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genesis 11 – Classic series Dalek Warrior Drone

First appearance 1972 Season 9, Story KKK “Day of the Daleks“.

So for those that know me no real surprise as I liked this model so much I actually bought one.  The first appearance alongside the very cool gold Dalek leader in Day of the Daleks coincided with my first viewing of Daleks on tv.  The follow-up personal favourite Planet of the Daleks had them again and even better there was an entire army of them frozen and slowly thawing. This is where memory has played tricks on me as I remember that as one of the most impressive tv moments ever with thousands of them slowly moving about as they began to thaw.  Playing the dvd back now its not quite as impressive as there are probably not many more than a 100 (see photo left) and they are obviously the odd shaped Marks 6” wind up toys of the 60’s & 70’s but hey ho.

Planet of the Daleks 3[1]

Not quite how I remembered it, the Dalek army, actually a hundred odd Marx wind up toys

My take on Planet of the Daleks when the doctor discovers the thousands! slowly waking up

My take on the same scene from Planet of the Daleks

At a time before videotape and playback that was the best ever scene for me and one I think back fondly on. Their next appearance was in the seminal Genesis of the Daleks where technically they actually win or at least aren’t defeated (“the daleks are never defeated”)  Later appearances with slight modifications confirmed that the powers that be also regarded this version as THE standard.

Back in 1973 the Radio times released a rather splendid Doctor Who special with this dalek along with other premier league monsters gracing the back cover. Apart from an excellent episode guide from the beginning to the new series with a youthful and my all time favourite Sarah-Jane Smith (RIP Elisabeth Sladen I still miss you) there were amongst other things an unnerving and creepily illustrated Dalek story by Nation (written before he had come up with the Kaled and Davros ideas) and better still a “Build your own Dalek” feature.  My uncle Julian who had an uncanny nack of picking the right present (timpo red indians disguised in an empty Farley’s Rusk box especially springs to mind) gave me this to read at about 5am Christmas morning at my Grandparents as I couldn’t sleep and it shut me up all right!  I think Christmas day was spent asking Dad if he would make me one.  He duly said he would which was a shrewd move as it stopped me nagging him all day and of course I eventually forgot about it.  I had the last laugh though, 30 years later I discovered “This Planet Earth” who made licenced Daleks.  The rest as they say is history.and it would take a brave Thal to disagree.

rt1 rt 3

 Pure style, pure sex. Ho ho ho. God bless us, every one!

Pure style, pure sex. Ho ho ho.
God bless us, every one!

And an interesting piece of intentionally coincidental (is that possible?) trivia. Today 21st Dec marks the 50th anniversary of the first ever Dalek (or actually its sucker arm) to grace our screen when at the episode end it waved its kitchen sink plunger as menacingly as one can causing poor old Barbara to scream and set the tone for the next 50 years.    So as I pass on my Birthday Wishes to this awesome Mk III Travel Machine and wish you all a Kaledtastic Thal-free Christmas it seems fitting to give the last excited words to the Dalek on screen creator Davros :-

“Today, the Kaled race is ended, consumed in a fire of war.

But, from its ashes will rise a new race.
The supreme creature.

The ultimate conqueror of the universe.

The Dalek!”

With the 50th anniversary of the first ever appearance of the most awesome sight on tv just around the corner  its time to celebrate the best 10 MkIII travel machines EVER as imagined and made Dalekenium by Messrs Cusick, Nation and the gang at the BBC. Modern day fans please note – none of your filthy Renault megane/german mini, oversized teletubby blasphemous primary colour bbc merchandising scam paradigm modern steven moffat abominations here. Even the Thals could have done a better job.   This list is just the crème de la crème. Pure Kaled brilliance in a perfect machine. So without further ado coming in at number 10………………..


Acknowledgement to the rather fine chaps at the doctor who site for these excellent 2d drawings.

10 – New Series Time War Dalek

First appearance 2005 Christopher Ecclestone season “Dalek” story.

Shock horror probe I suppose lots of you are either thinking hang on isn’t that a newish dalek? or how come its only number 10? Well yes it is new compared to the classic series first appearing in 2005 but it was probably Russell T Davies’ defining moment before he allowed new Who to go all Touch me Torchwood/John Barrowman on us poor unsuspecting souls.  The old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it applies here.” If only Mr Moffat had taken note before allowing the bbc merchandising idiots to get the better of him and allow some pillock of massive Berkeley Hunt proportions (sorry it just makes me so so flippin cross) to try to redesign such a classic.  The story wasn’t great with the Rose Tyler emotion bit waking up a Dalek and freaking it out by touching it! But at the time no-one cared we had all been impatiently waiting since the season began to see the new Dalek and it didn’t disappoint. Chunkier and more sturdy looking than its predecessors but still faithful to the original that first scene when the eye stalk lit up was the best moment of the new series at that point and only surpassed at the season finale when the Daleks went to town on the inhabitants of the space station including exterminating Barrowman in the “Bad Wolf” episode.

19a-dalek-groupNow why only number 10? Well that’s easy, its still an imitation of the original and there are untold better ones.  Stay tuned to see what I mean.  In the meantime if there are still some poor deluded paradigm fans out there, I suggest you check out the image below which is a 1000 million trillion times better representation of a Dalek compared to those naff despicable Thalish things forced on us by Mr Moffatt.

Daleks - 1