1960 HOUSTON OILERS – Statis Pro Season – Game #3 – Oakland Raiders at Houston Oilers

Posted: April 26, 2021 in Houston Oilers, sport, Statis Pro Football

Box Office – Ben Hur (Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins)
Billboard #1 – The Twist – Chubby Checker
UK #1 – Apache – The Shadows

25 Sep 1960 – At Jeppeson Stadium – Fair – Attendance 13958

Oakland Raiders          2             7            7             0             – 16

Houston Oilers            0             6           10             16           – 29

q1 06:35 – OR – Offense Holding Penalty – safety

q2 10:35 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 22 kick

q2 05:25 – OR – Tony Teresa HB1/QBA1 – 1 run (Larry Barnes kick)

q2 00:00 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 20 kick

q3 10:50 – HO – Billy Cannon HB1 – 6 run (George Blanda kick)

q3 08:25 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 27 kick

q3 01:55 – OR – Billy Lott FB1 – 10 run (Larry Barnes kick)

q4 12:40 – HO – Billy Cannon HB1 – 2 run (George Blanda kick)

q4 06:05 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 37 kick

q4 04:20 – HO – George Blanda QBA5/PK – 20 kick


George Blanda’s perfect 5 from 5 Field Goal kicks were enough to see Houston through in this tricky return rubber and secure their first ever AFL win. The Oilers had to endure a torrid first half that began ignominiously when they were adjudged to have committed a Holding Penalty and were penalised with a 2 point Safety. Oakland completely dominated the first half but couldn’t break through the Oilers defense when it mattered. Larry Barnes fluffed his two relatively routine field goal attempts resulting in the Raiders only having a slender 9-6 lead at half time despite all the possession. Coach Rymkus must have given his squad a severe dressing down during the interval as the second half Oilers began to show their mettle early in the second half. No.1 AFL draft Billy Cannon has had a quiet start to the season so far and has been overshadowed by his RB counterpart Dave Hill but today was Cannon’s day and despite a modest number of carries he made the most of every opportunity scoring a brace of td’s to register his first points of the season.

The unsung hero of the Oilers team must be RLB Mike Dukes who managed to pick Oakland QB Tom Flores on 3 crucial occasions. Without his keen eyes and lightning fast reactions the Oilers could have been on the receiving end of another defeat.

Houston have a bye week next before taking on Eastern Conference leaders the Titans of New York. The rest couldn’t come at a more opportune time as DB Tony Banfield will be fit to return to defensive duties. Furthermore, following the loss of Charlie Tolar for the season in the previous game, the Oilers have secured the services of Split End Jack Atchason from Boston to bolster their roster.

George Blanda QBA517910252.9%000
Bill Groman LE146315.8260
Al Witcher SE4(3)3217.0110
Charley Hennigan HB4(3) 11616.0160
Dave Smith FB1122.020
Eastern ConferenceWonLostTied
New York Titans210
Houston Oilers111
Boston Patriots120
Buffalo Bills120
Dave Smith FB122884.0110
Billy Cannon HB19374.182
George Blanda QBA5/K284.040
Ken Hall HB4/P122.020
Western ConferenceWonLostTied
Denver Broncos210
Los Angeles Chargers210
Dallas Texans210
Oakland Raiders021

  1. Rob says:

    Blanda good from 37!! That must have been a Herculean effort for the era. Oilers rolling now!

    • simonsmrt says:

      I think I am starting to understand these teams more. The quick pass stats on lots of 1960’s QB’s just aren’t good enough compared to their 80’s counterparts but their short pass stats are comparable. You just need balls of steel and a bit of FAC card luck to try a lot of more short passes!

      Blanda as a kicker has one redeeming feature others don’t, he can actually kick about 10 yds longer than most of the other kickers, up to 53 yards meaning they have a chance from the opposition 46 but I wouldn’t expect more than a 1 in 5 success rate.

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