Codeword Cromwell 1940 part 7 Battle of Rotherfield – “Chaplin” agent suspicions arise as villagers fight amongst themselves

Posted: January 21, 2015 in rotherfield, wargames

Just as it appeared the village was being defeneded not without some skill, a disturbing incident occered jarring the confidence of the very soul of the villagers.  Headmistress Ms. Featherlake and glamourous farm hand and village tease Daisy Woods had not spoken since the young student walked out of school to “chase her dream” and take up with bad boy Reynolds. Featherlake viewed it as a personal betrayal from one of her most brightest students. “The slap cut across the sound of gunfire” SW Motors mechanic James Arnold was heard to say as the 2 set about each other in a cat fight of the most unseemly manner. Woods was already under suspicion after her miraculous escape from the Germans early on in the barn. This event just added fuel to the fire.

It was a particularly disappointing turn of events as the German appeared to be getting desparate with half the day already gone. News of their flagship the Scharnhorst being sunk by mines while manoeuvring into Folkestone harbour was having an adverse effect on morale as it would inevitably delay the arrival of reinforcements.  This added to the tenacity of the defence was beginning to show.  Pte Godfrey who had moved to Hornshurst Woods arrived in the nick of time to despatch a small german patrol moving toward the village.

Sherrifs Lane, the scene of heavy loss to the Germans as they were caught in a crossfire between the hedgerows

Sherrifs Lane, the scene of heavy German loss as they were caught in a crossfire between Reynolds and the American regulars

Reynolds and the troops from the USEF exacted a heavy toll on a group of paratroops attempting to enter the village from Sheriffs Lane although they still managed hold a small foothold and account for a couple of the American defenders.

Back on the West side Rotherfield Stores’ Edith Finlay had taken over the defence of the South stream. The Germans sensing a reduction in the firepower levelled against them launched another attack. Expending all her remaining bullets, Finlay despatched another 4 germans before being overwhelmed. Another tragic loss and the school drive was now in German hands. Fierce hand to hand fighting continued in the cricket pavilion where Home Guard Pte Fraser was also killed in action.

At the surgery, Doctor Greystone managed to patch up the farm hands and Pte Pike who had been injured earlier on but the list of people requiring medical attention was reaching critical point.


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