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IMG_2318This game I so so wanted after seeing the Ralph Bakshi animated Lord of The Rings film but never managed to get my hands on a copy.  I remember playing a friends game couple of times in the 70’s but it wasn’t until many many years later and the advent of Ebay that I finally got my hands on a slightly battered and incomplete SPI Middle Earth War of the Ring.  Still 3 years later and I finally managed to dig out the musty box and set up a campaign game. Now for starters its virtually impossible to play solitaire but being an only child makes its easier.  So onto the game, and being based on The Lord of the Rings its obvious what the aim is.  The campaign game is essentially 2 parts, a character part featuring the protagonists trying to find a way to Mordor and Mount Doom with Nazgul and other servants of Sauron searching and trying to intercept them. Then there is the army part with Sauron & Sarumans forces pitted against Rohan, Gondor and the other free peoples.

Event cards and magic add the chrome. Reviews on Board Game Geek (BGG) tend to knock the game as flawed and there are loads of variants and player fixes out there but for the time being I’m going to stick to the original rules and see what pans out taking a slightly pro Fellowship point of view.

IMG_2310One of the first thing that catches the eye especially if like me you are a cartophile is the delightful map.  Considering the other games of the time this map was and still is a true beauty.  Just click on the image for a more detailed look. So the game commences wc Jan 14 in S.R.1418.  The Fellowship have arrived at Rivendell. Rohan anxiously observe the fires rising from Orthanc while Denethor scans the Eastern skies toward Mordor.

Next report – The opening moves and engagements