Battle of Britain campaign 2014 – 19th-21st Aug – RAF drawn into attritional battle as Luftwaffe step up attacks

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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 19th Aug – Cloudy – German Effort – ALL OUT – Highest concentration of raids to date. Heavy losses on both sides including the destruction of 501 Sqn and LG2’s reconnaissance Hs126 Gruppe. RDF continues to fail to deliver seriously affecting, RAF response strategy. Support grows for US Ambassador to the UK, Joseph P. Kennedy’s peace overtures with Germany.

Losses RAF 20, Luftwaffe 41

20th Aug – Clear – German Effort – Light – Fighter sweep over Southampton driven off in force. 

Losses RAF 0, Luftwaffe 2

21st Aug – Clear becoming cloudy in afternoon – German Effort – ALL OUT – Another concerted effort by the Luftwaffe including the largest 270 aircraft raid to date. RAF continued attempts to meet enemy head on resulting in change in Luftwaffe target priorities. Heavy losses received to RAF Sqns engaged in combat as the pay off for keeping the Luftwaffe at bay.    

Losses RAF 18, Luftwaffe 15

111_Squadron_RAFA Flight 111 Sqn

Red Section – Sqn Ldr JM Thompson, Fg Off M Kellett, Sgt O Kestler (Cz)

Yellow Section – Fg Off AGA Fisher, Plt Off Stegman (Pol), Sgt CW MacDougal

B Flight 111 Sqn

Blue Section – Flt Lt SDP Connors, Plt Off J Poplawski (Pol), Sgt RB Sim

Green Section – Plt Off RR Wilson, Sgt R Sellers, Sgt FH Silk

After over a week of uneventful patrolling, 111 Sqn were finally detailed to intercept an unidentified formation heading towards Biggin Hill.  Joining 65 Sqn (Spitfire) they were not detected by the Luftwaffe who turned out to be a Gruppe of Messerschmitt bf109’s. 111 Sqn was detailed to provide cover as 65 Sqn attacked. As such, they did not take part in the ensuing battle that resulted in 5 enemy raiders shot down without loss.



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