Davenport Vineyards Horsmonden dry – St George enjoying one of his favourite English wine tipples at Rotherfield’s Courtyard Supper Club

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Medieval, rotherfield, Wine

“Are you mad? the alliance…..”

I’m aware that the majority of my recent posts have been somewhat heavy on the wargames front so after a 3 month hiatus, just like London buses here’s the second of today’s musings and something completely different. Having booked in for an “Everything English” supper club evening at Rotherfield’s rather splendid Courtyard Café (http://www.thecourtyardrotherfield.co.uk/index.html) to celebrate St George’s day I suppose it was inevitable that sooner or later I’d be asked to don the old 30 kilo’s (4 & 3/4 stones) of metal beautificence (my 15 year old armour from http://www.whiterosearmoury.com) to add a touch of flavour to the event and to be honest I’ve always wanted to see if eating and drinking in full harness could be done. Well the answer is YES although wearing it for 7 hours has resulted in two walnut sized lumps on my collar bones. Still it was worth it especially as one managed to enjoy a few glasses of one of ones favourite white wines, none other than the award winning Horsmonden dry from Davenport Vineyards. http://www.davenportvineyards.co.uk/

Dum vivimus, vivamus

  1. Tara Blackwell says:

    Liked and shared to FB land and the Courtyard! Looking good if I do say so myself! 🙂 xxxxxx

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