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Current line up with Mina Spiler


First up the Official teaser trailer  (1min 45secs), to Laibachs latest tour.  Definitely a step change towards a more accessible “Bud Lite” version of Laibach but still managing to retain their humour and predictions of fire.  How these guys manage to predict world wide events before anyone else does is beyond me and some of their lyrics almost seem profound, this time the Ukraine.

I first heard of this band in the late 80’s/early 90’s on the youth tv programme “Rough Guide to Europe” hosted by Magenta divine that featured the underground scene in Tito’s State controlled Communist Yugoslavia.  I had never seen or heard anything like it then and the same applies today. Uncompromising, impossible to label, controversial are all statements used for and against in describing them.  I’ve been dusting off my jackboots and marching to this group ever since and yet they keep turning up with innovative stuff.



So onto the gig. Fittingly my 200th one. After being advised that the new album “Spectre” was a pile of doo-dah I was expecting very little.  The last few gigs for content haven’t been the best and that includes playing in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern 2 years ago (The most perfect venue for a Laibach gig if ever there was). Arriving at another most Laibachian style venue (Warehouse with exposed bricks etc) I was immediately asked if I would answer some questions on camera for a Slovene tv show.  After this, I took up position and stifling a yawn desperately tried to remember what the new stuff was like having just received the album in the morning.

The Golden era

The Golden era – Eva Breznikar (and not in shot Natasa Regovec) guest fez wearing drummer girls

With the opening peals of the Eurovision Song Contest the gig got underway and within seconds all my fears were allayed.  LAIBACH ARE BACK! Ok so not a patch on WAT, Volk or the earlier stuff, but Spectre does deliver.  Its definitely a more Euro electro accessible version that for some purists (myself not included) might be hard to palate at first but it will grow on you. The continued presence of Melodroms Mina Spiler provides the softer edge but then again with her screaming literally and then shouting orders into a loud speaker its not really that soft.  I would go so far as to say that the first half of the show being a run through of the new album was dare I say it better than the second half of Iron Sky and other old favourites (B Maschina excepted). Warm Leatherette/Warme Lederhaut was the pick natch.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the opening track below and make up your own mind, conform or dare to be different, the choice is yours…………FOR THE TIME BEING.