Know your enemy – Corvus Monedula – Filthy carrion from Dunland

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

UPDATE – An advance guard of interlopers discovered a Maginot Line style weakness in our defences as well as what sounded like an entire colony of 100+ assaulting it this morning. Additional defences have now been installed making the eaves a veritable Fort Knox Siegfried/Hindenberg line of metal wire netting complete with dragons teeth, pillboxes, murder holes and “Achtung Minenfelds”! So “Come on Corvus show us what you’ve got”


Yep its that time of year again where we brace ourselves for a 2 month campaign of cacophony, mess and general annoyance at the hands or claws of the Jackdaw horde.  This colony numbering in excess of 200 are now reinforcing with their Eurasian allies and planning their next conquest.  After 3 years of being hounded out of our bedroom from the incessant noise of the next breed/clutch of filthy younglings I began to fight back last year.  Honours ended even, bowed but not beaten I determined to turn the tide this year.

So in came our Atlantic Wall coastal style defences blocking off chimney pots and critically all the eaves where these despicable carrion skanks from Dunland attempt to gain access.  Sleeping lightly from bitter experience, in the last 4 nights our early warning radar has picked up a continual barrage of tapping almost sounding like drilling as the advance guards have been trying to break in through 2 layers of…

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