Codeword Cromwell 1940 part 9 Battle of Rotherfield – Tragic losses nearly breaks villagers resolve

Posted: January 23, 2015 in rotherfield, wargames


A force to be reckoned with - The teachers and breakfast school club combat unit sadly no more

A force to be reckoned with – The teachers and breakfast school club combat unit, sadly no more

1800hrs – With news that Otto Skorzeny’s commando’s had captured the Royal family morale took a blow, but the British bulldog spirit refused to give in. Headmistress Featherlake and Daisy Woods patched up their differences for the common good and returned to the action. In the nick of time as Jones had succumbed to his wounds defending the High st. German troops engaged now numbered over 150 and inevitably their superior firepower was beginning to tell. First the familiar reassuring sound of the Vickers mg fell silent as the Sussex Hunt were finally eliminated as an effective combat force. Then tragically the teachers and breakfast school club of Rotherfield Primary school who had been fighting a truly epic battle in the ruins of the cricket pavilion were overrun and wiped out, but not before inflicting grievous casualties on the enemy. The situation was beginning to look hopeless. More desperate news followed as first the farm hands defending the school were annihilated, then the 2 lovers Reynolds and Woods fighting on different sides of the village were both killed fighting to the last. Wood’s final words to Reynolds “I’m not scared of dying, all I’m scared of is living without you” would never come to pass.

SCENES OF SACRIFICE Left – Rotherfield Primary School where the farm hands met their doom, Right – High St, Reynolds’ body discovered at the bus stop just behind the telegraph pole

IMG_3352 (800x600)IMG_3486 (800x600)


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