Battle of Britain campaign – 25th Aug – Mist the latest British ally as Luftwaffe are forced to delay attacks

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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Spare dornier

The fate of a Dornier crew after being downed by 54 Sqn today

25th Aug AAR – Thick mist slowly burning off by midday.

After nearly 24 hours of persistent rain, by the morning the entire South of England was cloaked in a thick mist/fog/vapour grounding all aircraft on both sides of the Channel.  By late morning the sun had begun to burn it off and the Luftwaffe commenced operations. At 1400 a small raid on industrial targets at Rochester was intercepted by 54 Sqn with the rebuilt 65 Sqn providing top cover. With no fighter escorts the Dorniers proved easy prey for our fighters with 9 being shot down before the enemy aborted their attack. At 1700  a larger force attacked RAF Hornchurch.  Despite 32 Sqn, 74 Sqn,  85 Sqn and 501 Sqn some 48 fighters being scrambled, the bombers found their mark and caused considerable damage including 2 Sqns on the ground. Furthermore, their fighters also shot down 9 of our own for the loss of just 5 Me109’s. 74 Sqn being the only Sqn to claim a credit for the day, Sqn Ldr “Sailor” Malan one of 5 pilots to bag an Me109. He is the latest pilot to achieve ace status with 5 kills to his name. The final raid of the day occurred over the skies of Bristol. A force 50 Me110’s flying low over the coast attempted to bomb numerous targets. 234 Sqn (one of our best performing) engaged 1 gruppe in a confused melee resulting in the break up of their formation although no aircraft were shot down by either side.  The second gruppe believing they had a clear run to target arrived over Bristol to find 808 FAA Sqn’s Fairey Fulmars waiting for them. Showing a total disrespect for their adversaries they chose to ignore the Sqn resulting in the loss of 8 of their aircraft without scoring any damage. Sub Lt Rupert Claude Tillard (the Sqn CO) and PO DE Taylor claimed a pair each.  The night saw another light half-hearted effort by the Luftwaffe where no real damage was inflicted.   


End of day losses

RAF 11, Luftwaffe 20
RAF = 11% of daily force committed (Daytime only)

LW  = 9% of daily force committed (Daytime only)

(Cumulative RAF 156, Luftwaffe 310)

Victory point score 0 (Cumulative -30)

Game NotesSomething of a stalemate today, my thanks go out to General Mist who successfully offset the ALL OUT attack that would have done for me.  Losing 4 Sqns to repair the boxes with the second raid turned a potentially good day into one neither good nor bad, the high point being the first successful use of the Fulmar’s. Still on minus 30 I feel its just a matter of time but if I can get just 1 juicy unescorted Ju87 attack and the perfect conditions I might still be able to turn the game round…………    


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