DEATHThis version was something of a return to the original older style paint scheme although I’m not sure why the BBC departed from the Gun metal grey version from the previous 2 seasons.  They only lasted 1974’s season 11  Story XXX “Death to the Daleks”  as the BBC reverted to the previous scheme for Dalek drones in the following seasons seminal Genesis of the Daleks.  Despite just a single outing these versions were memorable. The story in some quarters (and in my view unfairly) gets a bit of stick in some quarters but the Daleks were magnificent.  Deprived of their regulation blaster gun they have to adapt using ballistic machine gun weaponry. They then form an uneasy alliance with the Doctor and the Human explorers all the while plotting their downfall.  At this point in my own Dalek journey I had become a total Dalekophile and was genuinely upset when the 2 brave Daleks who had entered the mysterious city got a royal thrashing by the cities zombie defenders.  

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