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I say chaps, just because the Bosche have dropped a few bombs it doesn't mean you dont have to cut the grass anymore

I say chaps, just because the Bosche have dropped a few bombs it doesn’t mean you dont have to cut the grass anymore

Summer 1940, a disgruntled Wg Cdr Melchett surveys the results of the latest MoD savings measures, principally cancelling the grass cutting grounds maintenance contract.

Being a lad of the sixties before digital technology & virtual games, the mainstay of affordable toys for boys was amongst other things Airfix. A classic British company now safely owned by Hornby, I used to spend most of my pocket-money on various airfix products whether it was some soldiers or a kit. I have many fond memories of going to Walton visiting “Hankards”, “The Walton Toy Shop” and to a lesser extent “Toys Davies Prams” (think it was actually called “Davies” but the toys and prams prefix and suffix made the name stick in my mind). I can still see the boxes of airfix soldiers and kits on the racks by the doorway shouting “BUY ME BUY ME.” Even the catalogue was a joy to behold and enough to start the imagination going.

words cannot describe this findSo when I had the idea of giving my Godson some kits for a birthday present…..BANG it hit me like a Me109 coming out of the sun that I might still have some of my old kits sat in my Mums loft looking for a new home. At the first opportunity visiting Meeb I wasn’t slow in climbing those silver stairs to an Alladins Den of wonder in the loft. And I wasn’t disappointed, amongst the books, Goth clothes, rotting pvc trousers, subbuteo and soft toys from my past I found an old german cake box. Opening it, this is what my eyes beheld………

No less than 17 no. 1/72nd aircraft, predominantly Battle of Britain stuff, some Revel and Matchbox too but in quite frankly a sorry state of repair. Thinking that I might be able to salvage one or two by cannibalising parts from the most damaged models I grabbed the box and carefully returned to the real world to bemused looks from the wife. After an hour or so sorting out the aircraft I found that with a few propeller and tailplane wheel exceptions I had 90% of the stuff loose that just needed a spot of glue to return to former glory. So two and a half days later and with sunburn for my troubles here they all are, with just the most challenging Heinkel He111 left to repair.

IMG_1529I couldn’t resist sorting some of the ground crew and heroic flying fellows too, so here in honour of a dearly departed Air Gunner friend of my Dads, painted for the first time in 35 years a mustachioed Flight Sergeant Jack Catford, running hell for leather to his Spit for another encounter with Harry Hun. “Tally Ho”