Battle of Britain campaign 2014 – Part One – Prologue 7th Aug – 111 Sqn RAF stands ready

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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v2111_Squadron_RAFSo its time once more for the annual Battle of Britain solitaire wargame using West End Games’ RAF boardgame.  This time the after action reports (AAR) will focus on a single Sqn. #111. This will mean I’ll only end up writing AAR’s when 111 Sqn has seen action. A strange symmetry here as this is my 111th post.

The Sqn will be operating out of RAF Kenley (and the Croydon satellite airfield) in 11 Group. Flying Hawker Hurricanes, it has a full complement of 16 operational aircraft and a full roster of 30 pilots. The pilots have amassed 30 kills up to 10th Aug from actions in the Battle of France, Dunkirk campaign and the Kanal Kampf phase 1 of the Battle of Britain. Learning from the bitter experiences of being tied to outdated tactics of Fighter Command doctrine during May and June 1940 the Sqn’s CO pioneered dangerous but effective head-on attacks against bomber streams. Below the Kill leader board prior to commencement of the game at 0600 hrs 11th Aug.

Flt Lt S D P Connors (Br) – 7 Kills

Fg Off H M Ferris (Br) – 6 Kills

Sgt W M Dymond (Br) – 6 Kills

Sqn Ldr J M Thompson (Br) – 4 Kills

Flt D C Bruce (Br) – 4 Kills

Sgt J T Craig (Br) – 2 Kills 

Flt Lt P J Simpson (Br) – 1 Kill

Remaining pilots (23no.) – 0 Kills


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