deal with a roster dripping in talent.  The game between Chicago and Oakland was a classic affair and considering 8 starters were missing goes to show that the stars aren’t always a guarantee of a good game. Oakland had a healthy slice of luck from the FAC gods in this game with just a single “1” rated player to utilise meaning the entire roster of skill players were used in most drives that luckily came off more often than not. The win sealed by a rookie RB4 (Banaszak)  was the stuff of legend and would I am sure have made this player a household name much earlier in his career in real life. But how on earth Chicago only won 5 regular games with this team is beyond me, they are without doubt far better on their Statis Pro stats than that record would suggest and with a fully fit squad would be dark horses for going all the way.


Oakland Raiders at Cleveland Browns & Los Angeles Rams at Kansas City Chiefs

26 Dec 66

1966 Sport – Cricket – The West Indies captained by Gary Sobers won their series tour of England 3-1-1. “England sobered in defeatAssociated Press
Box Office – Funeral in Berlin – Michael Caine
Billboard #1 – Winchester Cathedral – The New Vaudeville Band
UK #1 – Green Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones
Doctor Who – The Highlanders part 2. Polly having fallen into a pit tries to climb out but a hand clutching a knife reaches out to her, she screams..

Washington Redskins 6, Cleveland Browns 35. At Cleveland Municipal Stadium – Dry

Cleveland eventually displayed their Superbowl credentials with a convincing heavy defeat of Washington. After weathering a 1st quarter storm where turnovers presented the Redskins with no fewer than 3 Field Goal attempts (of which only the one was made) Cleveland came alive and settled down to a comfortable afternoon thanks in the main to their stingy defense that kept QB Sonny Jurgenson at bay all afternoon. It wasn’t all good news for the Browns who lost ROT Monte Clark and MLB Vince Costello to their already extensive injury list. They will be missing no fewer than 6 players for their semi-final matchup against the Raiders or Bears.   

Washington Redskins 3             0             0             3             – 6

Cleveland Browns  0             14           7             14           – 35

q1 06:05 – WR – Charlie Gogolak PK – 34 Kick

q2 09:35 – CB – Leroy Kelly RB1 – 4 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q2 03:00 – CB – Randy Schultz RB4 – 14 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q3 05:40 – CB – Leroy Kelly RB1 – 14 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q4 11:40 – CB – Gary Collins WR1 – 12 Pass (Jim Houston Kick)

q4 14:20 – CB – Gary Collins WR1 – 26 Pass (Jim Houston Kick)

q4 00:25 – WR – Charlie Gogolak PK – 25 Kick


Los Angeles Rams 12 , Dallas Cowboys 10. At the Cotton Bowl – Squally rain

Dallas threw away their chances of a semi-final with a careless display against a persistent Los Angeles side. Despite controlling most of the game, Dallas turned the ball over again and again. Bruce Gossett’s 3 Field Goals in the last quarter proved the decisive factor in helping the Rams to victory. When the Cowboys managed to secure a narrow lead at the 2 minute warning Los Angeles were determined not to be outdone and throwing caution to the wind managed to put together a 79 yard drive in the final 2 minutes to set up the shortest of field goal attempts with just 10 seconds remaining. Bruce Gossett held his nerve to score his 4th FG of the game and put the Rams through. 

Los Angeles Rams              0             3             0             9             – 12

Dallas Cowboys                  7             0             0             3             – 9

q1 05:50 – DC – Bob Hayes WR0 – 4 Pass (Danny Villanueva Kick)

q2 02:10 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 25 Kick

q4 11:15 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 28 Kick

q4 03:50 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 29 Kick

q3 01:55 – DC – Danny Villanueva PK/P – 39 Kick

q4 00:10 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 8 Kick



Just as I was getting used to close games Washington hit a brick wall against a Cleveland side that is held together by not much more than sticky tape. How Cleveland stopped the Redskins time after time comes down to Washington’s poor performance as much as it did to Cleveland’s defense. They will be without starting left and right DT’s and the middle Linebacker. This may end up being more than a leveller against whoever their next opponents are. With a fully fit team they should have been fancied heavily for a place in the finals.

I can’t quite believe Dallas’ defeat. First the Packers now the Cowboys! On paper they looked so much stronger. They played the better football and had most of the possession but still came up short. Somehow the Rams modest offense managed to nibble away at the Cowboys lead until suddenly they were ahead. With such a narrow margin and nervous conservative plays the order of the 4th quarter, it was always going to come down to a single play and full credit to the Rams for keeping their bottle. My money has to be on Kansas for the title now.

NEXT Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs & Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders


NFC#16 Chicago Bears 5-7-2


AFC#09 Oakland Raiders 8-5-1


NFC#13 Washington Redskins 7-7


NFC#05 Cleveland Browns 9-5


NFC#07 Philadelphia Eagles 9-5


AFC#02 Kansas City Chiefs 11-2-1


NFC#11 Los Angeles Rams 8-6


NFC#03 Dallas Cowboys 10-3-1


Round 2

Leading point scorers

Ralph Kurek         RB3        Chicago Bears                     18 pts – 3TD

Tommy Davis       PK/P       San Francisco 49ers          14 pts – 3FG, 5EP

Roger Le Clerc      PK           Chicago Bears                    14 pts – 3FG, 5EP

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders                13 pts – 2FG, 7EP

Rushing TD’s

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders                 20 yds

Ode Burrell           RB2        Houston Oilers                   18 yds

Ode Burrell           RB2        Houston Oilers                   10 yds

Jim Nance             RB0        Boston Patriots                  10 yds

Les Josephson      RB4        Los Angeles Rams              10 yds

Passing TD’s

Charley Taylor     RB3        Washington Redskins        68 yds

Al Denson              TE2       Denver Broncos                  35 yds

Gary Garrison       WR1      San Diego Chargers            20 yds

Wes Matthews     WR4      Miami Dolphins                  19 yds

Keith Lincoln        RB3        San Diego Chargers            19 yds

Field Goals – Distance

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders                 49 yds

Fred Cox              PK           Minnesota Vikings             37 yds

Don Chandler       PK/P       Green Bay Packers             32 yds

Wade Traynham  PK           Atlanta Falcons                  30 yds

Garo Yepremian  PK           Detroit Lions                       27 yds

Charlie Gogolak   PK           Washington Redskins        27 yds

Td Interception returns

Jimmie Johnson   DCB        San Francisco 49ers           88 yds

Hagood Clark       DSB        Buffalo Bills                         36 yds

Joe Scarpati          DSB        Philadelphia Eagles            18 yds

18 Dec 66

San Francisco 49ers 20, Kansas City Chiefs 24. At KC Municipal Stadium – Rain

Kansas came through a tricky match to spare the AFL’s blushes at a wet KC Municipal stadium . San Francisco began the game the brighter, with the bulk of possession but only managed to convert 2 field goals from their best chances. Kansas finally shook off their lethargy at the end of the first half when Len Dawson found an unmarked Otis Taylor in the end zone. The second half was all one way traffic as Kansas looked to take a stranglehold with scores courtesy of Gene Thomas and Mike Garrett. The 49ers managed to reduce arrears when Dave Kopay scored but it felt as if too little too late. But when a Kansas punt was blocked and recovered leading to another score and a 4 point game the home fans began to look nervously at the clock. When Kansas were obliged to punt again, a the chance of glory was firmly within San Francisco’s sights, but John Brodie was picked by Bobby Hunt with just over 2 minutes remaining and this time Kansas manged to keep the ball.

San Francisco 49ers             3            3           0             14           – 20

Kansas City Chiefs                7           10           7               7           – 24

q1 06:25 – SF – Tommy Davis PK/P – 12 Kick

q1 08:25 – SF – Tommy Davis PK/P – 13 Kick

q2 03:30 – KC – Tommy Brooker DE/PK – 12 Kick

q2 00:10 – KC – Otis Taylor WR1 – 6 Pass (Tommy Brooker Kick)

q3 10:30 – KC – Gene Thomas RB4 – 7 Rush (Tommy Brooker Kick)

q4 12:50 – KC – Mike Garrett RB2 – 1 Rush (Tommy Brooker Kick)

q4 07:30 – SF – Dave Kopay RB4 – 1 Rush (Tommy Davis Kick)

q3 04:20 – SF – Kay McFarland WR3 – 16 Pass (Tommy Davis Kick)


Chicago Bears 20, Green Bay Packers 13. At Lambeau Field – Dry

Chicago provided the shock of the round and a seismic one at that by defeating #1 seeds and arch rivals Green Bay in a tense game in front of a hostile crowd. The game exploded into life in the 2nd quarter when trailing 3-7, Green Bay fumbled and then threw an interception on their follow up possession. Chicago grabbed the opportunity to score both times (TD & FG). Green Bay now chasing the game forced a turnover early on and Bart Starr found Carroll Dale in the end zone to reduce the deficit to 7. On the day, Chicago’s “man of the match” Gale Sayers was the difference between the two teams and although chances were few and far between his efforts set up a successful Field Goal and a 10 point cushion at the start of q4. The Packers came back strongly but had to settle for a FG themselves when held on Chicago’s 16 yard line. The final few minutes continued the drama with a Chicago fumble when within field goal range. Bart Starr shortly after threw his 2nd interception when inside the Bears 40 and with just over a minute on the clock, Sayers ran the ball back into Packers territory but spilled it. In the resultant melee he managed to recover the ball and from that moment on with no time outs remaining, Chicago “flopped” the ball to run out the clock.       

Chicago Bears                      0           17           3             0             – 20

Green Bay Packers               3             0           7             3             – 13

q1 04:30 – GB – Don Chandler PK – 32 Kick

q2 05:10 – CB – Ronnie Bull RB2 – 4 Rush (Roger LeClerc Kick)

q2 02:30 – CB – Roger Kurek RB3 – 2 Rush (Roger LeClerc Kick)

q2 00:05 – CB – Roger LeClerc PK – 25 Kick

q3 13:00 – GB – Carroll Dale TE2 – 11 Pass (Don Chandler Kick)

q3 05:05 – CB – Roger LeClerc PK – 20 Kick

q4 07:15 – GB – Don Chandler PK – 23 Kick



Green Bay’s defeat was a shock. They controlled q1 but had a shocker in q2 and from that point were always chasing the game. Although ranked #1 and with the best QB in the set their offensive skill players aren’t as good as I had expected. In fact apart from Bart Starr they don’t look to be that much better than most teams. Kansas on the other hand do but they really made hard work of their victory. This competition is not turning out the way I expected. Great stuff!

NEXT – The Quarter Finals

18 Dec 66

Playboy Playmate of the Month – Susan Bernard
Avalon Hill 1966 releases – Guadalcanal, Win Place Show
Most Popular tech/gadget – Philips Portable Radio

Washington Redskins 10, Buffalo Bills 7. At War Memorial Stadium – Dry/Fair

Washington upset the form books to put another AFL side out at the hands of the NFL in a dismal game at War Memorial Stadium. Buffalo sorely missed starting QB Jack Kemp and Daryle Lamonica found it hard going against an ordinary Washington Defense. Perhaps more telling were the constant injuries that beset a Bills side with no fewer than 5 men injured for the duration and numerous other short term absentees throughout the game. In the end it came down to the rookie kickers to resolve matters. Buffalo’s Booth Lusteg had a day to forget missing 5 of 5 kicks including a 9 yard last second attempt that had he made it would have taken the game to extra time. In the end, the teams were separated by Charlie Gogolak’s modest 27 yard success.  Washington will travel to the frozen wastelands of Cleveland for their quarter final match up with a fully fit squad.

Washington Redskins          0           7             0             3             – 10

Buffalo Bills                        7           0             0             7             –   7

q1 04:35 – BB – Hagood Clark DSB – 37 interception return (Booth Lusteg Kick)

q2 12:40 – WR – Bobby Mitchell WR1 – 15 Pass (Charlie Gogolak Kick)

q4 06:55 – WR – Charlie Gogolak – 27 Kick


Minnesota Vikings 13, Dallas Cowboys 14. At the Cotton Bowl – Sunny

Dallas snuck through a very tight affair making hard work of the game against a feisty opponent. After taking an early lead a malaise appeared to spread through the Cowboys offense who had to rely more on their defensive team as drive after drive stalled. When Fred Cox scored his second kick of the day after the Vikings were held on the Cowboys 1, an upset may have been on the cards. A fumble turnover allowed Dallas a quick score in q3 but Minnesota came back with their first td when Red Phillips caught a perfect pass to stay in touch by a single point. Dallas managed to see the game out holding their opponents who fumbled on 2 occasions in the last quarter when they had looked likely to score. Dallas will need to improve against Los Angeles if they are to realise their championship credentials.

Minnesota Vikings               0           6             7             0             – 13

Dallas Cowboys                   7           0             7             0             – 14

q1 04:05 – DC – Les Shy RB4 – 4 Rush (Danny Villanueva Kick)

q2 09:25 – MV – Fred Cox PK – 37 Kick

q2 00:45 – MV – Fred Cox PK – 8 Kick

q3 14:00 – DC – Don Perkins RB1 – 9 Rush (Danny Villanueva Kick)

q3 06:00 – MV – Red Phillips WR2 – 11 Pass (Fred Cox Kick)



Buffalo were the first team to look to have the credentials to go all the way and then they promptly lost to an ordinary Washington! That result probably came down to the fact that they had a woeful kicker who should had registered more points and the 5 players out with game long injuries plus countless short term ones incurred in this match. The back-up QB also didn’t help but looking at the starter he wasn’t much better. The FAC deck played a huge role in this game with lots of #12’s on the complete run number and lots of penalties. With the injuries and these, I guess it was a needle match.

The second game and Dallas on card looked way too strong for Minnesota yet were held to a single point victory and could have easily lost if Minnesota hadn’t fumbled at critical moments.  Can’t quite get over how many of these games are tight affairs.


San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs, & Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

17 Dec 66

Los Angeles Rams 17, Baltimore Colts 14. At Memorial Stadium – Fine

Los Angeles progress after a lack lustre performance by Baltimore. Apart from a purple patch at the two minute warning of q2, Colts QB Johnny Unitas found his options limited against a disciplined and tidy Rams defense that dominated the Colts attempts to run. Baltimore’s defense also bossed large parts of the game but crucially in q2 the Rams found a way through, first with Tom Moore snaffling his 2nd td of the campaign and then specialist Josephson breaking clear of his shackles to score with a 10 yard effort. Rams QB Roman Gabriel kept it simple keeping mistakes to a minimum and while not exactly impressing the Rams team can now look forward to a place in the quarter finals.

Los Angeles Rams                0           14             3           0             – 17

Baltimore Colts                    0             7             0           7             – 14

q2 08:25 – LA – Tom Moore RB2 – 2 Rush (Bruce Gossett Kick)

q2 02:05 – LA – Les Josephson RB4 – 10 Rush (Bruce Gossett Kick)

q2 00:40 – BC – Raymond Berry WR1 – 15 Pass (Lou Michaels Kick)

q3 08:45 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 10 Kick  

q4 02:55 – BC – Tom Matte RB3 – 9 Rush (Lou Michaels Kick)


San Diego Chargers 14, Cleveland Browns 17. At Cleveland Municipal Stadium – Snow

A failed 41 yard field goal attempt by Chargers’ Dick van Raaphorst in the dying seconds was all that separated these two teams in a classic tight affair played in driving snow and full of incident and injury. Cleveland had dominated possession for most of the game but with the snowy conditions chances were few and far between. Even so, Cleveland’s 1st choice kicker Lou Groza missed two relatively easy attempts during the game that had he made them, would have given the Browns a little more breathing space. With 3 minutes on the clock Groza’s second missed kick handed possession to the Chargers who gave it one last herculean effort with their beat up offense crucially missing John Alworth who had gone off the field during the 3rd quarter. With time running out the Chargers offense covered just under 50 yards in the last seconds to set up Van Raaphorst’s ultimately futile kick. Cleveland’s injury woes are even greater with 4 starters out for the forthcoming quarter final

San Diego Chargers                         0               7             7           0            – 14

Cleveland Browns                            3               7             7           0            – 17

q1 03:15 – CB – Lou Groza PK – 19 Kick

q2 12:40 – CB – Leroy Kelly RB1 – 3 Rush (Jim Houston Kick) 

q2 06:10 – SD – Keith Lincoln RB3 – 19 Pass (Dick Van Raaphorst Kick)

q3 14:00 – CB – Ernie Green RB2 – 5 Rush (Jim Houston Kick) 

q3 10:50 – SD – Gene Foster RB3 – 4 Rush (Dick Van Raaphorst Kick)



Two more close games. I had expected some big scores against the weak teams early on but nearly every match has been competitive. I don’t know whether the games are close because of the teams stats or my strategy but they’re making for some very enjoyable encounters. Still no wiser regarding who looks the strongest.

Next – Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills & Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys

17 Dec 66

1966 Sport – F1 Championship Jack Brabham was crowned F1 champion in his own Brabham marque. Ritchie Ginther and Dan Gurney of the Anglo-American Racers team showed potential with their aesthetic Eagle car in the final race of the season posting respectable 4th and 5th finishes.
Box Office – Grand Prix – James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Yves Montand “big, brave, eye-bedazzling, earsplitting, sometimes almost heart-stopping.” The New Yorker
Billboard #1 – Winchester Cathedral – The New Vaudeville Band
UK #1 – Green Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones
Doctor Who – The Highlanders part 1 – The Tardis lands on a Scottish Moor in 1746 near the battlefield of Culloden

Oakland Raiders 31, Boston Patriots 20. At Fenway Park – Dry

An early injury to starting Boston linebacker Nick Buoniconti unsettled the home team early on who were already without Lonnie Farmer. Oakland however had their own injury worries which were only exacerbated in this game.  Oakland twice came from behind early on to win a game that was more thanks to the catastrophic defensive play selection of their opponents than anything else. Mike Eischied capped off a fine performance with a 49 yard field goal, sandwiched between the extremely hard working Clem Daniels who scored his first brace of td’s. Oakland will be without 4 players for their quarter final next match.

Oakland Raiders                  7           7             10           7             – 31

Boston Patriots                   7           7               0           6             – 20

q1 10:50 – BP – Jim Nance RB0 – 10 Rush (Gino Cappelletti Kick)

q1 00:20 – OR – Clem Daniels RB1 – 1 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q2 07:40 – BP – Babe Parilli QBA4 – 1 Sneak (Gino Cappelletti Kick)

q2 03:10 – OR – Hewritt Dixon RB3 – 2 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q3 13:20 – OR – Clem Daniels RB1 – 6 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q3 01:00 – OR – Mike Eischeid Kick PK – 49 Kick

q4 11:50 – OR – Fred Biletnikoff WR3 – 6 Pass (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 05:30 – BP – Bob Cappadona RB4 – 5 Rush (Kick failed)


Atlanta Falcons 14, Philadelphia Eagles 24. At Franklin Field – Sunny

QB Norm Snead stole the show scoring two sneak td’s to ease the Eagles into the quarter finals. Philadelphia looked to be cruising to a comfortable win after their opponents turned over the ball with alarming regularity. But following a failed audacious 51 yard field goal attempt by Eagles kicker Sam Baker, Atlanta came to life and finished the first half the stronger and on parity after scoring 2 td’s. Snead’s second sneak of the game restored Philadelphia’s lead in the third quarter and a Baker kick put the result beyond doubt in the 4th.  

Atlanta Falcons                                0             14             0           0            – 14

Philadelphia Eagles                          7               7             7           3            – 24

q1 04:00 – PE – Norm Snead QBA4 – 1 Sneak (Sam Baker Kick)

q2 13:25 – PE – Joe Scarpati DSB – 18 Interception (Sam Baker Kick)  

q2 07:00 – AF – Ernie Wheelwright RB2 – 3 Rush (Wade Traynham Kick)

q2 00:40 – AF – Alex Hawkins WR2 – 9 Pass (Wade Traynham Kick)  

q3 11:50 – PE – Norm Snead QBA4 – 1 Sneak (Sam Baker Kick)

q4 09:25 – PE  – Sam Baker P/PK – 18 Kick


Thoughts The scores continue to be modest affairs compared to later era games, which is what I expected. So far not one side has stood out as a potential championship contender but it won’t be until the end of this round when every side will have played 1 or2 games that I’ll be able to begin to form an opinion as to who the favourite/s are.

Next – Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Colts & San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns

N#01 Green Bay Packers 0-0 12-2    0
home v 
N#16 Chicago Bears 0-0 5-7-201401024N#16 Chicago Bears 1-0 5-7-2    0
N#17 Pittsburgh Steelers 0-0 5-8-10010313
A#08 Boston Patriots 0-0 8-4-2    0
home v 
A#09 Oakland Raiders 0-0 8-5-10107724A#09 Oakland Raiders 1-0 8-5-1    0
N#24 New York Giants 0-0 1-12-11407021
A#04 Buffalo Bills 0-0 9-4-1    0
home v 
N#13 Washington Redskins 0-0 7-71403724N#13 Washington Redskins 1-0 7-7    0
A#20 Denver Broncos 0-0 4-100071421
A#12 San Diego Chargers 0-0 7-6-17014728A#12 San Diego Chargers 1-0 7-6-1    0
A#21 Houston Oilers 0-0 3-11773017away v 
N#05 Cleveland Browns 0-0 9-5    0
A#02 Kansas City Chiefs 0-0 11-2-1    0
home v 
N#15 San Francisco 49ers 0-0 6-6-27701024N#15 San Francisco 49ers 1-0 6-6-2    0
N#18 Detroit Lions 0-0 4-9-103036
N#07 Philadelphia Eagles 0-0 9-5    0
home v 
N#10 St Louis Cardinals 0-0 8-5-13701424N#23 Atlanta Falcons 1-0 3-11    0
N#23 Atlanta Falcons 0-0 3-117710731
N#03 Dallas Cowboys 0-0 10-3-1    0
home v 
A#14 New York Jets 0-0 6-6-20100313N#19 Minnesota Vikings 1-0 4-9-1    0
N#19 Minnesota Vikings 0-0 4-9-10071017
N#11 Los Angeles Rams 0-0 8-60001414 N#11 Los Angeles Rams 1-0 8-6    0
A#22 Miami Dolphins 0-0 3-11700714 away v 
N#06 Baltimore Colts 0-0 9-5    0

Leading Point scorers

Joe Morrison               RB3      New York Giants         2TD 12pts

Roger Hagberg            RB3      Oakland Raiders         2TD 12pts

Junior Coffey               RB1      Atlanta Falcons          2TD 12pts

Ode Burrell                 RB2      Houston Oilers           2TD 12pts

Al Denson                   TE2      Denver Broncos          2TD 12pts

Monty Stickles            TE2      San Francisco 49ers    2TD 12pts

Ralph Kurek                RB2      Chicago Bears            2TD 12pts

Rushing TD’s

Roger Hagberg            RB3      Oakland Raiders         20 yds

Ode Burrell                 RB2      Houston Oilers           18 yds

Ode Burrell                 RB2      Houston Oilers           10 yds

Tom Moore                 RB2      Los Angeles Rams         8 yds

Roger Hagberg           RB3    Oakland Raiders            7 yds

Passing TD’s

Charley Taylor             RB3      Washington Redskins  68 yds

Al Denson                   TE2      Denver Broncos          35 yds

Gary Garrison             WR1     San Diego Chargers    20 yds

Wes Matthews           WR4    Miami Dolphins          19 yds

Lance Allworth           WR0    San Diego Chargers    18 yds

Field Goals – distance

Wade Traynham         PK        Atlanta Falcons          30 yds

Garo Yepremian         PK        Detroit Lions              27 yds

Mike Clark                  PK        Pittsburgh Steelers   25 yds

George Blanda           QB/PK  Houston Oilers           24 yds

Charlie Gogolak          PK       Washington Redskins 24 yds

Garo Yepremian         PK        Detroit Lions              24 yds

Td Interception returns   

Jimmie Johnson       DCB     San Francisco 49ers    88 yds