GMT’s PATHS OF GLORY – FIRST WORLD WAR 1914-1918 – SOLITAIRE PART 5 Autumn/Winter 1915

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CP achieve TOTAL WAR status after play of Walther Rathenau event

CP achieve TOTAL WAR status after play of Walther Rathenau event

As 1915 drew to a close it appeared that the Central Powers were firmly in control. However as the Allied powers clung on in the West and slowly gave ground in the East, other theatres of War sprang to life.  The Central Powers playing key Event cards moved up to Total War status which should have brought in a wealth of new cards. However with the fog of war of my wife shuffling the card deck what happened was that that only one or 2 new cards appeared in the CP hand, the rest being previously used Limited and mobilisation status cards.  Its occurred to me that the CP appear to have a clear advantage when it comes to playing event cards with war status points as these seem to be worth playing immediately whereas the Allies are sometime not worth immediate play but use as Ops or replacement. In an attempt to relieve the pressure the AP conducted some limited offenisves in the Near East against Johnny Turk and then managed to induce Romania to enter the war opening up the whole Balkan Sector and causing mild panic among the Austrian ranks.  



Disaster at Metz. German fortified positions negate the Hurricane Barrage and repel the Anglo-French attack

Western Front – Major German attacks continued in the North but this time the Allies managed to conduct an offensive against Metz. Despite utilising a Hurricane Barrage it petered out into another total failure with no tangible gain but heavy loss.  Emphasis was then switched to other Fronts as the AP attempted to deflect the CP’s attention.  

Eastern Front – The CP reduced the fortress city of Riga and brought up fresh German armies.  Unable to inflict meaningful casualties on the CP, the Russians attempted spoiling attacks against the Austrian forces but these too were met with heavy loss and more territory had to be surrendered.

Romania becomes the 10th Country to enter the War in the Winter of 1915

Romania becomes the 10th Country to enter the War in the Winter of 1915

Balkan Front – Initially this Front which had been quiet looked to be falling under the CP control as the Serb 2nd Army had to withdraw out of Belgrade for a second time.  This time the siege was successful and the Austrian forces triumphantly entered the city and looked to destroy the remaining Serb forces. Then Romania entered the War on the Allied side and all of a sudden the Austrians has 5 fresh Corps to contend with. Forced onto the back foot they rushed their reserve 3rd Army into position at Cluj.


Near East Front – Desperately attempting to take the pressure off the Western Front the British begin operations against Turkey in Persia.  The Turks despite being ably led by German Liman Von Sanders were defeated at Baghdad but they inflicted sufficient casualties to stop the British advance. No sooner had this operation ended but in Libya a revolt against the British began with Senussii Moslem tribesmen allied to Turkey.  The British forces in Alexandria moved to crush the revolt but were beaten off with heavy casualties.


British halted outside Baghdad and have to deploy troops to Libya

Summary – Although advantage still rests ith the CP, the Allied powers made some good use of minor allies and theatres to halt the momentum.  Austria’s border looks vulnerable but is it asking too much of the Romanians?  The Near East now looks like a place where the British forces could make gains but with the Western Front chewing up their reserves its unlikely that anything else but limited operations will be launched.

NEXT – 1916 – The Central Powers try again to breakthrough


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