“You got the Money, We got the Soul” 05/05/14 – Crystal Palace verses Liverpool – Premier League contender wreckers

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Crystal Palace, sport


Ultra’s show what it means to be a Palace fan









Crystal Palace 3 (Delaney, Gayle 2)

Liverpool 3 (Allen, some other bloke and Goofy)

Just when you think it can’t get any better this happens. Liverpool turn up expecting little old Palace to lie down and after 79 minutes despite the fans urging the home team on it looks just that at 0-3 down.  Liverpool showing an incredible lack of respect and more hubris than a Greek Tragedy press for a 4th, 5th and more crowing about a 9-0 previous encounter 24 years ago.  Then the game changing moment, Delaney gets the ball and goes for a long range effort. Just at that exact moment Palace’s mascot Kayla the Eagle flies at light speed across the path of his shot, the beat of her wings enough to deflect the course of the ball past the hapless Liverpool keeper.  Sensing their chance, the Palace faithful erupt into song “Steve’s got a ticket to Slide, steve’s got a ticket to slide, slide, slide”  True to form the scousers hit the panic button and completely fall apart. But then another twist, Palace are on parity having scored 3 goals in 10 minutes, at 3-3 in the dying seconds Liverpool seeing their title hopes about to be shattered attack a final time. Up pops Palace old boy Victor Moses to try to break Palace’s hearts and score the easiest of winners for the scousers. BUT………….NO………………WAIT. Displaying that rare thing in modern sport “Loyalty” as he goes to shoot he contrives to mishit the ball and scuff his kick allowing Palace to clear their lines and take a well earned draw.

Liverpools players and fans are inconsolable, in tears they are led out of Selhurst Park to their coaches bound for Bear Gryll’s Island and a month’s training how to behave like men of old.  Palace celebrate shattering another title contenders aspirations and Kayla is given seconds of another liver bird for supper.

And now, time for some some gratuitous orangeness…….


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