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 2 planet 1– Classic series Dalek Council Supreme

First (only) appearance 1973 Season 10, Story SSS “Planet of the Daleks


the only reason to eat weetabix

So just missing out on the number one slot is this awesome MkIII travel machine from 1973.  Yes it does have a torch for an eye-stalk, yes it does have jam-jars for its lights but you know what it doesn’t really matter. This model was a converted 1960’s movie dalek brought out of mothballs and given a spanking new paint job (plus the torch……..). Check out that base! This is where black and gold DO go together like those posh choclits. I remember the Weetabix dalek cards of the 70’s and there was one that featured this one (right) that I so so wanted resulting in me eating and crapping out tons of that ‘orrible roughage and even worse ‘orrible milk.  This one definitely makes me want to want to gulp (see entry no.7 for gulping) and is on the short list with no.3’s  red dalek for a future purchase.  This Dalek also had that rare privilege of actually surviving at the end and managing to send a chill down my neck enough to make the hairs stand up with a rather good final speech.

No I am not Torchy the Battery boy....EXTERMINATE!

No I am not Torchy the Battery boy….EXTERMINATE!