Battle of Britain campaign – 24th Aug – Heavy rain grounds Luftwaffe. Both sides regroup

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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Aug 24-25 London24th Aug AAR – Torrential rain, mist and fog

Owing to the abysmal weather no raids occurred today.  Furthermore during the night, only light nuisance raids were attempted over London doing little damage which the Fire Brigade and ARP wardens dealt with bravely and efficiently.  So with the respite, it gives us time to recognise the heroic efforts of some of the best performing Sqns and pilots as we enter the most crucial phase of the battle. Leading the way as the best performing Sqns are 64 Sqn and 234 Sqn both with 36 kills each.  

The highest scoring “Ace” pilots to date are Sqn Ldr Aeneas Macdonnell (posthumous) of 64 Sqn and Sgt HJL Hallowes of 43 Sqn both attaining 6 individual kills. The roll of honour is reproduced below. 

Top Sqns 

1st= 36 kills, 7 losses – 64 Sqn Spitfire – 6 sorties – 2xMe109, 12xMe110, 7xJu88, 15xHe111 

1st= 36 kills, 4 losses – 234 Sqn Spitfire – 3 sorties – 12xMe109, 3xMe110, 7xJu88, 14xJu87

3rd  22 kills, 6 losses – 609 Sqn Spitfire – 5 sorties – 2xMe109, 8xMe110,  3xHe111, 9xJu87

4th  20 kills, 4 losses – 43 Sqn Spitfire – 2 sorties – 5xMe109, 12xMe110, 3xHe111

5th 18 kills, 6 losses – 1RCAF Hurricane –  4 sorties – 5xMe109, 9xDo17, 4xJu87

Top “Ace” Pilots  

1st =  6 kills – Sqn Ldr ARD Macdonell 64 Sqn Spitfire – 1xMe109, 3xMe110, 2xHe111 – KIA 

1st =  6 kills – Sgt HJL Hallowes 43 Sqn Spitfire – 3xMe109, 3xMe110

3rd = 5 kills – Sqn Ldr MV Blake 234 Sqn Spitfire – 4xMe109, 1xMe110 

3rd = 5 kills – Flt Lt PC Hughes 234 Sqn Spitfire – 1xMe109, 1xJu88, 3xJu87 – KIA

3rd = 5 kills – Flt Lt JI Kilmartin 43 Sqn Spitfire – 2xME109, 3xMe110 

End of day losses

RAF 0, Luftwaffe 0

RAF = 0% no day raids

LW = 0% no day raids

(Cumulative RAF 145, Luftwaffe 290)

Victory point score +2 (Cumulative -30)

Game notes – Only my 2nd day off from the onslaught has allowed me to bring back into play another 4 full strength Sqns although this has to be offset against a virtually 100% full strength enemy. Furthermore, of the 22 front line Sqns available for tomorrow, 2 have green pilot negative modifiers that will require very careful handling. Still that’s 2 weeks gone and I’m still hanging on by my fingertips.  The weather tomorrow could play a crucial part in deciding the outcome. If its clear an ALL OUT attack will be on the cards that unless I have a change of fortune with the card decks and dice rolls will make my chances very slim.  Fingers crossed for some decent luck tomorrow.   

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