Battle of Britain campaign – 20th Aug – Luftwaffe draw breath inadvertently allowing crucial respite for the RAF

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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Sgt JH "Cock Sparrow Ellis 85 Sqn scored 2 confirmed kills today 20th Aug

Sgt JH “Cock Sparrow” Ellis 85 Sqn scored 2 confirmed kills today 20th Aug

Sgt G.B "Sleepy" Booth added an Me109 today 20th Aug to the He111 downed on 11th Aug

Sgt GB “Sleepy” Booth 85 Sqn added an Me109 today 20th Aug to the He111 downed on 11th Aug

  20th Aug AAR – Cloudy with clearing skies from 0930hrs

After yesterdays all out effort to destroy the RAF either the Luftwaffe themselves are exhausted or they believe they have almost done enough as today only small Me109 sorties were despatched to probe the RAF and no doubt confirm their erroneous beliefs. This view may have been given some credit when they flew over Rochester unopposed in the morning but when 50 Me109’s arrived at RAF Hornchurch at 1800hrs they were met with determined resistance from no less than 3 full strength Sqns – 85 Sqn, 151 Sqn & 501 Sqn. Flying in an uncharacteristically loose formation the 109’s were set about by the Hurricane Sqns and at the end of the action 10 enemy fighters had been destroyed without loss. Sgt JH Mortimer “Cock-Sparrow” Ellis of 85 Sqn claimed 2 of the enemy while Sgt GB “Sleepy” Booth also of 85 Sqn added a 109 to the He111 he had bagged on the 11th Aug.

20th Aug - 10no. British Sqns out of action in the rest and damaged boxes.

20th Aug – 10no. British Sqns out of action in the rest and damaged boxes.

65 Sqn (Spitfires) & 87 Sqn (Hurricanes) after being destroyed yesterday have been rebuilt today by reducing the number of combat hours training for pilots.  65 Sqn was deployed at half strength awaiting arrival of replacement aircraft this evening.  87 Sqn will be fully operational in a couple of days time.

As darkness approached the now familiar sound of Heinkel engines was detected over the English skies. 210 bombers were estimated to have attacked population centres on the South coast. Light damage was inflicted.

End of day losses

RAF 0, Luftwaffe 10

(Cumulative RAF 100, Luftwaffe 186)

RAF = 0% of total daily committed force (daytime only)

LW = 10% of total daily committed force (daytime only)

Victory point score +5 (Cumulative -25)

Game NotesNo choice today but to bring back the 2 eliminated Sqns with green pilots giving them minus modifiers for their first few combats BUT giving me those crucial +4 VP’s and at the end of the day a 9 point cushion from the minus 35 automatic decisive defeat end game result.  Its a fair strategy to do on Spits but not Hurricanes so this is a gamble. A lucky respite with just light effort from the Luftwaffe meant no loss of points from daylight raids that I may not have been able to defend.  A shame that the 2 raids only yielded Me109’s as I had no chance of eliminating them. A lone Heinkel could have reaped some reward but I guess the Luftwaffe in the guise of an inanimate card deck just isn’t that stupid.  Proof if you need it that dark forces do roam this planet in a Lovecraftian existence where they lurk just out of your peripheral vision. But looking on the positive I did manage to put 2×109 Gruppen out of action for up to 3 days and will have back tomorrow 2 more Sqns than I started with today.  It’ll be safe to put green pilots in the replaced Blenheim Sqn tomorrow as I’ll keep them for night duties which will protect them from any chance of being eliminated and as 600 Sqn are the only Sqn fitted with radar they should get into action quickly and lose that green status.  Tomorrow might be the key day that I half expected today as the weather is set to be fair and an ALL OUT attack is likely again. The fact that I’ll have 7 Sqns in a fatigued state sat on the ground & considering my past shambolic use of fatigued Sqns will probably mean that I’ll have to manage without them and more likely some will get hit on the ground putting them out of action for another day.  But that’s the self-inflicted situation I’m in so its time to knuckle down once more. 


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