WARGAMES CHROME – CRUSADER REX VARIANT #3 – Leper Knights of St Lazarus & the Harafish(ah)

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Crusader rex, wargames, wargames chrome
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crusades[1]So here’s the final instalment of my variant units for Crusader Rex.  When I read about the Order of St Lazarus I just had to include these colourful chaps. The image of Leper Knights in combat and what their Muslim opponents must have thought of them is a strong one.  Also the Harafish / Harafishah translated meaning “rabble” yet also regarded as competent siege engineers were also worthy of inclusion.  This pretty much covers most types although I had toyed with a black block for a children’s crusade unit who would enter via an event card.  That all got a bit complicated and the lack of ability to produce the card effectively knocked that on the head so for the time being this is the end.

As before, the idea was to add a few extra units to give a bit of historical flavour of extra troops not covered in the core game. Cherry pick who you want. At last count this had over 260 downloads from BGG keeping in line with the other submissions of about 100 per year so hopefully some people are getting some enjoyment from my labours. Deus Vult/Masha’Allah!




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