Battle of Britain campaign 2014 – 13th Aug – Fg Off Basil Fisher opens Sqn’s account while Luftwaffe concentrate on RDF and receive a bloody nose over Weymouth

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111 Sqns first victim, a Henschel Hs126

111 Sqns first victim, a Henschel Hs126

13th Aug – Clear becoming cloudy – German Effort – Normal. Raids concentrated on RDF (Rye, Foreness, Worth) causing disruption throughout the day. All were repaired later. First Ju87 raid detected over Weymouth resulting in catastrophic losses for Sturzkampfgeschwaders 2 & 77 (28/50 aircraft lost) as 5 RAF Sqns intercept breaking through the fighter cover. 

Losses RAF 6, Luftwaffe 44

A Flight 111 Sqn

Red Section – Sqn Ldr JM Thompson, Fg Off BM Fisher, Sgt O Kestler (Cz)

Yellow Section – Fg Off TPK Higgs, Plt Off JK Kay, Sgt CW MacDougal

B Flight 111 Sqn

Blue Section – Flt Lt RPR Powell, Plt Off JWW McKenzie, Sgt KM Macejowski (Pol)

Green Section – Plt Off RR Wilson, Sgt B Olewinski (Pol), Sgt FH Silk

111 Sqn were finally to see action this day.  Patrolling the Hampshire coast as a deterrent against further attacks on Portsmouth and Southampton . At around 0900hrs Sector Control at Tangmere vectored the Sqn towards the Isle of Wight to intercept an unidentified small group of probable raiders. As the Sqn arrived at their destination they saw 5 single engine aircraft flying along the coastline.  Sqn Ldr J.M. Thomspon recognised the aircraft from their parasol wings as German Henschel Hs126’s and ordered “A” Flight Red section into a line astern attack.  The Henschel’s immediately broke for the French coast. With over a 100mph speed advantage the Hurricanes were soon on the tail of the rear most 126. Sqn Ldr Thompson (Red 1) led the attack with a 2 second burst from 300 yards before overshooting. Fg Off B.M. Fisher (Red 2) followed up but also overshot as the pilots had difficulty slowing to the Henschels pace. Fg Off T.P.K. Higgs (Yellow 1) led his sections attack and scored a number of hits on another 126 before it managed to escape with the rest of the leading group into cloud. Red Section however had positioned for a second pass on the Hs126 they were pursuing and this time Thompson poured a 3 second burst into it. A tell-tale puff of white smoke issued from the engine but Thompson had to break off as the German rear gunner hit his aircraft causing oil to spray over the canopy and obscure his view.

Fg Off Basil Mark Fisher. Scored the Sqns first kill of the Campaign as well as his first ever kill.

Eton & Trinity College Cambridge educated Fg Off Basil Mark Fisher. Scored the Sqns first kill of the Campaign as well as his first ever kill. Image taken from

So it was left to Fisher to press home the attack. Approaching from 6 o’clock level the German gunner could not return fire and as his line of sight was blocked. A concentrated blast along the fuselage from Fisher did the trick and the Hs126 suddenly reared up, stalled and then dived headlong into the Channel.imagesZTEE1SA4

Fisher had claimed the Sqns first Battle of Britain kill.  Back at base the chaps celebrated in the Mess with a few pints of the Sqns favourite tipple, Mackesons Milk Stout well aware that next time they are more than likely to meet a more formidable foe.


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