Codeword Cromwell 1940 part 1 Battle of Rotherfield – Sussex village prepares for invasion

Posted: January 15, 2015 in rotherfield, wargames
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The day before the storm - Rotherfield's St Deny's church basking in the sunshine

The day before the storm – Rotherfield’s St Deny’s church tower basking in the sunshine

After the allied debacle in the Battle of France and the subsequent Luftwaffe’s victory over the RAF during the aerial campaign against England, German e-boats are spotted laying down a carpet of mines over 2 broad areas in the English Channel. Inside the cordon, merchant ships, ferries, barges and other German naval vessels are seen preparing to embark troops while Junkers Ju-52 tri-motor transport aircraft are concentrated on Northern French airfields. Operation Seelöwe is about to begin!

Leaflets delivered to all residents in Southern England a few weeks earlier.outh

Leaflets delivered to all residents in Southern England a few weeks before the actual invasion.

Meanwhile on English soil Churchill delivers a grim speech in the House of Commons All his (Hitler’s) preparations for invasion on a great scale are steadily going forward. Several hundreds of self-propelled barges are moving down the coasts of Europe from the German and Dutch harbours to the ports of northern France, from Dunkirk to Brest, and beyond Brest to the French harbours in the Bay of Biscay”

For the residents of sleepy Rotherfield a storm approaches dressed in Feldgrau and spitting 7.92mm rounds. Will they and Mainwaring’s Home Guard be up to the job and able to defend this green and pleasant land?

Watch this space


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