War of the Ring – SPI – solitaire play – Part 2 – Isengard unleashed, Edoras burns

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Middle Earth - War of the Ring, wargames
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The game begins with the fellowship splitting, Boromir & Gimli head South while the rest make their way through the Misty Passes (ed note – error found out after play had begun that the Passes are not open unless the specific event card is played).  Following 3 consecutive turns where no orc forces discover any fellowship players, Saruman musters his forces and marches to Helms Deep.

Siege of Helms Deep. Theodred and 3500 men valiantly defend the fortress against 51000 orcs and uruk-hai. After a punishing round of combat 11000 orcs litter the battlefield.  1000 of Theodreds men also join the ranks of the dead but tragically Theodreds body is also among them.  The orcs prepare to assault again but this time Theoden and Eomer march from Edoras to raise the siege. Théoden commands 4600 Rohirrim, Eomer another 1000.  The orcs caught between the 2 forces break off after suffering another 8000 casualties.  Rohan loses another 2500. The losses are more keenly felt as news reaches Théoden that Saruman has begun to resurrect slain orcs by foul sorcery.

Edoras burns while Saruman reinforces Isengard

The destruction of Edoras –  Saruman’s attention now turns to the capital Edoras, seeing it lightly defended by 4000 militia following Theodens relief of Helm’s Deep. He charges the Chief of the Dunlendings to lead a force to exact revenge. 35000 orcs and uruk’s descend on Edoras and sack the town killing 1000 defenders with negligible losses. The following turn 16600 Rohirrim commanded by King Théoden engage the Dunlending Chiefs force but are unable to break the defence despite accounting for 7000 orcs for 1600 of his own Rohirrim.

The battle of Bree – Meanwhile another contingent of 7500 men from Dunland plunder north unchallenged, raiding and pillaging rick cot and tree. Finally at Bree, 1500 souls attempt to stem the tide but are brushed aside from the ferocity of the attack. Both sides losing around 500 men each.

All the while Gandalf leads his undiscovered party east in  a desperate bid to to reach Mount Doom before Sauron mobilises

Next the fate of the Fellowship at Minas Morgul  


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