orig mkiiiSo began a personal and a nations (;>) love affair with Ray Cusicks iconic design. Their return with more chunky bumper car bases and anti-grav/magnetic waist disks in The Dalek Invasion of Earth” heralded Dalekmania with 2 big budget spin off films and a merchandising campaign only matched in recent years. This livery with a few subtle changes to lights and not so subtle changes to the mid section were retained up to 1967 when they were put on an extended sabbatical following their “final” demise in “The Evil of The Daleks”  Their roll of honour takes in 4 Seasons, 7 stories and 2 Doctors

1963 – Season 1 Story B – The Daleks

1964 – Season 2 Story K – The Dalek Invasion of Earth

1965 – Season 2 Story R – The Chase

1965 – Season 3 Story T/A – Mission to the Unknown (one-shot prequel to The Daleks’ Masterplan)

1965 – Season 3 Story V – The Daleks’ Masterplan

1966 – Season 4 Story EE – The Power of the Daleks

1967 – Season 4 Story LL – The Evil of the Daleks

These were the babies that terrified me at Trago Mills all those years ago and despite never seeing them “live” on tv indelibly left their mark on my Kaled brain

  1. Burrunjor says:

    I love the Daleks so much. Really appreciate this series looking at all the different variants.

    • simonsmrt says:

      Hi, fellow Dalekphile! The gunmetal grey drone version is my personal favourite but to be honest I like them all. The same cannot be said of those awful paradigm abominations when they tried to redesign the classic version into a Thal vision parody of the teletubbies!
      Long live the Kaleds!

  2. Peter says:

    Very nice Dalek gallery.

    My wife tailored a kindergarten bag for our 3 year old with a Dalek on it. I just realized we switched the sink plunger and ray gun. Um, well… I guess that’s because it’s a Dalek in Germany and it has to move on the other side of the road or something like that… 🙂

  3. simonsmrt says:

    Ha ha. I recall a more recent tv episode with Daleks speaking in German but can’t remember which side the sink plunger was on.

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