Statis Pro Football


Great sports game this is light on visual but very good on playability and relatively easy for an Avalon Hill effort. Can be played solo which is why I like it so much. I have rediscovered this game and now play all the time. Lots of resources on line to get updated cards as the originals were based on a specific seasons.

Avalon Hill produced seasons from 1980-91 & 1957.

Other fan made sets are available, some free, other’s for purchase. The USFL, early XFL and NFL Europe have also been produced by various diligent chaps out there.

This game is now the subject of most of my posts in from 2020.

For the die-hard NFL fans, it’s currently possible to play consecutive NFL seasons from 1978-1999 (at Jan 22) but things are already looking good to expand the range in 2022 with a record number of seasons already produced from various sources in the year.

Currently the list of NFL/AFL seasons in my collection is:

  • 1950-59 (1957 Avalon Hill free download)
  • 1960-65 AFL
  • 1966-68
  • 1970
  • 1972
  • 1976
  • 1978-79
  • 1980-91 Avalon Hill originals
  • 1992-99
  • 2001 The missing 2000 & 2002 have been produced but not in a printable format.
  • 2003-06
  • 2011-12
  • 2014-17

In the pipeline:-

  • 2008 on ebay
  • 2013 is already available on ebay but the cards are a little too small for me. They may be resized after the ’08 set has been issued
  • tentatively 1969 on delphi perhaps late in 2022 or 2023?
  • 2018-present are available on delphi, ebay and ABC
  1. Rob says:

    In my opinion, still the best NFL board game around. All the teams, and — with rosters of 45-48 players per team, over 1,000 players each season.

    This offers far more granularity than Paydirt, which only has team charts and no individual players to bring game events to life in one’s imagination. Some find ABC’s Tabletop Football an even more faithful recreation of the NFL, but I find Statis Pro hits the perfect sweet spot between realism and playability.

    I’ve been playing this game for 30 years, and am still impressed by the statistical accuracy in almost every case (interception and fumble rates do need some tweaking). Plenty of great mods out there to augment the original rules — in particular, injuries, special teams, and weather!

    Looking forward to checking in regularly to catch up on your Statis Pro Football results!

  2. maxocchi says:

    How do you play solitaire?
    I have 2 copies of the game but never finished a game.
    I would like to have a faster way to play it solo.
    Great blog!

    • simonsmrt says:

      Thanks for your message. I use the standard solitaire rules that are in the back of the rules from the 3rd edition onwards. The player plays the offense, the FAC deck the defense although you have to be fair and set the defense in an appropriate formation. You therefore change sides when possession changes as you only ever play the offense.
      There is an alternative solo version by James Gordon where you play one side offense and defense but I have never tried that and I suspect it would actually take even longer to play the game. It does have its fans though. Games take me no more than 1h45 hours to play once I am in a rhythm, the defense I usually have in a standard 3-4 or 4-3 formation and just tweak it when its obvious that a certain type of play is coming.
      All copies of rules editions are available on and many articles with variant rules are available int he public domain. If you are looking for something specific let me know.

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