FFS Murray – You have got to be joking – Back to School ALREADY!

Posted: July 31, 2014 in we disapprove

When I was a lad all those many years ago, I used to live for the Summer hols. As a family we used to holiday regularly first in North Wales then when I was a few years older in a Gite/cottage in Brittany.  Coming back from these holidays was always quite a sad experience for me as I really loved those family “trerts” but what used to really piss me off was from about the 10th of August and still with 3-4 weeks to go that dreaded image in WH Smiths and other shops with a group of falsely smiling children all smartly attired in pristine school uniform under a banner that read “BACK TO SCHOOL”.

Man did that really give me the pip and put a downer on the rest of my time off. Thoughts of homework not even looked at and that ominous creeping deadline began to grow in my mind like some sort of malignant canker (not helped by the old mans increasingly frequent little digs about whether I had done my homework “accurately and neatly” and helpfully reminding me that if I had done it at the start of the holidays how much better I would be feeling about it now………………….

So you can imagine the tirade of expletives that came out of my mouth when just last weekend, in July (YES July!) only one week into the traditional hols E-BAY put up a banner on the website.

 I left school in the last century but it still winds me up big time. So without any further ado – “FFS Murray” 


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