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Ultra’s show what it means to be a Palace fan









Crystal Palace 3 (Delaney, Gayle 2)

Liverpool 3 (Allen, some other bloke and Goofy)

Just when you think it can’t get any better this happens. Liverpool turn up expecting little old Palace to lie down and after 79 minutes despite the fans urging the home team on it looks just that at 0-3 down.  Liverpool showing an incredible lack of respect and more hubris than a Greek Tragedy press for a 4th, 5th and more crowing about a 9-0 previous encounter 24 years ago.  Then the game changing moment, Delaney gets the ball and goes for a long range effort. Just at that exact moment Palace’s mascot Kayla the Eagle flies at light speed across the path of his shot, the beat of her wings enough to deflect the course of the ball past the hapless Liverpool keeper.  Sensing their chance, the Palace faithful erupt into song “Steve’s got a ticket to Slide, steve’s got a ticket to slide, slide, slide”  True to form the scousers hit the panic button and completely fall apart. But then another twist, Palace are on parity having scored 3 goals in 10 minutes, at 3-3 in the dying seconds Liverpool seeing their title hopes about to be shattered attack a final time. Up pops Palace old boy Victor Moses to try to break Palace’s hearts and score the easiest of winners for the scousers. BUT………….NO………………WAIT. Displaying that rare thing in modern sport “Loyalty” as he goes to shoot he contrives to mishit the ball and scuff his kick allowing Palace to clear their lines and take a well earned draw.

Liverpools players and fans are inconsolable, in tears they are led out of Selhurst Park to their coaches bound for Bear Gryll’s Island and a month’s training how to behave like men of old.  Palace celebrate shattering another title contenders aspirations and Kayla is given seconds of another liver bird for supper.

And now, time for some some gratuitous orangeness…….


Kayla landing at Selhurst Park









West Ham 0

Crystal Palace 1 (Mile Jedinak – penalty 59 minutes)

Well well well. I’ve been holding off on this until we were mathematically safe (such is the cruel hand of fate being a Palace fan) but after a fifth successive win (equalling our best ever record in the modern premier era) we have finally confirmed our Premier League status for the first time in our history.  Well done Eagles and especially well done to the manager Tony Pulis.  Now we can have a say in who actually wins the league.



Crystal Palace 1 (John Terry own goal! 52 minutes)

Chelsea 0

Attendance – Sell out 25,166

There’s very little else to add here without turning it into a essay of Tolkien proportions, suffice to say another “big teams” fans put firmly in their place OFF the pitch as usual and for the first time since 1990, on it as well.

WARNING this 42 second clip contains a tune so catchy you’ll still be humming it hours after hearing it, not a problem if like me you love it, but if you’re like the wife be warned …………


cpfc-primary-badge-642-px61-813693_478x359[1]Its been a while, but as the season in the Premier League continues I find myself looking back more and more nostalgically about the rivalry with arch villains Brighton and Turd Albion.  It might be that our next chance to meet is coming sooner rather than later for most Palace fans as we hover precariously above the relegation zone but if the dreaded R word does happen at least we’ll be able to once more cross swords with this execrable rabble from the South Coast.  It still gets me every time as I start writing about this topic how much pent up hatred I have for the Weed. Yet at the same time life without them would be quite dull. So here’s a 5 minute clip told by someone I think is supposed to be Palace’s Mascot, Pete the Eagle, recounting to his son the almost biblical fairy tale about that special feeling Palace have in their hearts for Brighton.



katy-b-little-red-artworkRuddy ada, well well well, not my sort of music really – dubstep, R&B, funk, house, garage!!!! but then I always have had an eclectic taste in music but this young ladies tunes have been bouncing round in my head for a while now. Then when I saw her video for “Crying for no reason” it ticked the boxes having a sombre melancholy theme and a very totalitarian laibach-esque feel to the video. But what now has made me “come out” and admit to liking her is that she’s……………a Palace Fan. I hope she’s not just jumping on the band wagon but her BRIT school pedigree and the fact she’s a South Londoner qualify in my eyes. So well done Miss B she has now joined an ever increasing list of Celebrity Palace fans some of the more impressive being newsreader Susanna Reid, comedian Eddie Izzard, actors Bill Nighy, Liam Neeson oh yes and Jo Brand……..

If Katy’s prediction of a 3-1 win over ManUre tonight comes true I’m buying the album.

Link below goes to you tube

Just a few weeks to go till the next chapter and baptism of fire for Crystal Palace FC in the Premier League. Despite being an ardent Palace supporter for 35 years, to be one is to know less than your fair share of ups and a whole lot more than your fair share of downs. So lets be under no illusions, staving off relegation will be a massive task considering the resources available to the other clubs established there. 40 points seems an almost a insurmountable task but we earnt that right and like a Spitfire Summer we will give it everything we’ve got. And of course at the time of writing we are joint top of the league……(check the league tables for 8th July if you don’t believe me)
So these little sub 2 minute clips are to remind us that no matter how bad it gets, we will always have the honour of being the first club to destroy our arch rivals (Brightons) home undefeated league record at their brand spanking new plastic stadium in 2011/12, then in 2013 we did it again to earn a wembley play-off final place, £120M, and consign the Weed to an eternity of despair.
Glenn Murray was a Brighton player who switched allegiance to Palace on a free transfer claiming amongst other things and quite rightly that Palace had more ambition. Last season he was the 3rd highest goalscorer in all of Europe (taking in the top 2 divisions of every European league) behind only Messi & Ronaldo. The first clip was taken by Brighton fans in their end just minutes after they had gone 2-1 down to Palace and after leading 1-0 from the 7th minute up to the 80th minute. The Palace fans at the far end of the ground are in full song adding only to the Weed fans realisation that they may be about to never live the moment down. Then up steps Glenn Murray and a Brighton fans desperate remark enters Palace folklore. The second clip is the party mix!

WARNING the second F in the title is a use of colloquial Anglo-Saxon that some listeners may find offensive

cpfc-primary-badge-642-px61-813693_478x359[1] Ok so the dust has now settled on our heroic win over those Italian Giants…………….Watford (tuff luck Hopkirk………) and a summer of brighton baiting beckons.  But at time of publishing with just the confirmation of Garvan and Ramage signing contracts and with the knowledge that Wilf Zaha is off to a wet Manchester mist ridden future, FFS Murray out until 2014 and our next highest scoring striker just 2 months shy of his 40th birthday and only capable of lasting 20 minutes its time for the crystal (EAGLES!) palace ball to try to work out where we can actually pick up some points to make the magic 40.  This is, I admit looking through some milk bottle thickness national health specs & a couple of bottles of rather nice Pinot Noir so the optimism factor has been turned up to Vince Hilairetastic.  So based on the season gone league positions here’s where we will/need to pick up those points

Man U – H1, A0

Man C – H0, A0

Chelski – H1, A0

Arsenal – H0, A0

Spurs – H1, A1

Everton – H0, A1

Liverpool – H3, A0

West Brom H3, A0

Swansea – H1, A1

West Ham – H1, A3

Norwich – H0, A1

Fulham – H3, A1

Stoke – H3, A1

Southampton H3, A1

Aston Villa – H1, A1

Newcastle – H3, A0

Sunderland – H3, A0

Cardiff – H1, A0

Hull – H3, A1

43 POINTS – Simples! with 3 points to spare too.  No matter what, we still turned over the Weed at their manor and have the best cheerleaders in the country, bring it on.