DALEK TOP 10 ADVENT CALENDAR – No.10 NSD Time War Warrior Drone (Celebrating 50 years of MkIII Travel Machine majesty)

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Dalek MkIII travel machine, Doctor Who, Reverse the Polarity
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With the 50th anniversary of the first ever appearance of the most awesome sight on tv just around the corner  its time to celebrate the best 10 MkIII travel machines EVER as imagined and made Dalekenium by Messrs Cusick, Nation and the gang at the BBC. Modern day fans please note – none of your filthy Renault megane/german mini, oversized teletubby blasphemous primary colour bbc merchandising scam paradigm modern steven moffat abominations here. Even the Thals could have done a better job.   This list is just the crème de la crème. Pure Kaled brilliance in a perfect machine. So without further ado coming in at number 10………………..


Acknowledgement to the rather fine chaps at the doctor who site for these excellent 2d drawings. http://www.thedoctorwhosite.co.uk/dalek/

10 – New Series Time War Dalek

First appearance 2005 Christopher Ecclestone season “Dalek” story.

Shock horror probe I suppose lots of you are either thinking hang on isn’t that a newish dalek? or how come its only number 10? Well yes it is new compared to the classic series first appearing in 2005 but it was probably Russell T Davies’ defining moment before he allowed new Who to go all Touch me Torchwood/John Barrowman on us poor unsuspecting souls.  The old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it applies here.” If only Mr Moffat had taken note before allowing the bbc merchandising idiots to get the better of him and allow some pillock of massive Berkeley Hunt proportions (sorry it just makes me so so flippin cross) to try to redesign such a classic.  The story wasn’t great with the Rose Tyler emotion bit waking up a Dalek and freaking it out by touching it! But at the time no-one cared we had all been impatiently waiting since the season began to see the new Dalek and it didn’t disappoint. Chunkier and more sturdy looking than its predecessors but still faithful to the original that first scene when the eye stalk lit up was the best moment of the new series at that point and only surpassed at the season finale when the Daleks went to town on the inhabitants of the space station including exterminating Barrowman in the “Bad Wolf” episode.

19a-dalek-groupNow why only number 10? Well that’s easy, its still an imitation of the original and there are untold better ones.  Stay tuned to see what I mean.  In the meantime if there are still some poor deluded paradigm fans out there, I suggest you check out the image below which is a 1000 million trillion times better representation of a Dalek compared to those naff despicable Thalish things forced on us by Mr Moffatt.

Daleks - 1

  1. t-girl72 says:

    ❤ this! You're not having one though, one is enough thank you very much Jerry! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. t-girl72 says:

    Should read LOVE this!

  3. simonsmrt says:

    You’re gonna need a bigger house…..

  4. Peter says:

    Bigger house is a great idea. Make sure to include some space for the Doctor Who pinball machine…. looks great with a life-sized dalek on each side. 😉


    • simonsmrt says:

      so so tempting Peter. I already have 1 full size Dalek at home, its joined in the festive spirit and looks tinsel-tastic. Pics to follow later this month. The wife has vetoed me buying another but if I ever get enough money to spend on luxuries again not even an army of Thals could stop me!

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