This page just serves as an introduction.

MkIII travel machines
Not those awful Thalish-despicable travesty-teletubby-renault megane-shaking that a$$ abominations from the new series but the true Kaledtastic MkIII travel machines from the original classic series.
A design classic of such beauty they almost make me want to cry and that’s with joy not abject fear when they scared the living sh___s out of me at Trago Mills in 1968, even if I was only 2.

This list is not a definitive list but rather the Daleks that made an impact on me and in my opinion are the ones that deserve mention. I have also not bothered to cover all the variations of certain paint scheme types as many were quite minor.  Lastly I’ve also not included any of the New Series Daleks as for me the new show is too far removed from that of my childhood (even if up to the Paradigm blasphemies I think they had been updated quite well and loyally to the original design).

Please click on each of the sub pages for detail of each model.

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