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BORBORYGMI – Logophile entry #15

Posted: April 30, 2015 in food heaven, Words

This word is even better now I know how it’s spelt and if uttered in a low enough tone it actually sounds like the noise its supposed to be describing. Even better borborygmi is actually the plural of borborygmus! Quality

BORBORYGMI (pl) – noun – Definition – A rumbling noise produced by the movement of gas through the intestines or a rumbling in the bowels i.e. stomach rumble/ing


FEAST – Logophile entry #13

Posted: May 4, 2014 in food heaven, Words

Self explanatory word. I love it as like the word unctuous, it conjures up losts of nice images of food for my mind to wallow in. Watching Oliver Stone’s “The Doors” and hearing Jim Morrison use the word so well was probably when I thought properly about it.  I only use it when the experience truly deserves it which makes it sound all the more special.


Now I use this adjective when I’m describing something that I really really enjoy as oppose the formal definition of excessive sycophantic or fawning flattery. But then that’s because I always refer to it about food and drink not people although Hayley Atwell‘s curves could possibly qualify………

That fine chef/cook Nigel Slater used it in one of our cookbooks to describe a gratin dauphinoise as “a creamy unctuous potato dish” and that is just about the perfect way to describe it, infact my mouth is watering just as I type.  Cauliflower cheese sauce and even the missus’ egg mayo also deserve this term so it really doesn’t need to be restricted to posh nosh. As an oenophile I also enjoy the way some winemakers use it when describing their unctuous tannins (the compound released from grape skins, seeds and stems during pressing).

For me its indulging in a guilty pleasure. Something that almost certainly isn’t that good for you health wise but given the chance you’re going to utterly devour it and lick your plate for good measure afterwards.


More food porn as the good weather and dining “al fresco” continues (ed. an unsightly logophobic expression that moves the sphincter muscles in a twitch of disapproval almost as bad as the wifes current use of the term “sweating one out”)  Strangely we seem to be selecting hotter & spicier dishes as the temperatures outside soar causing more unsightly damp patches from our pits & bits. This recipe from Paul Gayler’s “Raising the Heat – cooking with fire and spice” can make your eyes bleed if not treated with respect.  But its a beauty and tastes even better than it looks.

014015So here is the baby, Pork fillet, seasoned and marinated with garlic and chilli powder then fried on a high heat.  Served on mash with a Chimichurri sauce of chilli peppers, garlic, coriander, parsley, oregano, white wine vinegar and olive oil.

Eat with gusto & remember the loo roll in the fridge for morning ablutions…..

IMG_1683Not sure but this photo appears is bordering on food porn. I’m not a huge fan of burgers although I have had my fair share of them over the years.  Japans awesome Freshness Burger chain and also the old school Wendy’s and in my younger years Wimpy were my personal favourites  but the ones I used to have at home have invariably been disappointing affairs quickly consigned to oblivion from the memory cells.  However after buying some home made ones from one of our local farms as oppose the connective tissue mechanically reclaimed meat from supermarkets we decided to try to give this fast food a bit more respect.  We only bought them for the convenience of a quick meal but as always happens after the first attempt, started thinking about how to improve on the basic burger in a bun.

After just one or two variations we think we have got it about right although possibly the order could be still worked on and rearranged. Out went the lettuce and mayo base (made the roll too soggy). In came more gherkin, thicker onion slices and more moutarde. So the latest creation from bottom up is

Bun lightly toasted

Red onion ring thickly sliced


cheese added 1 or 2 minutes before removal from grill and prior to it dripping off the meat

French’s classic yellow American mustard – no substitute for this

1 – 1.5 large gherkins sliced into about 3

Bun/bap top

The next question – “How on earth are you supposed to you eat these King Tiger tank versions of the burger world”?

It’s fair to say we have a goodly share of cookbooks from celebrity chefs past and present. Remember Galloping Gourmet & Fanny Craddock? yep we have theirs. But after careful consideration I think I have to rate Mr Slaters Appetite as one of the best. Nothing too fancy but the recipes we have tried have invariably been in a word Unctuous (note to self must add to my logophile list). So let me take you through in picture form.

“Really juicy spicy meatballs”

page 372 paperback

Just smoked bacon, minced pork, shallots, chillies, coriander, lemon grass or lime leaves and garlic.

Almost all the work is on prep here as cooking takes minutes  so depending on how the duties are set out in your household someone will have more to do than the other.  We use a mezzoluna as oppose blender (the wife seems averse to it and prefers my sauber und ordentlich technique).


chop chillies and that’s shallot


add chopped (david borean/corian)der


then the lemon grass


Old birds hands! Add mince, chopped bacon & pancetta & get stuck in. Watch out for chilli finger!


sculpt into walnut dimension heaven and flatten slightly. This mixture was enough for 40 balls so plenty mixture to save for another time.


fry in pan with oil, juicy on inside, tasty savoury crust on outside


serve this effort with rice & garnish with green stuff – david boreanders this time – DEELISH