Posted: December 5, 2013 in Dalek MkIII travel machine, Doctor Who, Reverse the Polarity
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IRONCLAD9 – New Series Dalek Ironside

First (only) appearance 2010 Matt Smith season “Victory of the Daleks” story.

Just like London buses you wait and wait then one quickly followed by another new series Dalek turns up. Well yes as a fan of the classic series this might be surprising to see a 2nd consecutive new style Dalek in my list but I have my reasons.  A Dalek with a Union flag (take note Scottish independence fans), webbing and a khaki camo paint scheme. A World War II setting where in action they are used by the British as ack-ack batteries to down Dorniers and Heinkels during the blitz from the roof of The Old War Office. Pretty cool in my nerdy/geeky (delete or retain as appropriate) book. Admittedly a bit gimmicky but as it was the last true pure Kaled model introduced before the introduction of the (from now on) unmentionable unspeakable paradigm travesties it deserves inclusion and special mention.

imagesNot too sure about a Dalek offering the Doctor some tea but as it was all part of their sinister plan to lure him into a false sense of security I went along with it. These versions were great for a one shot only outing but having said that their demise at the hands of those *&^%!£$ made me want to cry and inflict unspeakable acts of violence on those responsible.

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