Battle of Britain campaign 2014 – 16th-18th Aug – Luftwaffe pound South Coast while much vaunted RDF spectacularly fails causing RAF to look helplessly on

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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 16th Aug – Clear becoming cloudy. – German Effort – ALL OUT – Airfields targeted and a number of Sqns damaged on the ground. Despite some success for the RAF, poor detection by RDF and Observer Corps severely hampered interception attempts allowing Luftwaffe to bomb with near impunity. British Governments will to fight questioned in the House of Commons  

Losses RAF 5, Luftwaffe 26

17th Aug – Cloudy – German Effort – Light – Luftwaffe regrouping to near 100% full strength. Single heavy raid on Weymouth. RDF failed to detect resulting in more collateral damage. Heaviest night raids of the campaign with 240 bombers. 236 Blenheim Sqn makes first successful night interception downing 3 enemy raiders. 

Losses RAF 0, Luftwaffe 3

18th Aug – Cloudy becoming Stormy – German Effort – Light – Nuisance raids conducted against coastal targets, finally met in force by RAF.  Heavy casualties inflicted but 3rd successive day of ineffectual RDF results in total devastation of South Coast. Calls in the House to agree terms with Hitler’s Germany becoming more vociferous.

Losses RAF 0, Luftwaffe 32    


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