Battle of Britain campaign – 11th Aug – Jabo’s lead attacks on RDF Stations

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“Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth lasts for a thousand years, men will say, this was their finest hour” Winston Spencer Churchill 16th June 1940.

11 Aug. 15 Sqns on patrol, 3 more on night duties, 16 on the ground in reserve

Sqn Ldr Aeneas Macdonell 64 Sqn
Sqn Ldr Aeneas Macdonell 64 Sqn


11th Aug AAR – Cloudy

The day commenced with low level fighter bomber attacks against coastal RDF installations.  25 Me110‘s targeted Beachy Head but were successfully intercepted and broken up by 64 Sqn & 111 Sqn.  Sqn Ldr A Mcdonell (64 Sqn) claimed a brace of the total of 6 enemy machines shot down without loss. The first kills of the campaign.

A few hours later another force of 25 Me110’s were spotted heading toward Plymouth where another Sqn lay in wait.  But shortly before reaching the coast the raiders changed direction and launched an attack against West Prawle RDF. Fortunately, no damage was sustained.

In the afternoon the first major raid of the campaign was picked up. 175+ enemy aircraft flew in over Kent before splitting into 2 smaller groups. He111 & Ju87 Stuka dive-bombers escorted by Me109’s attacked industrial areas of Faversham, while more escorted He111’s also bombed RAF Hornchurch. 5 Sqns of Hurricanes, Spitfires and Defiants ( 65 Sqn, 74 Sqn, 85 Sqn, 257 Sqn and 264 Sqn) were scrambled but were roughly handled by the escorting Me109’s. Although the fighters got through to account for some 9 Stuka’s and disperse the Faversham raid, Hornchurch was hit hard and 2 sqns on the ground were damaged.

Early in the evening another large 140 enemy aircraft formation was only detected just as it arrived at its destination and thus no Sqns were scrambled. As a result Foreness RDF station on the Kent side of the Thames estuary was heavily damaged and is expected to be out of action for 3 days while repairs are effected.

During the night small nuisance raids were carried out by the enemy without causing any damage.

End of day losses RAF 12, Luftwaffe 18.

(Cumulative RAF 12, Luftwaffe 18)

RAF = 14% of daily force committed (daytime only)

LW = 5% of daily force committed (daytime only)

Victory point score -3 (Cumulative -3)

Game notes A relatively calm opening, no success in destroying enemy Gruppen but similarly with the exception of the last raid, damage was relatively light considering 3 RDF stations were targeted. 4 Sqns in various states of repair is a bit more of a concern and with the VP score as it is I don’t think I can risk spending 2 more points for a reinforcement Sqn just yet.   


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