Birthday trip to RAF Hendon and the Battle of Britain Hall.

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Battle of Britain, Heroes, RAF, Uncategorized

DSCF1665 (800x600)

Hurricane I/II and Spit Vb

DSCF1677 (800x600)

Boulton Paul Defiant I in night fighter finish (Polish Sqn)

DSCF1693 (800x600)

Heinkel He111H

DSCF1703 (800x600)

Messerschmitt bf110G (Later night fighter model) An earlier version of this was flown by Walter Rubensdorffer shot down over Rotherfield 15 Aug 1940

DSCF1710 (800x600)

Fiat Cr.42 Falco flown by the Italian CAI during the Battle of Britain and shot down over England in October ’40

DSCF1717 (800x600)

Junkers Ju87D (Later model of the famous Ju87b) Stuka dive-bomber royally thrashed by the RAF in August 1940

Birthday trips don’t get much better than this, so after a few years of Steam trains and Vintage Formula One it was only a matter of time to revisit a museum last attended 15 years ago when I had my cats neutered……….nice!!!

Anyway I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking here. Kudos to Wifey for humouring me especially as the trip across London involved not one but two lots of engineering works and a 3 hour each way journey. Love you Mrs B. Still it was worth it wasn’t it.

Obviously there are tons more on offer but memory space dictates that I’m limited to just putting up a selection so I’ve decided to go with some of the less common ones here that interest me. Now, feast those eyes on some serious aviation porn safe in the knowledge that there’s not a single filthy FIESELER STORCH in sight.

  1. Tara Blackwell says:

    Love you more hubbins! Had a great day despite my initial reluctance and am SO pleased we went, Am sharing this post too for wider publicity! xxxxxx

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