Battle of Britain campaign – 12th Aug – RDF continue to attract the Luftwaffe’s attention.

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, West End Games
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12th Aug AAR – Cloudy

Another attack against an RDF installation this time Worth began the days hostilities.  A huge 240 bomber force of He111’s and Ju88’s escorted by 50 Me109’s arrived at Worth.  Another disappointing late detection meant that only 2 Sqns were able to intercept, 152 Sqn and 609 Sqn.  Attempting to force their way through the fighter cover and outnumbered 2:1, 4 RAF fighters were shot down although they accounted for 4 of the enemy.  Setting about the bombers they inflicted a few more casualties but more importantly did enough to loosen the formation resulting in much lighter damage to the RDF station than was at first expected.  Current prediction is that the station will be operational tomorrow.


0800 hours – The attack on Worth RDF, 152 & 609 Sqns enter the eye of a storm

No more sorties were attempted until 1830 hours when a small 30 bomber force of Dornier 17‘s with Me110 escort was detected over the Channel heading toward the Sussex coast.  This time and with sufficient warning 4 Sqns ( 1 Sqn, 64 Sqn, 266 Sqn and 615 Sqn ) were scrambled to intercept. 64 Sqn having been blooded yesterday and the other Spitfire Sqn no. 266 attacked the 110’s while the Hurricane Sqns 1 & 266 targeted the bombers. No fewer than 15 enemy aircraft were shot down without loss. Plt Off WMC Salmond had 1 confirmed Me110 to add to his previous one the day before, Fg Off JRH Gaynor of 615 Sqn had a Do17 confirmed and another probable.

During the night in the middle of the Perseid meteor shower enemy bombers raided against various targets inflicting light damage.

End of day losses RAF 5, Luftwaffe 22.

(Cumulative RAF 17, Luftwaffe 40)

RAF = 7% of daily force committed (daytime only)

LW = 6% of daily force committed (daytime only)

Victory point score 0 (Cumulative -3)

Sqn Ldr Aeneas's encounter with the enemy yesterday 11th Aug

Sqn Ldr Aeneas’s Macdonells encounter with the enemy yesterday 11th Aug

Game notes Another poor detection roll almost seriously compromised my efforts.  Not wanting to let another RDF station get knocked out I ended up sending in 2 Sqns blind against an unidentifed enemy than ended up being 10 Gruppen strong.  Fortunately the end result was not too damaging. The 2nd raid felt like a missed opportunity with 4 Sqns pouncing on a single bomber and 110 escort. But overall the score was kept in check and its probably going to be ok to risk bringing in a reinforcement Sqn in exchange for 3VP’s tomorrow


  1. davesilverthorne says:

    Excellent start to the campaign! I don’t understand much of it but I am having a jolly nice time reading it anyway! Looks like we are winning!!

    • simonsmrt says:

      Early doors but its that VP score that you need to keep an eye on. If it ever reaches minus 35 its game over and Germany invades. Every piece of bomb damage or destruction of raf sqns results in a loss of between 1 and 3 points whereas the only way to gain points apart from a small end of day recovery point/s is to shoot down whole units of enemy fighters as oppose damaging them. Something yet to be achieved. Also if I decide to bring in reinforcements I have to spend VP’s to do so, so its something of a juggling act. Some raids are best left alone owing to their strength but then of course they bomb the bejesus out of their target and you lose Victory points, but if you send in just 1 Sqn or 12 aircraft and there are 4 or more Me109 escorts Gruppen/Sqns (equating to 100 fighters) you are most likely to be in a world of pain and watching those brave young flying fellows go down in flames along with even more VP losses!

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