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Legs & Co – Spirit of the Radio

Posted: June 4, 2015 in music
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Every once in a while something comes along that if described to you beforehand would sound so naff as to cause utter derision amongst the sane and less fortunate amongst us.  But then while viewing you suddenly discover inexplicably that its ticking all the right boxes. Either that or my young teen obsession with Legs and Co (especially young Lulu) coloured literally my perception of reality. Time to make your own mind up…..I give you Rush’s Spirit of the Radio, Legs & Co style

Deine Qual ist meine lust

After a skinfull of red wine and “Goth at the BBC” with some classics but also some rather odd choices including PJ Harvey and Shakespeare Sister!!!???!! I feel the need to redress the balance

Wilkommen Xmal Deutschland, time to get in the Tardis, dust off the pvc trousers, winkle pickers, leather jacket, eye liner, crimpers & patchouli oil and head back to 1985 and see if I can stop myself falling hopelessly into Anja Huwe’s eyes…………



Current line up with Mina Spiler


First up the Official teaser trailer  (1min 45secs), to Laibachs latest tour.  Definitely a step change towards a more accessible “Bud Lite” version of Laibach but still managing to retain their humour and predictions of fire.  How these guys manage to predict world wide events before anyone else does is beyond me and some of their lyrics almost seem profound, this time the Ukraine.

I first heard of this band in the late 80’s/early 90’s on the youth tv programme “Rough Guide to Europe” hosted by Magenta divine that featured the underground scene in Tito’s State controlled Communist Yugoslavia.  I had never seen or heard anything like it then and the same applies today. Uncompromising, impossible to label, controversial are all statements used for and against in describing them.  I’ve been dusting off my jackboots and marching to this group ever since and yet they keep turning up with innovative stuff.



So onto the gig. Fittingly my 200th one. After being advised that the new album “Spectre” was a pile of doo-dah I was expecting very little.  The last few gigs for content haven’t been the best and that includes playing in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern 2 years ago (The most perfect venue for a Laibach gig if ever there was). Arriving at another most Laibachian style venue (Warehouse with exposed bricks etc) I was immediately asked if I would answer some questions on camera for a Slovene tv show.  After this, I took up position and stifling a yawn desperately tried to remember what the new stuff was like having just received the album in the morning.

The Golden era

The Golden era – Eva Breznikar (and not in shot Natasa Regovec) guest fez wearing drummer girls

With the opening peals of the Eurovision Song Contest the gig got underway and within seconds all my fears were allayed.  LAIBACH ARE BACK! Ok so not a patch on WAT, Volk or the earlier stuff, but Spectre does deliver.  Its definitely a more Euro electro accessible version that for some purists (myself not included) might be hard to palate at first but it will grow on you. The continued presence of Melodroms Mina Spiler provides the softer edge but then again with her screaming literally and then shouting orders into a loud speaker its not really that soft.  I would go so far as to say that the first half of the show being a run through of the new album was dare I say it better than the second half of Iron Sky and other old favourites (B Maschina excepted). Warm Leatherette/Warme Lederhaut was the pick natch.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the opening track below and make up your own mind, conform or dare to be different, the choice is yours…………FOR THE TIME BEING.

katy-b-little-red-artworkRuddy ada, well well well, not my sort of music really – dubstep, R&B, funk, house, garage!!!! but then I always have had an eclectic taste in music but this young ladies tunes have been bouncing round in my head for a while now. Then when I saw her video for “Crying for no reason” it ticked the boxes having a sombre melancholy theme and a very totalitarian laibach-esque feel to the video. But what now has made me “come out” and admit to liking her is that she’s……………a Palace Fan. I hope she’s not just jumping on the band wagon but her BRIT school pedigree and the fact she’s a South Londoner qualify in my eyes. So well done Miss B she has now joined an ever increasing list of Celebrity Palace fans some of the more impressive being newsreader Susanna Reid, comedian Eddie Izzard, actors Bill Nighy, Liam Neeson oh yes and Jo Brand……..

If Katy’s prediction of a 3-1 win over ManUre tonight comes true I’m buying the album.

Link below goes to you tube

One of few bands more than capable of making a grown man cry for the right reasons made their triumphant return at the small but perfectly formed Lexington club/pub on the 15th after their extended sabbatical/hiatus. I count myself privileged to have seen Sarah in her last incarnation of Client B travelling across Europe and North Amerika a few years ago but of course I’d never have discovered Client without prior knowledge of Dubstar. A lucky late night drunken tv channel hop back in 1994/5 I first came across Dubstar on the White Room tv show. Uniquely (before the internet or Amazon etc) I went out the next next day during my lunch break and bought the 1st album “Disgraceful” and have never looked back. This band are that important to me that I even have a couple of their tracks picked out for my hopefully long off funeral…..enough of that, what of the gig?

To start, the place was sold out and there was a definate buzz in the crowd. Sarah looked more nervous than I’ve ever seen her, unsurprising really revisiting almost sacred material and desperate not to get it wrong. Chris and Steve looked relatively chilled or maybe just managed to hide their nerves more easily. There was nothing to worry about really as the first chords where struck to the 80’s cover “I’m in love with a German Film Star” I knew it was going to be a good one. To say it was faultless would be unfair to the band as there was a smattering of errors but considering the time elapsed since they last played a full live set together it was to be expected and quite frankly no one in the audience gave a monkeys fart. The fact that “Ghost” made Sarah cry after trying so hard not to just added to the audiences well-feeling towards the band.

Along with a couple of rather tasty new numbers and the b-side “I lost a friend”………. most of the classic favourites from the back catalogue were covered with a lot of people singing along. Frankly it amazes me that from just 3 studio albums there are so many songs that are worthy of that moniker “classic”. So a great return to form and one can only hope the band are inspired enough to give us some more dates and maybe new material for another album.

ADAM ANT – Red Scab

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Adam Ant, music
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Adam[1] mqdefault[3]First heard this as a b-side (baby) to Goody Two Shoes. BUT its much much older than that, a bootleg from 1978/9 proves it. Anyways I just found this you tube link to a more recent rendition, not his most recent band incarnation but one that the band and Mr Goddard seem to enjoy nevertheless. “Until I reach orgasmo”…………..Enjoi