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 IMG_2669As 1915 began the Central Powers were firmly in control. Momentum had shifted completely their way and continued attritional attacks on the Western Front followed by gradual advances in the East seemed to be paying dividends. The Allied powers options became limited as they were forced to sacrifice offensive operations for replacing eliminated units and reinforcing their lines. In the East, the fall of Riga (a Victory Point square) allowed the CP to trigger the “Tsar takes Command event” Historically as the Russian armies retreated Tsar Nicholas II replaced his uncle as commander of the army thinking he could do a better job. Actually a disaster as while he played at being soldiers his empire went unruled and his wife fell under the influence of Rasputin. In game terms this is the first stage of 6 towards the CP forcing revolution and Russian capitulation 

Western Front – Continued Central Power offensives on Sedan forced the allies to take a defensive stance and throw in reserves after more reserves of British troops while the critically weakened French sat in their fortresses. Such was the parlous state of the French armies that there was a real risk of a German breakthrough if a good result could be achieved.


Debacle at Riga. Russian forces led by their best elite Guards are repulsed with heavy loss. The Tsar in a pique of rage sacks his commander and takes personal charge

Eastern Front – The CP made gradual advances leading to the disastrous Russian offensive at the Battle of Riga.  Here despite Russian Guard support, the Russian forces dashed themselves against the German defences in a vain attempt to wrest control back from the German occupying forces. Russian losses included a whole army, worse still the Germans remained at full strength and despite plenty of Russian armies still in play, all were hundreds of miles from the front.  Following this debacle, the Tsar sacked the Grand Duke and took personal control of his armies.

Balkan Front – This sector remained quiet.

Near East Front – This sector remained quiet.

Summary – The Allied powers despite a healthy VP score are in some disarray.  Forced to continually fill in the gaps made by German offensives has left them having to react to each CP move.  In the East the CP breakthrough looks imminent yet with the situation so serious on the Western Front, neither Allied country is in a position to take the pressure off the other by launching their own offensive.

NEXT – 1916 – Can The Central Powers breakthrough in the East or West?


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