Battle of Britain campaign – 15th Aug – Luftwaffe fighters met with equal numbers proving the RAF is far from beaten

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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spare (1)

Spitfires coming out of the sun. Disproving Goerings claims that there are no fighters left.

15th Aug AAR – Cloudy

Today the enemy keen to see the results of yesterday’s attacks made just two sorties from their fighter arm over RAF Biggin Hill and RAF Kenley airfields while giving the bombers a rest day. Both were met in force by an equal or greater number of our own fighters. This must have come as a surprise to Goering who cleary thinks the RAF already beaten and unable to meet his fighters and bombers. 2 Sqns intercepted the flight over RAF Biggin Hill, while another 3 intercepted that over RAF Kenley where 5no. 109’s were shot down for the loss of 4 Hurricanes. Fg Off Alan Geoffrey Page of 56 Sqn had 2 confirmed kills in his Hurricane. 2 more of our aircraft were lost at Biggin Hill.

More good news to report is that Foreness and Worth RDF stations are once more fully operational. Let us hope that they will start to produce meaningful results.

Fg Off A G Page scored 2 kills today 15th Aug.

Fg Off A G Page 56 (Hurricane) Sqn scored 2 kills today 15th Aug.

The heaviest night raids of the campaign to date took place over multiple targets in the South East.  Some 240 bombers were recorded passing over as the coast although this figure is well down on the 770 counted during the day of the 13th. However owing to punishing anti-aircraft barrages from our ack-ack batteries, the enemies bombs fell without effect.

End of day losses

RAF 6, Luftwaffe 5.

RAF = 10% of daily committed force (daytime only)

LW = 10% of daily committed force (daytime only)

(Cumulative RAF 56, Luftwaffe 88)

Victory point score +2 (Cumulative -18)

Game notes Today turned out to be a bit of a breather when the dice resulted in the Luftwaffe’s effort being “light” for the day.  No real chance to make inroads into the score as only 109’s turned up but at least it allowed me to bring back to readiness 8 Sqns for tomorrow. A fortuitous dice roll with the night raids inflicting no damage despite consisting of 8 Gruppen allowed me to end the day with my first positive VP tally.  But with the overall score still in the minus teens its too risky to bring in any more reinforcements for the time being.  Tomorrow I fully expect the first German ALL OUT effort day so its looking as if the 16th will be a crucial day.
NOTE – Owing to enjoyable entertaining commitments this weekend, the next AAR will not be released until Sun 18th at the earliest and will combine Fri, Sat and Sundays actions as a single report. Stay tuned  

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