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The Great War is over. 1917 proved decisive. Sheer weight of numbers and carefully planned offensives allowed the CP to  eventually break through on the Western Front. With the Austrians holding the Alps from an Italian counterattack and occupying Serbia and Turkish forces capturing Cairo and Port Said in Egypt the Allied powers appetite for war finally gave way. First with the destruction of its Army, Belgium surrendered.  Then in a bid to ensure the safety of their colonies, Britain announced it was ceasing operations in France. Russia facing growing unrest at home despite being strong militarily also announced an end to hostilities.  Only France was left wanting to carry on the war but without allies was forced to capitulate and accept the humiliating terms.

In the West, The Netherlands and Antwerp are absorbed into the German Empire. Sedan and Nancy in France are also ceded and all the French border forts are dismantled.  On the Eastern theatre, Lithuania and Latvia join Poland as part of the German Empire.  Serbia is erased from the map and absorbed into the Austro-Hungarian kingdom. Romania despite not carrying out operations is forced to pay reparations to Austria.  Finally Egypt and Libya are given to Turkey with a concession of allowing the British to keep a garrison at Alexandria and still operate trade along the Sues Canal.


Winter Offensive 1917. German armies conduct 2 pronged attack against British and Belgian forces at Cambrai and French forces at Nancy

inter O

1917 Winter Offensive aftermath. Anglo-Belgian forces left reeling at Cambrai. At Nancy French armies are routed allowing Germans to advance.

Summary – This is the first time I have played this with an actual breakthrough on the Western Front for either side. This time the game seemed to favour the CP right from the off with fortuitous dice rolls. But what I noticed more than before was the apparent advantage the CP side has with his early strategy cards at Mobilisation and Limited War. It was no coincidence that the Allies lost having never reached total war status. This time I was fighting the cards as much as the enemy and felt I was being forced to open up fronts where I could do nothing owing to the more serious situation on the Western Front. Indeed, I managed to build up huge Russian forces but thanks to the poor rail network just couldn’t get to grips with the Germans. Again as every time I have played it before, the US stubbornly refused to get involved (A consequence of not reaching Total War status). And not for the first time, the Russians kept in the game to the end.

In the end this game became a bit tedious, partly as I had to write a blog every few turns but for once it didn’t really fire me up.


The continuation of my mammoth Formula De campaign with the commencement of the 1952 season. Then The Battle of Britain from a single RAF Sqns perspective

  1. scugrad says:

    This is really interesting. Thanks for writing this up. Just an observation: traditional game wisdom states that it is better for the CP to get to Total War as quickly as possible because the Allies have all these reinforcement cards in the Limited War deck. In your game, didn’t the Allies get a lot of reinforcement cards and did you not use them?

    Again, thanks, and it was fun reading your blog.

  2. simonsmrt says:

    I did use a lot of reinforcements, mandated offensives especially French ones resulted in some rushed attacks that failed abysmally especially as the German armies could dish out and take a lot more punishment

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