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1916 and the Central Powers grip became stronger. A spectacular and successful offensive on the Western Front backed up by a tenacious defence looked to have broken the back of the Allied forces. But somehow despite huge losses the Front held albeit it in a parlous state. Hitler quoted in the Second World War about Russia “We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down. This quote would have been more appropriate in this game on the Western Front. Elsewhere the Russians had given more ground but had reinforced hugely taking some of the pressure off their Western Allies. The Italians also carried out limited and successful operations against Austria. In the Near East the Turks proved themselves holding out against small scale British attacks.  I believe that at this stage the war has effectively been won by the CP and it just remains a case of when rather than if the Allied powers will capitulate.


Top L&R – CP Michel offensive breaks the Allied Line at Sedan. Bottom L&R – French counter attack fails to dislodge Germans at Sedan. And wider picture showing the Italian drive into Austria and a last ditch French offensive failing at Mets in 1917

Western Front – The German Michel Offensive finally broke through at Metz. A hurriedly launched French counter attack only served to make matters worse for the allies who were now holding the line with a severely depleted force.  

Italian Front – After a slow build up of troops the Italians launched an attack against the fortress of Trent which fell after 6 months. Another attack on Innsbruck followed but this was stopped by a hastily redeployed Austrian army.

Eastern Front – The Russians gave more ground but tended to refuse combat and over the course of the year began building up huge reserves of men.

Balkan Front – This front stabilised with the Austrians holding Belgrade and the Romanians unable to launch any meaningful relief.

Near East Front – The Turks proved themselves as tenacious warriors holding the line east of Sinai as well as blocking the British advance north of Baghdad. The British unable to risk losing more troops were then forced to hold their own positions.

Summary – Its looking increasingly bleak for the Allies as they begin to run short of reserves. Still only on a Limited War footing they have been forced into a spectators role watching the majority of major offensives with an increasingly toothless response.  If the war continues for another year it will be a surprise to everyone.

NEXT – 1917 – Is the Coup de Grace about to happen?


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