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South America welcomed the F1 championship as the first continent outside Europe to host an F1 race. Buenos-Aires was the chosen circuit and thanks to Maserati’s acquisition of Fangio and 2 other Argentine drivers the circuit was packed for the weekend. Qualifying was carried out in the wet with Felice Bonetto (Maserati) & Prince Bira (Maserati privateer) both spinning out thankfully with no injuries. However the honours went to the Maserati team who took the top two places on the grid with debutant Hermann Lang just pipping Juan Manuel Fangio by less than a second. Jean Behra took the 3rd place on the starting grid with the Ferrari’s of Alberto Ascari and Giuseppe Farina on the second grid. The best British qualifier was Ken Wharton (Cooper privateer) in an impressive 6th. 

Lap - 1 GRID. Maserati's of Lang on pole alongside team-mate Fangio and Behra (Gordini). 2nd row Ferrari's of Ascari and Farina joined by Wharton's privately entered Cooper.

Lap – 1 GRID. Maserati’s of Lang on pole alongside team-mate Fangio and Behra (Gordini). 2nd row Ferrari’s of Ascari and Farina joined by Wharton’s privately entered Cooper.

LAP 1 – All the drivers got off safely, with Lang (Maserati) just holding the lead under intense pressure from Fangio (Maserati) and Behra (Gordini). Half way into the lap all 20 cars were still going. The first retirements began shortly after, first Stirling Moss (Cooper) then Behra (Gordini) retired with engine trouble. Behra had been in 2nd. Another debutant Roy Salvadori (Connaught) was next with a collapsed suspension quickly followed by another debutant Oscar Galvez (Maserati). Meanwhile at the front of the field Wharton (Cooper privateer) clipped Ascari (Ferrari) forcing both out allowing Lang (Maserati) the opportunity to pull clear. With all the debris over the track at Vibratoria inevitably more cars succumbed. First veteran Louis Rosier (Ferrari privateer) with suspension damage, then Prince B Bira (Maserati privateer) collected the second Argentine debutant Onofre Marimon (Maserati) to hoots of derision from the locals. Next to fall by the wayside was Johnny Claes’ privateer Connaught leaving just the HWM of Lance Macklin running for the British marques. Macklin chose not to pit as just ahead of him Harry Schell (Gordini) rammed Farina (Ferrari) in an over ambitious move to try to get into the pits first. The result apart from 2 stricken cars on the home straight and a track further littered by debris was one of wild gesticulating and obscene gestures from the current World Champion Farina. Mike Hawthorn (Ferrari) who had been having a quiet race did choose to pit and paid the price as his car suffered terminal suspension damage forcing him to abandon his car past the pit entrance. Lang clear of all the shenanigans behind had already pitted for fresh tyres and of course the 1st lap leader bonus point.         

Top 5 at end of lap. 1st – Hermann Lang (Maserati), 2nd – Lance Macklin (HWM), 3rd – Emmanuel de Graffenreid (Maserati privateer), 4th – Juan Manuel Fangio (Maserati), 5th – Maurice Trintignant (Gordini)

LAP 2 – Only 7 cars remained, 4 of which were Maserati’s and with the demise of the Ferrari’s of Ascari, Farina and Hawthorn the race was set up for a first triumph for the Italian team so long in Ferrari’s and Alfa Romeo’s shadow. The field was now well spread with most cars racing on their own, only Fangio (Ferrari) and Trintignant (Gordini) were battling close to each other. HWM, the last British marque still going finally gave up the ghost at Curva de Ascari when Macklin’s engine blew.  It was back to the drawing board for the Garagista’s. Lang (Maserati) now only had to coast home such was his lead. He elected not to pit and risk running over the debris at the entrance. The battle for 2nd hotted up De Graffenreid (Maserati privateer) caught up with Trintignant (Gordini), and Fangio (Maserati). Trintignant spun at Vibratoria reducing it back to a 2 Maserati horse race for the remaining podium places. Luigi Villoresi who had been lying in 4th crashed out hitting debris at Vibratoria. All the Ferrari’s had now retired, the teams worst ever result and the first time since Rheims 1950 that the Prancing Horse failed to garner a single point.
Top 5 at end of lap. 1st – Lang (Maserati), 2nd – Fangio (Maserati), 3rd – De Graffenreid (Maserati privateeri), 4th – Maurice Trintignant (Gordini), 5th – Felice Bonetto (Maserati)
LAP 3 – Lang (Maserati) successfully negotiated the debris at Vibratoria his last obstacle to victory but behind, Fangio (Maserati) and De Graffenried (Maserati privateer) were still keenly contesting the race, then Fangio spun coming out of Entrada Los Mixtos allowing De Graffenried to pass. Hitherto anonymous racers Maurice Trintignant (Gordini) and Felice Bonetto (Maserati) were also battling it out for the final places keenly aware that even coming in last would net points thanks to the driver attrition so far.  Bonetto’s superior Maserati eventually pulling clear. Lang took the chequered flag and a historic first victory for Maserati and a German driver. There was more drama still to unfold as De Graffenried still unable to shake off the attentions of Fangio entered Horquilla the final curve too fast causing him to spin at the exit allowing Fangio to claim 2nd place to the delight of the home crowd. Bonetto’s 4th place meant Maserati had claimed the top 4 places with just the battered Gordini of Trintignant showing any stamina by finishing in 5th and last place. 
1st – Hermann Lang (Ger) Maserati – 9 points (8 points for the win plus bonus point for 1st lap leader)
2nd – Juan Manuel Fangio (Arg) Maserati – 6 points

3rd – Emmanuel de Graffenreid (SWI) Maserati (privateer) – 4 points 

4th – Felice Bonetto (IT) Maserati – 3 points
5th – Maurice Trintignant (FRA) Gordini – 2 points
  NEXT – Race #2 – THE NETHERLANDS Zandvoort. Can Ferrari recover? 

Legs & Co – Spirit of the Radio

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Every once in a while something comes along that if described to you beforehand would sound so naff as to cause utter derision amongst the sane and less fortunate amongst us.  But then while viewing you suddenly discover inexplicably that its ticking all the right boxes. Either that or my young teen obsession with Legs and Co (especially young Lulu) coloured literally my perception of reality. Time to make your own mind up…..I give you Rush’s Spirit of the Radio, Legs & Co style