Battle of Britain campaign 2014 – 25th-27th Aug – Poor weather curtails operations allowing both sides to regroup

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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25th Aug – Stormy – German Effort – Light – No raids due to poor weather conditions.  RAF and Luftwaffe regroup

Losses RAF 0, Luftwaffe 0

26th Aug – Stormy, clearing around midday – German Effort – ALL OUT – Improvement in the afternoon allows Luftflotte 3 to take the fight to the RAF, bombing ports and RDF installations in the West. LF2 stubbornly refuses to make an appearance while fatigued fighter units are repaired. RAF punish LF3’s bombers but fail to stop further damage being inflicted. Campaign rests on a knife edge  

Losses RAF 4, Luftwaffe 32

27th Aug – Cloudy – German Effort – Light – Recently repaired Worth RDF is next listening station to be knocked out long term (3 of 8 RDF posts currently out of action). RAF forced to resort to deploying 2nd Line units thus failing to make most of opportunities presented apart from localised success with Defiant Sqn in new night-fighter role.  

Losses RAF 6, Luftwaffe 15 

GAME NOTE – cop 27 Aug = “best” performance to date with current score at -30. Last year game was lost on 27th when score dropped below -35 cut off point.


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