Battle of Britain campaign 2015 – Part Two 20th-22nd Aug – 266 Sqn score freely during happy hour

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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As the battle continued the RAF were managing to hold their own but news that 2 Sqns had been destroyed defending Southend threatened to allow the Luftwaffe to regain the initiative.

266 Sqn were scrambled late in the day just one day after their previous heroics and over the English Channel they spotted a small force of 15 unescorted Heinkel He111 bombers heading towards Beachy Head. The pilots who participated in this attack were:-

Sqn Ldr R Wilkinson – Red 1, Plt Off R Trousdale – Red 2, Plt Off E Cale – Red 3

Flt Lt S Bazley – Blue 1, Plt Off M Hill – Blue 2, Sgt A MacGregor – Blue 3

Fg Off D Ashton – Yellow 1, Plt Off C Logan – Yellow 2, Sgt R Boswell – Yellow 3

Fg Off N Burnett – Green 1, Plt Off J. Soden – Green 2, Sgt A Eade – Green 3

Wilkinson detailed Yellow section to provide top cover in case enemy bandits appeared on the scene while he led the attack with Red section. Selecting a target he approached a Heinkel below from astern and when less than 150 yards gave the bomber a quick burst raking the fuselage and port wing. Large pieces broke off the engine which spluttered and then stopped, the bomber losing height banked for home but Wilkinson was directly behind and let rip with another burst of witheringly accurate, this time enough to send the bomber diving headlong into the sea and taking his “score” to 2. Blue Section had the greatest success of the day claiming 4 shot down 3 of which were at the expert hands of South African Plt Off Michael Rowland Hill.

Flt Lt Sidney Bazley. Opened his account with a He111 on 20th Aug

Flt Lt Sidney Bazley. Opened his account with a He111 on 20th Aug (BoB monument)

Blue Leader, Lancastrian sports car enthusiast Flt Lt Sidney Howarth Bazley claimed the other from a head on attack. At the end of the action 10 Heinkels had been shot down without loss. That night Wilkinson took the entire Sqn down to the local Jackdaw Inn for a celebratory evening of high jinks and carousing with the local ladies.


Bazley “rocking up” at the Jackdaw ready to party hard.

2 days later, on the 22nd the Sqn was once more in action intercepting a Gruppe of Messerschmitt bf110’s who were reconnoitring the Isle Of Wight RDF station at Ventnor. Luckily for the Germans, the cloudy weather allowed them to break off and hide in the cloud after being set upon by Wilkinson and the boys. 3 of their number were not so fortunate and were added to the Sqns list of kills which now stood at 25.

John Flewelling Soden notched his 3rd(He111) and 4th (B110) kills on these 2 days

John Flewelling Soden notched his 3rd (He111) and 4th (Bf110) kills on these 2 days. (BoB monument)

Plt Off John Flewelling Soden was among the RAF pilots with another kill to his name. He had shot down enemy aircraft in every one of his previous actions and now had 4 kills to his name, just 1 shy of ace status.


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