genesis 1


Planet of the Daleks in 28mm  

THE definitive Mk III Travel Machine and I’m not in the minority as it appears a popular choice amongst the powers at BBC towers given its longevity over 12 years, 5 Doctors 7 stories plus cameo’s – I imagine it was a contentious choice given that the show was now in colour but I suspect that having a Gold Leader in its debut outing in 1972’s Season 9 Story KKK “Day of the Daleks” meant they wanted the drones to look more drab.  Less is definitely more in this aspect as this paint scheme is the colour of choice to bring out their sinister aspects far more than the original metal and blue versions.  Classic series appearances and speaking cameo’s as follows

1972 Season 9 Story KKK – Day of the Daleks

1973 Season 10 Story QQQ – Frontier in Space – Final episode cameo and tie in to following

1973 Season 10 Story SSS – Planet of the Daleks

1975 Season 12 Story 4E – Genesis of the Daleks

1979 Season 17 Story 5J – Destiny of the Daleks

1983 Season 20 Story 6K – The Five Doctors – cameo

1984 Season 21 Story 6P – Resurrection of the Daleks

1985 Season 22 Story 6Z – Revelation of the Daleks

1988 Season 25 Story 7H – Remembrance of the Daleks

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