Box Office – BUtterfield 8 (Elizabeth Taylor, Laurence Harvey)
Billboard #1 – Save the Last Dance for Me – The Drifters
UK #1 – It’s Now or Never – Elvis Presley

13 Nov 1960 – At Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum – Fair – Att. 22895

Houston Oilers———–3—–7—–0—–7———-17

Los Angeles Chargers 0—–7—10—–7———-24

q1 05:20 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 45 kick

q2 07:00 – LA – Charlie Flowers HB3(1) – 3 run (Ben Agajanian kick)

q2 02:10 – HO – Ken Hall HB4/P – 1 run (George Blanda kick)

q3 13:20 – LA – Charlie Flowers HB3(1) – 1 run (Ben Agajanian kick)

q3 02:15 – LA – Ben Agajanian PK – 10 kick

q4 12:00 – HO – Dave Smith FB1 – 5 run (George Bland kick)

q4 05:50 – LA – Ralph Anderson LE0 – 5 pass (Ben Agajanian kick)


Houston’s championship bid took another body blow today with their 2nd successive defeat against in form LA Chargers. The Oilers matched the Chargers for  most of the game and were leading for much of it but in the end  they couldn’t contain their opponents. Playing with the limited offensive passing game enforced on them through injury to Groman and Carson they had to rely on the defense who inevitably began to tire after holding LA to just 7 point in the first half. George Blanda also had a poor day kicking with just 1 of 4 FG attempts converted.  The key play came in the 3rd quarter when Charlie Flowers taking on the running baton for the injured Paul Lowe scored his second td of the game to give LA a slender 14-10 lead. From the kick off George Blanda threw his only interception that despite heroic efforts to stymie a TD did allow Agajanian to register an easy 10 yard FG goal stretching the lead to 17-10. Although Houston responded early in the 4th, the Chargers were the stronger team and eventually broke Houston’s determined defense for the winning td.  LA are now the out and out favourites. Houston finally return home for their next game in what may define the direction of the season. The only crumb of comfort being that the Titans of New York have also had a dip in form and are still within reach.

Player PASSINGAtt.Comp.Yds.Pct.TDInt.Sck
George Blanda QBA52297940.9%010
Charley Hennigan HB4(3)23216.0190
Jack Atchason SE433010.0120
Billy Cannon HB13155.070
Dave Smith FB1 122.020

Dave Smith FB1191065.6131
Billy Cannon HB113413.2110
Ken Hall HB4/P111.011
Eastern ConferenceWLT
Western ConferenceWLT

Playboy Playmate of the Month – Joni Mathis
Box Office – Midnight Lace (Doris Day, Rex Harrison)
Billboard #1 – Save the Last Dance for Me – The Drifters
UK #1 – It’s Now or Never – Elvis Presley

06 Nov 1960 – At Bears Stadium – Fair – Att. 16662

Houston Oilers      0           10           0             7             – 17

Denver Broncos    7             7           3             3             – 20

q1 06:40 – DB – Ken Carpenter FL2 – 5 pass (Gene Mingo kick)

q2 14:05 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 31 kick

q2 10:05 – HO – Billy Cannon HB1 – 5 run (George Blanda kick)

q2 04:05 – DB – Jim Greer SE3 – 3 pass (Gene Mingo kick)

q3 03:35 – DB – Gene Mingo HB1/PK – 47 kick

q4 13:15 – DB – Gene Mingo HB1/PK – 47 kick

q4 05:45 – HO – Dave Smith FB1 – 2 run (George Blanda kick)


Oilers Head Coach Lou Rymkus believed the gruelling road game schedule his team is having to contend with was a deciding factor in the below par performance his team put in against Denver this afternoon. Travel fatigue may well have contributed towards this defeat and with another road game next week against high flying Chargers its going to be a difficult week for the Oilers coach to prepare for what will be a huge game for both sides.

Arriving at Bears Stadium for a third consecutive road game expectations were nevertheless high against a side that defensively on paper at least looked weak. Denver however had not appeared to have read the script and scored at the first attempt with a 9 minute drive. Houston on the other hand were inexplicably making hard work of it, their injury enforced running heavy game utilising Smith and Cannon were being overshadowed by their opposite numbers Rolle and Mingo. Even so, they got on the scoresheet in the 2nd quarter before Denver replied maintaining a slender lead at half time. Houston continued to struggle but their defense now had the measure of the Broncos. Denver were missing their star safety Goose Gonsoulin but still managed to pick Blanda and set up Gene Mingo for an audacious  47 yard FG that surprised everyone when it sailed between the posts. In the 4th Denver were held again on Houston’s 40. Incredibly Mingo repeated his earlier huge kick to extend the Bronco’s lead to 10. Houston hit back with a Smith TD and in the last minute had one chance to snatch victory. On 4th and 7, Blanda elected to tie the game with a 27 yard kick, but his effort bounced off the upright handing Denver the win.

Houston’s remain on the road for the 4th week when they take on LA Chargers. The game has taken on even more significance as defeat could/would seriously jeopardise their aspirations yet with so many players injured it may prove to be beyond them. There is a feeling that the season is now on a knife edge.

Player PASSINGAtt.Comp.Yds.Pct.TDInt.Sck
George Blanda QBA5/PK24108341.7%010
Charley Hennigan HB4(3) 22914.5170
Billy Cannon HB13258.3140
Al Witcher SE4(2) 3165.3120
Dave Smith FB1177.070
Jack Atchason SE4 166.060

Dave Smith FB123823.6101
Billy Cannon HB110646.4141
Ken Hall HB4/0133.030
George Blanda QBA5/PK3-6-2.0-20
Eastern ConferenceWLT
Western ConferenceWLT

Box Office – Ben Hur (Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins)
Billboard #1 – Save the Last Dance for Me – The Drifters
UK #1 – It’s Now or Never – Elvis Presley

30 Oct 1960 – At The War Memorial Stadium – Fair – Att. 24151

Houston Oilers     3             3            7             7             – 20

Buffalo Bills         0             3            7             0             – 10

q1 12:45 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 38 kick

q2 02:00 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 45 kick

q2 00:50 – BB – Billy Atkins PK/P/DB – 16 kick

q3 07:30 – BB – Tom Rychlec LE0 – 11 pass (Billy Atkins kick)

q3 02:10 – HO – Ken Hall HB4/P – 2 run (George Blanda kick)

q4 00:50 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 5 run (George Blanda kick)

George Blanda


George Blanda’s last minute touchdown glossed over the fact that for almost the duration of the entire match the two teams were separated by just 3 points. Houston began this second successive road game with a radically different set of players after the long term injuries to star receivers Groman and Carson in the previous outing against the Titans. From the outset it was clear that the strategy would be to run the ball as often as possible but in order to keep the Bills guessing the passing game was not to be entirely abandoned. A combination of inexperienced receivers & good defending resulted in a single complete pass from 12 attempts in the first half. But fortunately for Houston, Dave Smith took the running baton firmly in both hands and posted a record set of figures accounting for over 2/3rds of the total yardage for the Oilers offense. Despite the offensive problems, the defense had an excellent day that completely stymied Buffalo for almost the entire first half. Buffalo for their part did manage to contain Houston restricting them to long distance Field Goal attempts but the Oilers appeared to be in complete control after two Blanda kicks had put them 6-0 up. The Bills first drive of note and resulting field goal came at the end of the first half.

As the game wore on Buffalo began to anticipate Houston’s strategy more accurately and following a Blanda interception momentum appeared to be shifting towards the home team when Tom Rychlec slipped his marker to catch an 11 yard pass in the end zone & put the Bills 10-6 up midway though the 3rd quarter. This score galvanised Houston who responded with a rare drive deep into Bills territory & a Ken Hall td as the reward. The 4th quarter was an extremely tense affair as Houston attempted to shake things up with mixed results. Buffalo had their chance with 6 minutes on the clock when their drive took them into the Oilers red zone. On 3rd and goal on the 3, Houston unleashed a big play defense pushing Buffalo back 4 yards. Billy Atkins then inexplicably missed his 14 yard kick leaving Houston’s slender 3 point lead intact. Disaster nearly struck next as Blanda threw his second interception on the next drive but with the Bills needing to make yards quickly their own QB was picked by Safety Julian Spence. Then came the Oilers final drive using nearly every player on the offense before Blanda completed the victory with a minute remaining. Some relief for him after registering his worst set of figures for the season.

The win put’s Houston back within touching distance of the Titans following their loss to Oakland. Houston remain on the road for the 3rd week when they travel to Colorado to take on the Denver Bronco’s whose title ambitions are also very much alive.

Player PASSINGAtt.Comp.Yds.Pct.TDInt.Sck
George Blanda QBA52354621.7%020
Billy Cannon HB12199.5140
Charley Hennigan HB4(3)11919.0190
Al Witcher SE4(3)155.050
Jack Atchason SE4(3)133.030

Dave Smith FB1301856.2140
Billy Cannon HB16325.3130
Ken Hall HB4/P273.551
Doug Cline FB4/LB155.050
George Blanda QBA5242.051
Eastern ConferenceWLT

Western ConferenceWLT

Box Office – Ben Hur (Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins)
Billboard #1 – I Want to be Wanted – Brenda Lee
UK #1 – Only The Lonely – Roy Orbison

23 Oct 1960 – At The Polo Grounds – Fair – Att. 24,150

Houston Oilers          7             7            7             0             – 17

New York Titans        0             7            7             10            – 24

q1 02:50 – HO – Billy Cannon HB1- 29 run (George Blanda kick)

q2 14:50 – HO – Dave Smith FB1 – 3 run (George Blanda kick)

q2 03:10 – NY – Bill Mathis FB1 – 1 run (Bill Shockley kick)

q3 11:15 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 35 kick

q3 05:05 – NY – Thurlow Cooper RE4 – 2 pass (Bill Shockley kick)

q4 06:00 – NY – Bill Shockley PK/HB3 – 29 kick

q4 01:00 – NY – Joe Pagliei P/FB4 – 3 run (Bill Shockley kick)


The New York Titans dealt Houston a severe blow to their title aspirations while strengthening their own case for the Eastern Conference. The game though will most likely be remembered for the injury to 2 of the Oilers star’s as well as the achievements of another injured player.

Houston began the game the brighter and had raced to a 14-0 lead with a brace of td’s from Smith and Cannon before the Titans managed to reduce arrears with a td of their own. But the talking point at half time had to be the stretchering off of both of Houston’s star receivers Bill Groman and John Carson. The Titans squad was not without their own injury worries as kicker and occasional RB Bill Shockley was also carrying an injury but had been persuaded to play by coach Sammy Baugh in a gamble that ultimately paid off. With the Titans trailing 14-17 the game turned on its head when George Blanda’s 27 yard FG conversion was ruled out for offside and his subsequent 32 yard effort missed the mark. That would have given Houston a 6 point lead but worse was to follow when a sublime interception by Oilers corner Mark Johnston was also ruled out for an infringement. The Titans made the most of their luck and eventually thanks to a personal foul found themselves in FG range. Shockley limped onto the pitch and amazingly converted a 29 yard kick to tie the scores. More woe befell Houston following the kick off when after another penalty they were forced to punt and Charlie Milward shanked his kick for just 16 yards. With 1 minute on the clock the Titans broke through the stubborn Houston defense to inflict the coup de grace as Joe Pagliei scored the Titans winning td. Houston almost snatched a draw in the last play of the game when Blanda connected with Charley Hennigan for a hail mary of 73 yards, however he was tackled 7 yards short of the end zone as the clock ran out.

While the result certainly wasn’t a disaster for Houston, the long term loss of both receivers will be far more keenly felt and the next game at Buffalo may define the rest of the season if the replacements fail to fill the boots of Groman and Carson.

Player PASSINGAtt.Comp.Yds.Pct.TDInt.Sck
George Blanda QBA5281716460.7%010
Jacky Lee QBB5118100.0%000
Charley Hennigan HB4(3) 17373.0730
John Carson TE13268.7160
Jack Atchason SE4(2) 4256.380
Billy Cannon HB13155.080
Bill Groman LE02136.580
Al Witcher SE43134.350
John White TE3144.040
Dave Smith FB1133.030

Dave Smith FB120864.3121
Billy Cannon HB15377.4291
George Blanda QBA5/PK5224.480
Ken Hall HB4/P11010.0100
Eastern ConferenceWLT
Western ConferenceWLT

Box Office – Ben Hur (Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins)
Billboard #1 – Mr Custer – Larry Verne
UK #1 – Only the Lonely – Roy Orbison

16 Oct 1960 – At Jeppeson Stadium – Fair – 19977

Dallas Texans           0           7           0             7             – 14

Houston Oilers        10           3           7             7             – 27

q1 05:20 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 11 kick

q1 00:20 – HO – Dave Smith FB1 – 9 run (George Blanda kick)

q2 05:35 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 12 kick

q2 00:40 – DT – Curley Johnson HB4 – 14 pass (Jack Spikes kick)

q3 10:00 – HO – Ken Hall HB4/P – 4 run (George Blanda kick)

q4 14:40 – HO – Billy Cannon HB1 – 3 run (George Blanda kick)

q4 07:20 – DT – Jack Spikes FB1/PK – 12 pass (Jack Spikes kick)

Billy Cannon (#20) puts the game out of reach as he punches through the beleaguered Texans defense.


A bumper crowd just shy of 20,000 turned out to see Houston extend their winning streak to 3 games with a comfortable victory over interstate rivals the Dallas Texans.

Houston’s performance was workmanlike more than spectacular and it was their defense that earned the plaudits putting in a strong performance and restricting a dangerous Dallas offense (missing receiver Chris Burford). Houston’s defensive unit have steadily improved after a quiet start and were buoyed on by a vociferous home crowd that got under the skin of the Texans when it mattered. Dallas fumbled 4 times and Cotton Davidson threw one interception to Houston’s single spill. Neither defensive unit could get near the QB’s who were well defended on both sides and the Oilers have now gone 5 games without registering a sack for or against for that matter. Dave Smith recorded his third 100 yard rushing game and Groman and Hennigan were effective with impressive receiving averages. Houston led the entire game and always had a cushion to protect that built the pressure on the Texans and inevitably led to turnovers.

This was an important win for Houston who now embark on the road for 4 consecutive games with the next  one against Eastern Conference leaders the New York Titans.  Without home field advantage this will be the real test for this teams aspirations.

Player PASSINGAtt.Comp.Yds.Pct.TDInt.Sck
George Blanda QBA5/PK241215550.0%000
Bill Groman LE158517.0190
Charley Hennigan HB4(3)23417.0190
Billy Cannon HB13217.080
Al Witcher SE42157.5120
Eastern ConferenceWonLostTied
New York Titans420
Houston Oilers311
Boston Patriots230
Buffalo Bills140
Dave Smith FB1231134.9161
Billy Cannon HB1 8435.4101
George Blanda QBA5/PK4102.540
Ken Hall HB4/P144.041
Western ConferenceWonLostTied
Los Angeles Chargers420
Denver Broncos320
Oakland Raiders231
Dallas Texans240

Playboy Playmate of the Month – Kathy Douglas
Box Office – The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (Robert Preston, Dorthy McGwire)
Billboard #1 – Mr Custer – Larry Verne
UK #1 – Tell Laura I Love Her – Ricky Valance

09 Oct 1960 – At Jeppeson Stadium – Fair – 15343

New York Titans          0             0           7             0             – 7

Houston Oilers           10             3           0           10             – 23

q1 09:35 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 33 kick

q1 00:00 – HO – Charley Hennigan HB4(3) – 3 pass (George Blanda kick)

q2 00:05 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 46 kick

q3 03:00 – NY – Don Maynard HB4 – 13 pass (Bill Shockley kick)

q4 13:30 – HO – Bill Groman LE0 – 15 pass (George Blanda kick)

q4 11:05 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/P – 34 kick

Charley Hennigan & Bill Groman – Houston’s scorers


Houston fresh from their bye week, won a relatively comfortable victory against Conference leaders the Titans of New York who by contrast looked jaded and in need of a rest early on. The win keeps the entire AFL competitive with no single team pulling ahead in a well established season.

The Oilers played a tidy game that even allowed for a profligate performance from the normally reliable boot of George Blanda. Dave Smith recorded his second 100+ yard game that the Titans struggled to contain and although the passing game was something of a sideshow, Bill Groman put in another solid performance. The Oilers defensive unit were the most improved although they are still searching that elusive first sack of the season. The Titans employed an aggressive strategy throughout the game blitzing frequently but their attempts proved to be ineffectual with Blanda well defended although he was required to scramble on more occasions than he would have liked. Houston’s defense was only really troubled once in the third quarter when Titans QB Al Dorrow finally found some consistency.

Leading 10-0 at the interval, the Oilers eventually succumbed to a New York drive when Don Maynard caught a 13 yard pass that gave the Titans hope. But that was as good as it got for the visitors and early in the 4th, Groman responded with Houston’s 2nd passing td to keep the Oilers 2 scores ahead. George Blanda had no fewer than 9 field goal attempts although 5 of these were from extreme range of 45 yards or further out. In the end the win was a comfortable one for the Oilers who next entertain local state rivals the Dallas Texans for the Lone Star bragging rights.

Player PASSINGAtt.Comp.Yds. Pct.TDInt.Sck
George Blanda QBA5/PK21109847.6%210
No.YdsAve LgTD
Bill Groman LE156012.0191
Al Witcher SE422010.0110
John Carson TE12157.590
Charley Hennigan HB4(3)133.031
Eastern ConferenceWonLostTied
New York Titans320
Houston Oilers211
Boston Patriots220
Buffalo Bills130
Dave Smith FB1271063.9160
Billy Cannon HB112504.290
George Blanda QBA5/PK 9161.850
Doug Cline FB4/LB155.050
Ken Hall HB4/P3-2-0.710

Western ConferenceWonLostTied
Denver Broncos310
Los Angeles Chargers320
Dallas Texans230
Oakland Raiders131

Box Office – Ben Hur (Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins)
Billboard #1 – The Twist – Chubby Checker
UK #1 – Apache – The Shadows

25 Sep 1960 – At Jeppeson Stadium – Fair – Attendance 13958

Oakland Raiders          2             7            7             0             – 16

Houston Oilers            0             6           10             16           – 29

q1 06:35 – OR – Offense Holding Penalty – safety

q2 10:35 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 22 kick

q2 05:25 – OR – Tony Teresa HB1/QBA1 – 1 run (Larry Barnes kick)

q2 00:00 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 20 kick

q3 10:50 – HO – Billy Cannon HB1 – 6 run (George Blanda kick)

q3 08:25 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 27 kick

q3 01:55 – OR – Billy Lott FB1 – 10 run (Larry Barnes kick)

q4 12:40 – HO – Billy Cannon HB1 – 2 run (George Blanda kick)

q4 06:05 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 37 kick

q4 04:20 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 20 kick


George Blanda’s perfect 5 from 5 Field Goal kicks were enough to see Houston through in this tricky return rubber and secure their first ever AFL win. The Oilers had to endure a torrid first half that began ignominiously when they were adjudged to have committed a Holding Penalty and were penalised with a 2 point Safety. Oakland completely dominated the first half but couldn’t break through the Oilers defense when it mattered. Larry Barnes fluffed his two relatively routine field goal attempts resulting in the Raiders only having a slender 9-6 lead at half time despite all the possession. Coach Rymkus must have given his squad a severe dressing down during the interval as the second half Oilers began to show their mettle early in the second half. No.1 AFL draft Billy Cannon has had a quiet start to the season so far and has been overshadowed by his RB counterpart Dave Hill but today was Cannon’s day and despite a modest number of carries he made the most of every opportunity scoring a brace of td’s to register his first points of the season.

The unsung hero of the Oilers team must be RLB Mike Dukes who managed to pick Oakland QB Tom Flores on 3 crucial occasions. Without his keen eyes and lightning fast reactions the Oilers could have been on the receiving end of another defeat.

Houston have a bye week next before taking on Eastern Conference leaders the Titans of New York. The rest couldn’t come at a more opportune time as DB Tony Banfield will be fit to return to defensive duties. Furthermore, following the loss of Charlie Tolar for the season in the previous game, the Oilers have secured the services of Split End Jack Atchason from Boston to bolster their roster.

George Blanda QBA517910252.9%000
Bill Groman LE146315.8260
Al Witcher SE4(3)3217.0110
Charley Hennigan HB4(3) 11616.0160
Dave Smith FB1122.020
Eastern ConferenceWonLostTied
New York Titans210
Houston Oilers111
Boston Patriots120
Buffalo Bills120
Dave Smith FB122884.0110
Billy Cannon HB19374.182
George Blanda QBA5/K284.040
Ken Hall HB4/P122.020
Western ConferenceWonLostTied
Denver Broncos210
Los Angeles Chargers210
Dallas Texans210
Oakland Raiders021

Box Office #1 – Ben Hur (Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins)
Billboard #1 – It’s Now or Never – Elvis Presley
UK #1 – Apache – The Shadows

18 Sep 1960 – At Jeppeson Stadium – Fair – Attendance 19148

Los Angeles Chargers   6            7            8             10            – 31

Houston Oilers           14             7            0             7             – 28

q1 08:40 – HO – Dave Smith FB1 – 7 run (George Blanda kick)

q1 07:40 – LC – Howie Ferguson FB1 – 4 run (kick failed)

q1 01:00 – HO – Dave Smith FB1 – 3 run (George Blanda kick)

q2 14:10 – HO – Dave Smith FB1 – 8 run (George Blanda kick)

q2 06:50 – LC – Paul Lowe HB1 – 1 run (Ben Agajanian kick)

q3 02:30 – LC – Paul Lowe HB1 – 1 run (Jack Kemp 2point try)

q4 12:00 – LC – Paul Lowe HB1 – 5 run (Ben Agajanian kick)

q4 02:25 – LC – Ben Agajanian PK – 18 kick

q4 00:40 – HO – Bill Groman LE0 – 22 pass (George Blanda kick)

Houston’s defense struggled all day to contain the Chargers

Discipline cost us game” Rymkus

Houston head coach Lou Rymkus was left bemoaning his teams failure to secure their first win thanks to an almost naive lack of discipline. “We should have won that after our great start but in the end our discipline let us down, discipline cost us the game”. Despite an entertaining game it will come as scant comfort to the Houston faithful who must now be starting to doubt the experts opinions of their team as one of the pre season favourites. Houston had led for most of the game and been in control until late in the 3rd quarter. Their defense was for the second game running struggling to cope with a top quality opposition RB this time in the guise of Paul Lowe who overshadowed Dave Smith’s excellent stats by matching his no. of td’s and improving on his yardage tally. After his 3rd td, QB Jack Kemp succeeded with a 2 point try to tie the game. A series of costly personal fouls and all too frequent offside calls cost the Oilers dear as the game went on and the Chargers scored 25 unanswered points to turn around an 8 point deficit to a 10 point lead. Despite a spectacular 22 yard Bill Groman finger tip catch td in the dying seconds and a successful follow up on-side kick, the Oilers, they ran out of time. Further unwelcome news was confirmation that Charlie Tolar’s injury in the game will rule him out for the rest of the season.

Oakland make a quick return fixture as the Oilers next opponents at Jeppeson Stadium for what is fast becoming a must win game for Rymkus and his squad.

Player PASSINGAtt.Comp.YdsPct.TDInt.Sck
George Blanda QBA5/PK301213040.0%140
John Carson TE145413.5170
Billy Cannon HB133010.0130
Bill Groman LE023015.0221
Al Witcher SE42105.080
Charley Tolar FB3166.060
Dave Smith FB1231315.7143
Billy Cannon HB19202.280
George Blanda QBA5/PK2105.080
Ken Hall HB4/P133.030

Eastern ConferenceWonLostTied
New York Titans110
Boston Patriots 110
Houston Oilers011
Buffalo Bills020
Western ConferenceWonLostTied
Denver Broncos 200
Los Angeles Chargers200
Dallas Texans110
Oakland Raiders011

Playboy Playmate of the Month – Ann Davis
Box Office – Ben Hur (Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins)
Billboard #1 – It’s Now or Never – Elvis Presley
UK #1 – Apache – The Shadows

11 Sep 1960 – At Kezar Stadium – Dry – Att. 12703

Houston Oilers              7             7            7             6             – 27

Oakland Raiders            7           13            0             7             – 27

q1 07:30 – HO – Dave Smith FB1 – 3 run (George Blanda kick)

q1 01:40 – OR – Tony Teresa HB1/QBA1 – 2 run (Larry Barnes kick)

q2 08:20 – HO – Dave Smith FB1 – 2 run (George Blanda kick)

q2 03:20 – OR – Billy Lott FB1 – 6 run (kick failed)

q2 00:00 – OR – Tom Flores QBA5 – 1 run (Larry Barnes kick)

q3 05:00 – HO – Charles Tolar FB3 – 11 pass (George Blanda kick)

q4 14:10 – OR – Tony Teresa HB1/QBA1 – 12 run (Larry Barnes kick)

q4 09:30 – HO – Ken Hall HB4/P – 5 run (kick failed)


Left – Matchday Programme. Centre – Action from the game as 1st round draft pick Billy Cannon looks for a way through

Tight End John Carson’s last minute fumble denied the Oilers the chance to get their campaign off to a winning start at Oakland. With seconds on the clock, Carson looked to have made a game winning 17 yard reception but spilled the ball when tackled just 8 yards shy of the Raiders goal line.

The Oilers defense struggled to contain the Raiders rushing game with Billy Lott impressing for the home side as time and again he bludgeoned his way through the surprised Oilers defense. When Ken Hall ran over the Raiders line to tie the scores few would have expected George Blanda to fluff his kick but like his counterpart Larry Barnes in the first half, he got it all wrong leaving the scores level. Neither side was able to capitalise for most of the 4th quarter until Houston’s last drive that ended in Carson’s fumble.

The Oilers defense will need to improve against expected stiffer opposition when the Chargers visit Jeppeson Stadium next game.    

Player PASSINGAtt.Comp.Yds.Pct.TDInt.Sck
George Blanda QBA5/PK281820064.3%100
Bill Groman LE178712.4240
Charley Hennigan HB423316.5170
Al Witcher SE44246.0120
Billy Cannon HB12178.590
John Carson TE111717.017f0
Charley Tolar FB311111.0111
Dave Smith FB111111.0110
Eastern ConferenceWonLostTied
New York Titans 100
Houston Oilers001
Buffalo Bills010
Boston Patriots010
Dave Smith FB116754.7132
Billy Cannon17623.7130
Ken Hall HB4/P284.05td1
Charley Tolar FB3166.060
George Blanda QBA5/PK1-2-2.0-20

Western ConferenceWonLostTied
Denver Broncos100
Los Angeles Chargers100
Oakland Raiders001
Dallas Texans 010

2 years ago my SPF collection numbered just 3 seasons. At that point I had just rediscovered the game after nearly a 20 year hiatus but quickly fell under its stat’s heav(enl)y spell and in short order I began filling in the gaps quicker than boiled asparagus. Fast forward 2 years and I now have almost every season ever produced either by Avalon Hill or unofficial fan based efforts. My interest and focus has always been on the Houston Oilers, my team that I adopted in the mid 80’s when the game was first shown on UK tv. Other blog posts explain the cracked/warped thinking behind choosing this bunch of underachievers suffice to say my experience playing this game has had its fair share of ups and downs.

As new seasons were being produced I began to want to play a wider range of consecutive seasons, if nothing else but to allow me to get through some of those bad Houston years……..Then unexpectedly in October 2020 the 1966 season was produced. At this point my focus had always been to try to replay only play-off games from the first Superbowl. With the advent of the ’66 season I could do just that and go back to the start. It also meant I could try out another idea that I had been mulling over of a knockout tournament that would allow me to use all the teams in the set in a relatively short amount of games. All of this to satisfy my obsession with record keeping. At time of writing the 1966-68 seasons are all available but may stall post 1968 unless follow on seasons become available. But that was it, ambitious enough for anyone. Then one day going over my old record books it dawned on me that the Oilers had only begun with the formation of the AFL in 1960. Just 6 years earlier than my current “start” point. I’ll admit that did set off some rather interesting ideas (well interesting to me at least) and had me thinking that it would be nice to go back to the very start of their history. As these seasons didn’t exist in Statis Pro nor I thought were they ever likely to, I shelved the idea, NOT before posting a message on a forum asking if one of the current makers of seasons would be prepared to do it. The expected tumbleweed response pretty much kaiboshed that idea and I decided to concentrate back on my original campaigns.

Then, just a few weeks later another splendid fan of the game out of the blue announced he had produced the 1960 season. I had a Das Boot “ALARM” moment and from that point on it’s been pretty much going over and over in my head whether it just might be possible. In the end I couldn’t fight the “Stat Devil” on my shoulder telling me over and over how much joy there was to be had logging and recording every single game for what would no doubt be a lifetime………….. So there we are. I have decided that I’ll replay every game the Oilers (Houston and reluctantly Tennessee for completism) played. I don’t regard the Titans as their successors, they have no rights to Oilers stats, history or records so it will end when they Oilers name was retired in 1998. At least that gives me an end point.

Whether this is achievable is open to debate. With playing 2 other campaigns (play-offs and knockout tourneys) I conservatively calculate that this project will take at least 25 years to complete. I’ll be 79 if by God’s grace I’m allowed that life span. It is also dependent on whether my interest in the game can be sustained that long and critically whether the remianing missing seasons are made available. If it all stalls after 1960 this could be a very quick project of just 14 games instead of over 600. Real life might have a say too……….

However, if these Lone Star State locals reaction from beyond the grave when they got the news is anything to go by, I really feel obliged to give it a go. As they say “I may be all hat and no cattle, but I’m ready and rarin’ to go”. If you fancy hanging around for the long haul, stay tooned. I intend to start this project in April which is likely to be the earliest I can get the cards printed.

Copy of original post that was accidentally deleted

15 Jan 1967

Playboy Playmate of the Month – Surrey Marshe
Box Office – Born Loser – “Kitten on wheels, with her bike, her boots and bikini”
Billboard #1 – I’m a believer – The Monkees
UK #1 – Green Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones
Doctor Who – The Underwater Menace part 1. The Tardis Lands on an extinct volcanic rock surrounded by the sea and discover Atlantis


Cleveland Browns 28, Kansas City Chiefs 13.

At Memorial Colosseum Los Angeles – Dry

Favourites Kansas began the championship decider the stronger opening the scoring with a Mike Mercer field goal in the first quarter. Shortly after both sides had to rapidly adjust their offensive strategies when first Kansas’s star RB Mike Garrett was side lined with an injury, then after a second Kansas FG, Cleveland’s Leroy Kelly replied with a short range td to put the Browns 7-6 up but suffered a horrendous injury when tackled in the end zone. Kansas were forced to punt after a clipping foul compromised the start of their next drive that allowed Cleveland good field position to exploit and ultimately extend their lead from Ernie Green taking up the RB baton. Chiefs QB, Len Dawson had a day to forget. His was picked for the first time as the Chiefs attempted to respond leading to a quick fire rushing td shortly afterwards that gave Cleveland a 21-6 advantage at the half time interval.

Kansas received the ball at the beginning of the second half but quickly turned it over following Dawson’s 2nd pass interception. Both defences then had a spell of domination until Kansas managed to drive into the Browns red zone for the first time. It was clear that Dawson’s confidence had been knocked as Kansas resorted to the rushing game attempting to bludgeon their way to the end zone. But the injury to Garrett was being keenly felt and the Browns defense held Kansas on their 3. Expecting a pass, Cleveland were caught out when Dawson succeeded with a trick play end around to flanker Otis Taylor. Kansas began to exert more pressure as momentum looked to be switching in their favour but following a Cleveland punt Dawson threw another interception. The Chiefs then attempted a pass rush but Browns QB Frank Ryan managed to elude his would be sacker and spotting an opening, scrambled into daylight for a td restoring the advantage to 15 points at the end of q3. 

Nerves got the better of both sides offenses in the final quarter. First Cleveland’s Green fumbled the ball on the Chiefs 12 yard line when looking odds on to score. Dawson then led the Chiefs with an impressive display of passing before trying one too many and getting picked for the fourth time. After this, Cleveland managed to run down the clock and in doing so become the first world champions. Considering their injury woes throughout the campaign some would say a well deserved title at that     

Cleveland Browns              0             21           7             0             – 28

Kansas City Chiefs              3             3            7             0             – 13

q1 05:20 – KC – Mike Mercer PK – 37 Kick

q2 13:15 – KC – Mike Mercer PK – 45 Kick

q2 09:05 – CB – Leroy Kelly RB1 – 3 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q2 05:25 – CB – Ernie Green RB2 – 4 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q2 02:15 – CB – Charlie Harraway RB4 – 9 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q3 07:30 – KC – Otis Taylor WR1 – 3 Rush (Tommy Brooker Kick)  

q3 02:10 – CB – Frank Ryan QBA4 – 15 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)  


Concluding thoughts

I may give up making predictions in future about games as this yet again did not go to form or expectations. To be fair I had made my decision based on the strength of the Kansas DB‘s yet Cleveland’s were almost as good and in this game did by far the more effective job reducing Len Dawson to nervous wreck. The 2 early injuries to both starting RB’s on both sides made the choice of plays more predictable although the end around score is the first time I have ever succeeded with a td trying this out in some 35 or so years. A good game, not the best but enjoyable and even going into the 4th quarter Kansas could have turned it round. They were on the worse side of the FAC gods with regard to penalties on a few big gain plays that had they gone their way may have changed the result.

No doubt about it though, this campaign has definitely brought to the fore something I have been stubbornly resisting to acknowledge for a while, the original games injury rules. In the past I have been able to live with it as the campaigns I played were no more than 3 or occasionally 4 games for 1 or 2 teams at most. Playing a knockout has increased the number of games and injuries and with much smaller rosters wrought havoc. That said somehow the team with the most injuries managed to win the whole thing. Because of this I am still loathe to make too sweeping rule changes for the future. As noted before I’ll most likely begin with the playing while injured rule as well as adjusting endurance ratings of players who covering for an injured starter.

Next I plan to re- run this campaign as a parallel one that will seed teams not as before based on their real life regular season record but by a rolling record of Statis Pro wins. Once that’s complete it’ll be onto the 1967 season and Cleveland’s defense of the title. I won’t have finished with the ‘66 season then as in the hopefully not too distant future I have an idea to try to play every regular season of the Oilers commencing in their inaugural 1960 season if the cards ever become available. Undecided as to whether I’ll post future as it’s a lot of effort for not much return. Never say never.

Record setters after Semi Finals  

Top scorers

Leroy Kelly           RB1        Cleveland Browns         36 pts – 6TD

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders           30 pts – 5TD

Bruce Gossett      PK           Los Angeles Rams         29 pts – 8FG, 5EP

Tommy Brooker  DE/PK     Kansas City Chiefs           27 pts – 6FG, 9EP

Clem Daniels        RB1        Oakland Raiders            24 pts – 4TD

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders            24 pts – 3FG, 15EP


Clem Daniels        RB1        Oakland Raiders               56 yds

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders               20 yds

Ode Burrell           RB2        Houston Oilers                18 yds

Dick Bass              RB1        Los Angeles Rams           18 yds

Frank Ryan QBA4       Cleveland Browns             15 yds


Charley Taylor     RB3       Washington Redskins      68 yds

Otis Taylor          WR1      Kansas City Chiefs          51 yds   

Al Denson           TE2       Denver Broncos              35 yds

Fred Arbanas       TE3       Kansas City Chiefs          29 yds

Gary Collins         WR1      Cleveland Browns           26 yds

Field Goals   

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders              49 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs           49 yds

Sam Baker          PK          Philadelphia Eagles           48 yds

Lou Groza           PK          Cleveland Browns             45 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs           45 yds

Td Interception returns

Jimmie Johnson  DCB     San Francisco 49ers         88 yds

Hagood Clark      DSB     Buffalo Bills                     36 yds

Willie Mitchell     RCB      Kansas City Chiefs           25 yds

Joe Scarpati       DSB     Philadelphia Eagles          18 yds

Mike Howell       RCB      Cleveland Browns            15 yds

Record setters after Semi Finals  

Top scorers

Leroy Kelly           RB1        Cleveland Browns         30 pts – 5TD

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders           30 pts – 5TD

Bruce Gossett      PK           Los Angeles Rams         29 pts – 8FG, 5EP

Tommy Brooker  DE/PK    Kansas City Chiefs           26 pts – 6FG, 8EP

Clem Daniels        RB1        Oakland Raiders            24 pts – 4TD

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders            24 pts – 3FG, 15EP


Clem Daniels        RB1        Oakland Raiders               56 yds

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders               20 yds

Ode Burrell           RB2        Houston Oilers                18 yds

Dick Bass              RB1        Los Angeles Rams           18 yds

Randy Schultz      RB4        Cleveland Browns             14 yds


Charley Taylor     RB3        Washington Redskins        68 yds

Otis Taylor           WR1       Kansas City Chiefs            51 yds   

Al Denson              TE2       Denver Broncos              35 yds

Fred Arbanas       TE3         Kansas City Chiefs            29 yds

Gary Collins         WR1       Cleveland Browns             26 yds

Field Goals   

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders                 49 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs              49 yds

Sam Baker            PK           Philadelphia Eagles            48 yds

Lou Groza             PK           Cleveland Browns              45 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs              43 yds

Td Interception returns

Jimmie Johnson   DCB        San Francisco 49ers          88 yds

Hagood Clark       DSB        Buffalo Bills                      36 yds

Willie Mitchell     RCB        Kansas City Chiefs              25 yds

Joe Scarpati          DSB        Philadelphia Eagles          18 yds

Mike Howell        RCB        Cleveland Browns              15 yds

01 Jan 67

1967 Sport – Wimbledon –  John Newcome (Aus) defeated Wilhelm Bungert (W.Ger), Billie-Jean King (USA) defeated Ann Jones (GB)
Box Office – One Million Years B.C. – Raquel Welch – Travel back through time and space to the edge of man’s beginnings… Discover a savage world whose only law was lust!” – Press release 
Billboard #1 – I’m a believer – The Monkees
UK #1 – Green Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones
Doctor Who – The Highlanders part 3. Jamie and Ben are taken out by rowboat to the Annabelle and warned that the only way off the ship is to the bottom of the sea as a prisoner is pushed overboard….

Semi-Final Injury List

OR – P.Pyle OG, B. Davidson DT, D.Connors LB, A,Powell WR1

CB – V.Costello LB, M.Clark OT, W.Johnson DT, D.Schrafrath OT, J.Kanicki DT, E.Green RB2

LA – J.Scibelli OG

KC – W.Corey LB

Los Angeles Rams 16, Kansas City Chiefs 26. At KC Municipal Stadium – Dry

Kansas came through a stern test that was only decisively decided in the final minute with an interception td return. The Rams have been one of the surprise packages of this tournament progressing from the first round but thanks in the main to their effective defense they had beaten higher ranked opponents in the previous 2 rounds. Relying heavily once more on the kicking boot of Bruce Gossett, they kept themselves in the game throughout and were only trailing by 7 points at the start of q4. The 3rd quarter had been a shambolic affair of turnovers and errors but with the final quarter both sides put in a strong display. After Kansas extended their lead to 10 early on, Los Angeles drove back with a carefully planned offensive series and finally broke through with Dick Bass registering his first score of the campaign. With the game once again a single score affair (at 19-16), Los Angeles regained possession with a minute on the clock. But this time their luck ran out when a telegraphed short pass was picked by Willie Mitchell who returned it for a td. Kansas City are the first finalists and have a fully fit roster to choose from.

Los Angeles Rams              0             6             3             7             – 16

Kansas City Chiefs              7             6             3             10           – 26

q1 09:00 – KC – Mike Garrett RB2 – 7 Rush (Tommy Brooker Kick)  

q2 09:25 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 41 Kick

q2 07:30 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 38 Kick

q2 02:25 – KC – Mike Mercer PK – 43 Kick

q2 00:25 – KC – Tommy Brooker DE/PK – 9 Kick

q3 08:55 – LA – Bruce Gossett PK – 40 Kick

q3 00:25 – KC – Tommy Brooker DE/PK – 14 Kick

q4 14:05 – KC – Tommy Brooker DE/PK – 19 Kick

q4 07:10 – LA – Dick Bass RB1 – 18 Rush (Bruce Gossett Kick)

q4 00:50 – KC – Willie Mitchell RCB – 25 Interception (Tommy Brooker Kick)


Oakland Raiders 28, Cleveland Browns 41. At Cleveland Municipal Stadium – Dry

Cleveland held their nerve against a spirited late Oakland fightback to claim the NFL slot for the final. Leroy Kelly was a constant thorn in Oakland’s side carving through the defense to score when it mattered. Going into the 4th quarter Cleveland had racked up what seemed to be an unassailable 31-0 lead. But with Kelly injured at the end of q3 Cleveland switched their strategy with near disastrous results. Opting for a passing game, after Oakland had just registered their first score they failed to make any headway and were obliged to punt. Oakland then scored the td of the game when Clem Daniels who up until that point had been somewhat subdued scored a breakaway 56 yard td. Worse was to come for Cleveland who fumbled the subsequent kick off and a minute later Oakland were on 21 points. The miracle seemed to be well and truly on when an interception occurred on the first play of Cleveland’s next drive. Billy Cannon then caught a pass in the end zone to put Oakland just 3 points adrift at 28-31. Cleveland had just enough left and despite an incredible injury list managed to eek out first a field goal and then a td to decide the game once and for all. No side had scored more than 17 points in a quarter before this game. Oakland’s points tally has only been bettered in 6/21 games. With the bye week next week Clevelands depleted roster has extra time to recover before the finale against Kansas City.

Oakland Raiders                 0             0             0             28           – 28

Cleveland Browns              17           14           0             10           – 41

q1 05:20 – CB – Clifton McNeil WR4 – 19 Pass (Jim Houston Kick)

q1 03:50 – CB – Leroy Kelly RB1 – 7 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q1 00:15 – CB – Lou Groza PK – 45 Kick

q2 05:50 – CB – Mike Howell RCB – 15 Interception (Jim Houston Kick)

q2 02:20 – CB – Leroy Kelly RB1 – 1 Rush (Jim Houston Kick)

q4 14:10 – OR – Roger Hagberg RB3 – 2 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 12:40 – OR – Clem Daniels RB1 – 56 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 11:30 – OR – Clem Daniels RB1 – 5 Rush (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 11:00 – OR – Billy Cannon TE3 – 19 Pass (Mike Eischeid Kick)

q4 05:35 – CB – Jim Houston LB/PK – 26 Kick

q4 03:05 – CB – Paul Warfield WR2 – 4 Pass (Jim Houston Kick)



Two contrasting games. The first a tight affair of nip and tuck with once again the Rams punching well above their weight but this time coming up short against superior opposition. Without Gossett I doubt they would have progressed as far but they have been an enjoyable side to play nonetheless.

If ever a game truly showed the unrealistic effects of the Avalon Hill injury system when playing more than a single game then the Oakland vs Cleveland game had to be it. Cleveland ended the game victorious but with no fewer than  9 players out for the game or longer. Luckily with a bye week between the semi’s and the final only 2 players will be out for the final but what happened in this game just felt wrong. Also with smaller rosters each injury was more keenly felt and at times I was playing with the minimum players available to fill the displays. I could live with this for short periods but when over the course of a full quarter or longer, what kept happening was quick turnovers. The FAC gods as usual didn’t help by also throwing in a heap of fumbles and interceptions but “them’s the breaks” I guess. Looking ahead to future campaigns I shall definitely employ the “playing while injured” rules as well as the rule that allows for “temporarily reducing the endurance level of replacements” if the starter is injured.

Record setters after Quarter Finals

Top scorers

Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders                 24 pts – 4TD

Roger LeClerc      PK           Chicago Bears                    20 pts – 4FG, 4EP

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders                 20 pts – 3FG, 11EP

Bruce Gossett      PK           Los Angeles Rams              19 pts – 5FG, 4EP


Roger Hagberg     RB3        Oakland Raiders                20 yds

Ode Burrell           RB2        Houston Oilers                  18 yds

Randy Schultz      RB4        Cleveland Browns              14 yds

Gale Sayers          RB1        Chicago Bears                    12 yds


Charley Taylor     RB3        Washington Redskins        68 yds

Otis Taylor           WR1       Kansas City Chiefs            51 yds   

Al Denson            TE2       Denver Broncos                 35 yds

Fred Arbanas       TE3         Kansas City Chiefs            29 yds

Gary Collins         WR1       Cleveland Browns             26 yds

Field Goals   

Mike Eischeid      PK           Oakland Raiders               49 yds

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs            49 yds

Sam Baker            PK         Philadelphia Eagles           38 yds

Danny Villanueva PK/P      Dallas Cowboys                 39 yd

Mike Mercer        PK           Kansas City Chiefs            39 yds

Td Interception returns   

Jimmie Johnson   DCB        San Francisco 49ers          88 yds

Hagood Clark       DSB        Buffalo Bills                      36 yds

Joe Scarpati        DSB        Philadelphia Eagles  18yds