SEASON 3 – Farina takes giant leap towards reclaiming championship as rivals falter – 1952 Historic Formula de solitaire season Race #5 of 7 – Nurburgring

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Nurburgring was the setting for the fifth race of this hotly contested season. A number of changes to the established line up were imposed. British constructor Connaught announced that they were withdrawing from the remainder of the season owing to injuries sustained to their 2 drivers (Poore & Thompson) in the previous races. Stirling Moss in the sole ERA was also injured. But most importantly from the championships perspective was the absence of Rudi Fischers privately entered Ferrari also owing to injury. These absences allowed Emmanuel de Graffenreid to enter his Alfa-Romeo, as well as the debutants Australian Tony Gaze (HWM) and Swissman Peter Hirt (Ferrari) and for the third successive season American Harry Schell (Maserati). All of the replacements were privateer entrants. 

LAP 1 - steady as you go, in heavy rain Farina leads as the pack tip-toes its way down the home straight.

LAP 1 – steady as you go, in heavy rain Farina leads as the pack tip-toes its way down the home straight.

LAP 1 – Another wet start to a race saw the drivers pulling away cautiously before inevitably in thick traffic Schells Maserati clipped Hirt (Ferrari) and as he careered back across the track he then collected Hawthorn (Cooper privateer). Behind, the slow starting Prince B Bira crashed out as he hit debris left from the collision ahead. At Dunlop, Farina’s (Ferrari) superior pace began to tell and by Bit Kurve he had opened up a commanding lead, with the chasers more preoccupied fighting amongst themselves exchanging position than keeping track on Farina.

Brown (Cooper privateer) was injured as he hit the barriers after clipping a car ahead and Trintignant (Gordini) was also admitted to hospital as a precaution when his car’s suspension collapsed at Bit Kurve.   

Top 5 at end of lap. 1st – Giuseppe Farina (Ferrari), 2nd – Paul Frere (HWM), 3rd – Tony Gaze (HWM privateer), 4th – Pierro Taruffi (Ferrari), 5th – Peter Collins (HWM)

LAP 2 14 cars began the second lap (a healthy return compared to recent races) however Manzon (Gordini) soon joined the non-finishers suffering damage after a coming together with an unidentified car at Castrol S. Farina with a commanding lead began to ease off at the front allowing Frere (HWM) a slim chance to catch him if he was prepared to throw caution to the wind.  Opting for all or nothing glory Frere hit the high gears going into a series of corners allowing him to pass an incredulous Farina at Bit Kurve. The 2 pitted for the final lap almost neck and neck but with Farina’s car in better shape. Ascari (Ferrari) was finding his return to Formula 1 a fractious one as he struggled to move through a field of inferior cars and at one point found himself last when 2 of the backmarkers behind him (Bonetto (Maserati) & de Graffenreid (Alfa Romeo))collided. Macklin (HWM) also came to grief this lap leaving a relatively healthy 10 cars still running on the final lap.
  • Top 5 at end of lap. 1st – Frere (HWM), 2nd – Farina (Ferrari), 3rd Taruffi (Ferrari), 4th – Collins (HWM),  5th – Gaze (HWM privateer)

                                                                                                                                                                                                        LAP 3 – Everything was still to play for with a relatively healthy 10 cars still running on the final lap. Frere and Farina led away with the next 3 positions well clear of the backmarkers. Farina made his move at Castrol S and thanks to the superior handling of the Ferrari compared to the HWM eased away extending his lead over the next few corners.  Frere then became embroiled in the battle for 2nd as a reckless Taruffi began to exert pressure at the expense of his tyres. Collins and Gaze were next up battling over the minor places.  Ascari who had had a poor first 2 laps finally began to use his Ferrari’s car to its full extent and exiting Castrol S was at the head of the backmarkers although still a long way off 5th place. Farina in the end took a comfortable 2nd successive win, and with neither of his closest rivals scoring he now has one hand firmly on reclaiming the championship for a 2nd time. A photo for 2nd saw Taruffi pip Frere and finally Ascari showed what the season could have been with a master-class final lap moving up from 10th to 5th to register his first points of the season.


1st – Giuseppe Farina (IT) Ferrari  – 3 points (8+1 bonus point minus 6 dropped points)

2nd – Pierro Taruffi (IT) Ferrari – 6 points

3rd – Paul Frere (BEL) HWM – 4 points 

4th – Peter Collins (GB) HWM – 3 points
5th – Alberto Ascari (IT) Ferrari – 2 points
  • Championship placings after 5 races
1st –  Farina (IT) Ferrari – 30 points (2 wins)
2nd – Behra (FRA) Gordini – 21 points (1 win)
3rd – Fischer (SWI) Ferrari privateer – 20 points (2 wins)
4th – Taruffi (IT) Ferrari – 10 points (0 wins)
  • NEXT – Race #6 – THE NETHERLANDS – Zandvoort, while behind the scenes the British teams threaten boycotting next season after announcement of more team slots for Ferrari, Gordini & Maserati 

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