Alternate paint scheme 


28mm Harlequin miniature


1988’s Season 25 story 7H “Remembrance of the Daleks” saw a number innovative changes to the Daleks which helped to gloss over the clunking script.  Firstly there was a remodelled Emperor based on what looked like a giant roll-on deodorant that revealed itself to be Davros who now was sadly inextricably linked to every Dalek story. The Imperial Daleks were remodelled with new lights and other small changes, There were upgraded effects to exterminations and Dalek eye stalk views and importantly the first time a Dalek was seen to ascend a set of stairs.  But by far the biggest talking point was the debut of the Special Weapons Dalek. A filthy freaky looking almost parody of the original packing a howitzer style blaster it was nevertheless a welcome addition to the myriad styles.  Ben Aaronovitch who wrote the story also published a novel where he stated that  the release of high levels of radiation required to operate the machine altered the structure of the Dalek creature’s brain causing it to go insane. It was shunned by other Daleks and only used in extreme circumstances owing to its tendency to attack every living creature including allied Daleks. This Dalek led many talented fans to recreate modified versions of their own, some better some worse than this model.


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